Friday, October 4, 2019

The role of Law Enforcement in the community Assignment

The role of Law Enforcement in the community - Assignment Example 2. The purpose of this paper will be to analyze the role of law enforcement in the community, their effectiveness of the roles over time and the changes one can make when serving a local law enforcement organization. The role of law enforcement in the community is to maintain order and to prevent violation of people’s right (Zachary, 1999). Police is the body that deals directly with the law enforcement; they chase down criminals breaking the law risking their lives for the better of the community. Police react to any reported suspicious or criminal activities. They also prevent domestic violence from happening and this helps to improve the society by making people live in peace. The introduction of emergency numbers like 911 helps to minimize the rate of crimes in the society. Law enforcement agencies have improved the way of living among people in the society by responding first, preventing crimes, and controlling traffic jams. Law enforcement was introduced in many communit ies due to the gap between the poor and the rich. The rich wanted personal protection, property protection and life protection from the increasing population of people it led to the introduction and creation of law enforcement agencies. Justice is offered by law courts by giving the punishment either by fines or imprisonment (Zachary, 1999). 3. Law enforcement in a community gives immune and safe feeling to the people in the society because of the set laws that are not regularly changed. Law enforcement has changed and improved greatly over time due to the improvement and advancement of technology. Invention of computers, cars, and the CCTV cameras has led to effective enforcement of law, police and other agencies can be able to enforce the law over a wide coverage by use of satellites and other technological equipments (Hess, & cho, 2008). Fraud has also been reduced

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