Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Letter of Motivation Essay

Today’s world is like an open book. We people now have information at our fingertips and that has helped us in drastically improving the way we live. This change in our world, into one huge global entity can be attributed to the communication revolution that our world underwent. From the radio to the computer, the developments in the field of electronics have intrigued me since childhood. My interests became my passion and motivated me to pursue my Bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication. My quest for hands-on experience motivated me in making a radio receiver in my third semester of Bachelors. But after finishing my B-Tech, I realized that I had mastered only the basics and that there is still a lot more to learn to truly comprehend the nuances of the subject. This led to my decision to pursue a Master degree and broaden my knowledge base. I believe that being able to pursue a Master Degree program in Hochschule Darmstadt will also be a motivation for me to further study and research in a field that has interested me for so long. My decision of applying to Hochschule Darmstadt, for Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies is based mainly on the course structure and the various research opportunities that I will encounter there. The eminent panel of experts handling the various topics and the resources of the university assures me of the studying experience that I hope to have. As part of my Bachelors project I did a MATLAB based project named â€Å"Copter Eyes† with introduction of a new Video Mosaicing technique. My project brought forth a comprehensive technique of real time color Video Mosaicing which invited the attention and funding of two major Institutions namely â€Å"Center for Engineering Research and Development (CERD)† and â€Å"Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment (KSCSTE)†. As part of the mini project of my Bachelors course, I have also worked on a microcontroller based device that works on various modes and functioned as ASCII transmitter and receiver, Pulse Width Modulator, IR Tester, Capacitance and Frequency Meter, Signal Generator, Voltage meter and Logic Probe . This small endeavor of mine was greatly appreciated by my lecturers and has been adopted by the Communication Laboratory of my college. My initial idea for the Bachelor project was a communication based project, but due to the lack of technical knowhow I was not able to go through with my project. I believe that with the knowledge pool in Hochschule Darmstadt I would be able to work on this project and also hopefully on other new ideas. I have an interest in teaching and I am currently helping many Electronics and Communication students with their MATLAB based Engineering projects at the â€Å"Institute of Human Resource Development†. I am a firm believer that knowledge grows with spreading and my teaching helps me enrich myself and the young minds of India. I am also an active member of an international organization called ICPF (Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship) whose vision is to impact the new generation with the Lord’s Word. I was also the coordinator of â€Å"Electrino Association† of my college responsible for organization of seminars, project expos and technical fest in the field of electronics and communication. I have won many prizes in technical fests and technical quiz competitions. I am also a sport enthusiast and have won many prizes in athletics, especially in long jump. I believe that my involvement in extracurricular activities helped me to become a dynamic and responsible person. It is my greatest desire as a student, to pursue Masters Studies in a course that would help me stand out in a crowd, from a university that can offer an enriching and exciting academic life, so that I can propel my career with an excellent start. I sincerely hope that considering my academic record and my interests, I would be able to associate with your prestigious university in successfully pursuing a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies. I also hope to contribute to the research work being conducted in Hochschule Darmstadt and thereby gain significantly from the expertise that the university has in this prospective field.

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