Saturday, October 5, 2019

Market Model Patterns of Change (Apple) Assignment

Market Model Patterns of Change (Apple) - Assignment Example The company issued a statement describing Apple demand for a 30 percent cut of the 20 percent it gets from each sale as "economically untenable," adding that it would be collaborating with our market peers in determining an appropriate legal and business response to this latest development. The point is, Apple is no longer the no-hoper it was during the Mac-vs.-Windows wars of the 80s and 90s.In fact, in many markets -- particularly those supported by the iTunes/iOS ecosystem -- Apple is more powerful than Microsoft ever was since it controls the hardware, the OS, the online store, and the terms by which third parties can do business in its space. Apple, in turn, might define the market to comprise all digital and print media and counter that any issuer not happy with Apple terms is free to still reach its customers through much other print and digital outlets. IOS applications cannot be distributed anywhere other than the Application Store. Mac applications can be bought via the Application Store or online or in a store. Ever wonder if maybe this is a good idea? Look at what is happening with Windows viruses; they get installed on your computer through the internet in a shady manner. While we have gotten used to having and living with this risk on a PC, I absolutely do not want someone or their software to take over my cell phone (directing me to the wrong place on a map, calling 911 on its own, calling some guy in Kazakhstan, sending text messages, tracking me in real time, sending e-mails to my boss and taking all my stored passwords)!!! What a fantastic target it could be while it roams around with you, seeing different access points and other users on the network at Starbucks or your college campus or even simply on the carrier’s data network.

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