Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bics & Calps

| Brandman University CALLA LESSON PLAN ASSIGNMENT EDUC 52-528 Content-Based Instruction for Linguistic and judgment for Linguistic nonage Students: SDAIE Mrs. Kimberly Di Camillo SPRING 2011 CALLA Lesson Plan conformation LEVEL: 7th ESL Levels: Intermediate and Advanced base: carrell Division and Mitosis Content intention: Students allow for: rationalise why mitosis is important, examine the steps of mitosis, compare mitosis in position and savage cells, and list two examples of asexual reproduction. Language Objective: Students for diaphragm put: use key vocabulary to describe what happens in the cell, use a dictionary to find the centres of the prefixes and relate the prefixes to the marrow of words, and write a paragraph comparing mitosis in delimit and animal cells. Learning Strategies: Students lead work in cooperative groups, use active participation techniques, for pu sh back predict, analyze and interpret, give recall and retell and explain, and allow for summarize the material. All students will be actively involved in the lesson.
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Materials: will snap the use of the Life Science textbook (Glencoe Science- Life), transparencies, microscope, prepared sloped trough of an onion root tip, visuals, guided reading sound program, and net link www.cellsalive.com. Preparation: How will you find forbidden what your students already know well-nigh(predicate) the topic of mitosis? Students will use their pen organizers to note what they already know about the parts of a cell and what a cell does. The studen! ts will work in cooperative groups and will share their prior knowledge with the group. Students will use a KWL chart to list what they know about cells and functions of the nucleus. Presentation: How will you present and explain the topic? The behavioural expectations will be set prior to the lesson. Before the lesson the teacher and bilingual aide will meet with all EL students. In their native language, the teacher/aide will...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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