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How to Quote Sources with APA Referencing

How to Quote Sources with APA Referencing How to Quote Sources with APA Referencing APA style referencing is used for citing sources in academic writing in a variety of disciplines, including the social and behavioral sciences. This is important because, when writing a college paper, you need to show your reader how you’ve drawn upon past research. A big part of this is indicating clearly when you’ve quoted someone else’s work, as failure to do so could be interpreted as plagiarism. As such, it’s vital you know how to quote sources with APA referencing before you start writing. The Basics of Quoting a Source Obviously, most of your paper should be in your own words. However, quoting sources is useful if your argument depends on the words used by another author. When you do quote a source, you need to use â€Å"quotation marks† and give an in-text citation including the author’s surname, year of publication and relevant page numbers after the quoted text: Ricoeur is said to have â€Å"sought to separate his philosophical writings from his theological writings† (Sohn, 2013, p. 159). If the author is named in the text, give the year of publication immediately afterwards, then the page numbers after the quotation: Sohn (2013) writes that Ricoeur â€Å"sought to separate his philosophical writings from his theological writings† (p. 159). You can also give page numbers when paraphrasing a source, though this is only required if you feel it is necessary for the reader to find the relevant section in the original. Sources with No Page Numbers If a source lacks page numbers, such as a website, provide a paragraph number instead. In longer documents that lack page numbers, like an e-book, you may also have to provide a section title: Paraphrasing restates someone else’s words in a new way (Lee, 2015, para. 3). Long Quotations If the passage you are quoting is more than 40  words long, it should be formatted as a block quotation. This means presenting the quotation on a new line and indented roughly 0.5 inches. Block quotations don’t require quotation marks, but you should still give a citation. After the quotation, you continue with the formatting used throughout the rest of your document. This would look something like the following: Ricoeur’s position on Christian philosophy is summarized as follows: His reflections on the matter, however, were not merely an occasional work or a passing period in his thought, but rather it was an issue to which he would turn time and again throughout his career with each development becoming ever more complex and nuanced. (Sohn, 2015, p.164) Given this, we can come to the following conclusions†¦

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death of Ivan Ilynch essays

death of Ivan Ilynch essays The Death of Ivan Ilych The Death of Ivan Ilych tells the story of a man on his deathbed realizing that the majority of the things hes done throughout his life was for social acceptance. Concerned only with the thoughts of other people, his own ideas and thoughts were dismissed from importance when it came to self-image. On his deathbed he realizes that In public opinion I was moving uphill, but to the same extent life was slipping away from me. And now its gone and all I can do is die. Ivan found money and work to be the root of all happiness. One of the reasons why Ivan values work and money so much is because these to aspects were escapes from his artificial married life he was leading. For once in his life Ivan had a chance to escape all the worries involved with his work life and go to the country to live with his brother-in law, immediately after getting there Ivan felt bored and decided to go to Petersburg to punish those people who had failed to appreciate him by trying to get transferred to another ministry with larger pay. In this move he felt that his colleagues owed him something for all those years of so called friendships. Despite them he and his family he does find a new job paying 5000 rubles. As soon as his wife finds out their married life becomes the best its ever been since the first year. This is the perfect example of how they found happiness in money. While on his deathbed Ivan only wants to be pitied by people and the only one that pities him from the beginning is Gerasim. Ivan has a whole new respect for Gerasim when at the beginning of his death Gerasim says We all have to die someday so why shouldnt I help you(104). It is these words that started Ivans abstract thinking of lifes real meanings and treasures. Ivan knew that Gerasim was helping him because he would want the same for himself ...

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Routing Protocol Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Routing Protocol - Essay Example Enhanced interior Gateway routing Protocol is an advanced distance vector routing protocol which reduces routing uncertainty which developed after re-arrangement of various computer network elements. Routers which operate through EIGRP involuntarily spread data packets to the interior gateway routing protocol by changing the 32 bit enhanced interior gateway to 24 bit interior gateway. Since EIGRP uses a dual update algorithm (DUAL) its confluence is much faster. The time taken to transmit data packets through the telecommunication network from the source destination is from 65ms up to 185ms. Open Shortest Path first (OSPF) developed by Interior gateway protocol, conveys information in an automatic system. Different versions of OSPF include the OSPF version one and the OSPF versions two. OSPF has been widely used in large scale network connections. Open Shortest path operates by acquiring information from the neighbouring routers then developing a path for the network. The schematic arrangement of the network establishes the routing mechanism on the internet layer. If there are changes of the network arrangement, the OSPF closes in on a new loop, by analyzing the shortest path for the different routers using the graph search algorithm with all positive path costs. The main advantages of the Open shortest path first are it can reduce router paths as well as configuring an area through minimizing the size of a routing table. OSPF also supports various routes and length of an IP address. Comparing the two routing protocols regarding end to end delay, throughput and delay jitter, the end to end delay of EIGRP and OSPF is from 65ms to 185 ms with a 15% network load. As seen from the graph below, when the background load is set to 40%, The EIGRP raises to 200 ms while the OSPF rises to 4.4 seconds. With a more background load, EIGRP and OSPF delay, elevates to 600

