Friday, July 19, 2019

Radio Stations and the Public Good :: essays papers

Radio Stations and the Public Good For my final project on public interest I chose to view the public inspection files of the local radio station. I have been working at radio stations all of my life and had never seen or heard of a public inspection file until this class. In order to prepare the station for my arrival I called in advance to make an appointment. The receptionist answered the phone and I told her that I needed to see the files, this created a great deal of suspicion and I was directed to Dave Andrews the Vice President of Regent Broadcasting. Right away I knew that it was not a regular request due to the manor of which he explained the rules, it was as if he was reading them of an F.C.C handout. â€Å" Any member of the public can view the files between Monday and Friday during normal business hours†, he recited. I made an appointment, and I was very interested in viewing something that deserved the attention of the Vice President. I had no idea that this visit would be so rewarding and life changing. I arrived at the local radio station in time for my appointment. The receptionist asked to see identification, I gave my driver’s license which she photo copied. I felt as if I was in a secret area of the Government where I needed clearance to view the top-secret files. After my information was taken I met Mary-Jo Beach the General Manager who would assist me in viewing the public inspection files. I was disappointed when I first saw the standard gray file cabinet, because in my head I pictured a mission impossible type setting with gadgets and locks. Mary-Jo sat with me in her office as I viewed the files. She was very suspicious at first and very interested in my objective. Before I was actually able to review the public inspection file, Mary-Jo asked me what exactly I wanted to see and why I was interested in their station. I explained that I was a student and as our final project we had to visit a station, view the files and then report our experience and determine if they were broadcasting in the public interest. Mary-Jo’s whole manner changed, she seemed to be relieved. After I had explained the main reason she helped me work through the files and was very helpful in answering my questions.

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