Sunday, September 8, 2019

History and Political Science and Why United States Was Able to Defeat Research Paper

History and Political Science and Why United States Was Able to Defeat England - Research Paper Example They were also familiar with the territory and local resource of labor and food. Americans also perceived this war as the second war of impendence and fought with enthusiasm. In addition, many Americans believed that England sought to humiliate them as a sovereign country. American land forces had improved in both quality and leadership. There was a renewed sense of nationhood and urge to avenge indignities suffered by Americans (Newman 23-31). The article of Confederation was a form of union of thirteen independent states and bases of America Constitution. The weaknesses were lack of power by the states to collect taxes, trade regulation was denied to states, the law needed nine of thirteen states for approval, no executive branch, lack of national court system, and amendments could only be done if all members agreed. The greatest advantage of this confederation was that it allowed for the fair development of land to the west of Appalachians. Secondly, it led to the signing of the peace treaty with Great Britain. Thirdly, it led to the expansion of United States territory from Atlantic to Mississippi river, set up the department of foreign affairs and finally it led to states honoring legal acts of the states (Merrill 134-56). An analysis of this clause all points to the framer's intention to deny that it neither prohibited nor allowed slave trade. The clause refers to other economic or social class but does not refer slave as an economic class. However, the location of seats in Congress and number of people to be taxed although only three-fifths led to slaves being considered as human beings. It also led to return of fugitives slaves (Boyd 9- 21). Immediately after revolution abolition was conceived, it did not fade until the civil war. Abolition began as an elite group although religious leader was involved. It began as an appeal to people of colors especially the blacks and women. It led to unease over the legitimacy of  slavery.  

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