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3 essay about Jay Greenberg, Philip Glass, and Tan Dun

3 about Jay Greenberg, Philip Glass, and Tan Dun - Essay Example I am talking about the likes of Mozart, and Mendelssohn, and Saent-Saens.† (Schorn, â€Å"Bluejay Spreads his Wings†). Greenberg felt attached to music since the earliest years of his life having started to play the cello at the age of three or two. Interestingly, Jay’s mother does not have any musical education and his father is a professor at Yale University teaching Slavic Languages. His next instrument was the piano and his first composition was created when he was just six. The subsequent year he started taking lessons from Anthony Johnson, and in three years Jay entered the Julliard School of Music having won a scholarship to study composition (â€Å"Jay Greenberg†). Having received considerable training in music theory, piano and ear training, Jay took classes at Yale University. He is known to currently study at Cambridge in the UK. Similarly to some other composers, Jay says he hears some music that is being performed inside his head. Moreover, he is able to hear a few pieces at once. He then notates the music he has just heard. This is how he writes his music. By the way, Jay composes his pieces with the help of the computer through the music notation program. The directions of his work include solo, chamber and orchestral music, with his unique talent being spotted by Sony Classical and IMG Artists which signed exclusive contracts with him. Jay’s music has been described as â€Å"accomplished† (Los Angeles Times), having â€Å"21st century tonality, excitement, and lyricism† (The Washington Post), having â€Å"verve of the rhythms and invention in harmonies† (The New York Times). His most important works include â€Å"Quintet for Strings†, â€Å"Symphony No. 5†, â€Å"Violin Concerto†, â€Å"Four Scenes†, â€Å"Concerto for Piano Trio and Orchestra† (â€Å"Jay Greenberg†). One of his latest works is a song called â€Å"I still keep mute† which was set to the Nabokov’s poem. Philip

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Mktg Plan for Jollibee Essay Example for Free

Mktg Plan for Jollibee Essay Jollibee’s growth is due to its delicious menu line-up – like its superior-tasting Chickenjoy, mouth-watering Yumburger and Champ hamburger, and deliciously satisfying Jollibee Spaghetti -ably complemented with creative marketing programs, and efficient manufacturing and logistics facilities. It is made possible by well-trained teams that work in a culture of integrity and humility, fun and family-like. Every Jollibee outlet welcomes customers with a clean and warm in-store environment and friendly and efficient service. And it is this tried and tested formula of delivering great-tasting food, adherence to world class operating standards and the universal appeal of the family values the brand represents that are driving the expansion of Jollibee both locally and in the overseas market. BUSINESS TREND ANALYSIS Fast food or quick service restaurants have come a long way since 1921 when White Castle, the first fast food hamburger chain, sold burgers at five cents apiece and ended its first day with a US$3. 75 profit. Arguably, AW was the first fast food restaurant having sold the first frosty mug of AW root beer for one nickel in 1919. In the Philippines, Tropical Hut Hamburger is reputedly the first hamburger chain dating back to 1965. The trend of eating out spending and fast food expansion as a vehicle to growth will continue as long as there is fierce competition in the workplace. The drive towards competitiveness with longer working hours and no time for home cooking coupled with the peoples continuing desire for new fast food concepts will allow innovative and progressive food chains to prosper. A downside to this is the changing eating habits, which some researches suggest has led to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, fast foods have been made aware of this situation and are starting to offer healthier options. The fast food industry is not without its challenges, especially in the United States. From rising food costs, economic recession and changing perceptions about health, many fast food franchises have been feeling some heat. But rather than flee from this challenge, the fast food industry has been adopting new practices and offering new products. Modern society is on the go, and there is plenty of demand for a quick bite at all times of the day. Fast food franchising opportunities exist in the â€Å"traditional† spaces like burgers and pizza, but are also sprouting up in healthy and unique ways as well. The fast food industry, also known as Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), has been serving up tasty morsels for as long as people have lived in cities. The modern system of fast food franchising is believed to have started in the mid 1930’s when Howard Johnson franchised his second location to a friend as a means to expand operations during the Great Depression. And oh how it has grown! As cars became commonplace, the drive-thru concept brought explosive growth to the idea of food-on-the go. â€Å"Fast Food† was added to the Merrion-Webster dictionary in 1951 and U. S. fast food companies are now franchised in over 100 countries. In the U. S. alone there are over 200,000 restaurant locations! Revenue has grown from $6 billion in 1970 to $160 billion last year, an 8. 6% annualized rate. Fast food franchises focus on high volume, low cost and high speed product.

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Jihad - A Holy War Essay -- essays research papers

Jihad It was once a word unfamiliar to American ears. But in recent years it has become all too familiar. The actions of Muslim militants and terrorists have seared the word into American consciousness. Yet even with thousands of innocent civilians killed on American soil by Islamic terrorists, the full significance of the Muslim concept of jihad has not been grasped by the American public. In the days after September 11, 2001, American leaders rushed to portray Islam as a peaceful religion that had been "hijacked" by a fanatical band of terrorists. One hopes that these assurances were merely tactical—that nobody was meant to believe them and that they were meant to assure the Muslim world that the inevitable American reprisals were not directed at their religion as a whole. If the world Muslim community perceived America as attacking Islam in general then the duty of every Muslim to fight for his religion—the duty of jihad—would have been invoked on a broad scale. The war against terrorism, instead of simmering with occasional flare-ups, like the Cold War, would have boiled over into a global conflagration, with the Muslim countries of the world—1.2 billion strong—mobilizing against America and the West. Muslim apologists also rushed forward to assure the public that Islam was a peaceful religion. They disingenuously declared that the word Islam means "peace." And they tried to portray the terrorists as a fringe group outside the mainstream of Islam. These were lies. The usual meaning of Islam in Arabic is not "peace" but "submission." And if the terrorists were so far outside the mainstream, why did Muslims all over the world burst into joyful, spontaneous celebrations when the hijacked jetliners slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? Why are Islamic governments afraid to show "too much" public support for the war against terrorism? Further, why are all the governments that covertly support terrorism centered in the Muslim world? The truth is that Islam is not a religion of peace. This is not to say that every Muslim is violent at heart. Many are not. Muslims have the same aspirations for living peaceful lives that people have the world over. But they also have the same potential for violence as others, and Islam as a religion and an ideology seeks to exploit that potential. Thoug... ...volutionary movements. The conflict with militant Islam may last a long time—centuries, potentially—since even if curing Muslim society of its violent tendencies is possible, it would involve ripping out or otherwise neutralizing a tendency that has dominated Muslim culture since the days of its founder. This is not an easy task, for Muslims willing to make the change would be portrayed as traitors to their religion, amid renewed calls to practice Islam in its original, pure, and more violent form in order to regain the favor of God. The signs of the times suggest that we are, indeed, in for a "clash of civilizations" that will be neither brief nor bloodless. But what also is known is that God has a plan for history and that his grace can work miracles. It is yet possible that—through one means or another—God will bring about a more peaceful world in which militant Islam either is not a threat or nowhere near the threat that it is today. If this is to happen, our cooperation with God’s grace will require prayer, courage, resourcefulness, and a realistic understanding of the threat we are facing. Until then there can be no illusions about Islam and its endless jihad.

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Cold War Essay

The Cold War represents the disputes between the Soviet Union and the United States, and may be the most noteworthy political issue of the late 20th Century. The Cold War was a very political issue because it influenced foreign policies, impacted our economy, and even affected Presidential elections. The United States was worried that the Soviet Union would extend communism throughout Europe with its power and control over smaller and weaker countries. At the beginning of the Cold War the struggles between the United States and the Soviet Union were more political than military. The Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb on August 29, 1949 which alarmed the United States because they were not expecting the Soviet Union to have knowledge of nuclear weapons (The Cold War Museum, n. d. ). Consequently, Americans were uncertain of their own safety, prompting President Truman to reexamine the United States position in the world. He required the United States to amass conventional and nuclear weapons to cease the Soviet influence from spreading around the world. The arms race began, and each side mass produced and strategically placed missiles throughout their country and their allied countries. Other events occurred during the Cold War era adding fuel to the Cold War: the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Bay of Pigs. My first interviewee was a female in her early sixties whom lived through the Cold War period – my mother. As a retired school teacher, I expected my mother to have a deeper understanding of the Cold War than a person that simply lived through the period. Her definition of the Cold War clearly supported the definition stated in this course. When I asked my mother what words or phrases come to mind when she thinks of the term Cold War, she did not hesitate in her response: â€Å"United States and the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, John F. Kennedy, George Patton, and World War II† (B. Rego, personal communication, May 27, 2013). She related to me that the aspects of the Cold War that she remembered were â€Å"that the Soviets felt that the United States was not revealing key military information after World War II, and their suspicions were confirmed when the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima† (B.  Rego, personal communication, May 27, 2013). I went on to ask her to name any key events that are mainly associated with the Cold War, and she replied â€Å"the Bay of Pigs† (B. Rego, personal communication, May 27, 2013). My mother was able to accurately remember the parties involved in the Cold War, as well as key details and key events of the period having lived through the period, not as a child but as a young adult. My second interviewee was a male in his mid-thirties whom did not live through the Cold War period, but studied it in school. My younger brother’s definition of the Cold War was â€Å"long period of tensions between countries† (J. Rego, personal communication, May 27, 2013). His definition is similar to the definition provided in this course with the exception that he did not mention specifically the United States and the Soviet Union. When questioned about what aspects of the Cold War he remembers he stated â€Å"I remember Korea and Vietnam† (J. Rego, personal communication, May 27, 2013). Although he is not incorrect in his response, it was interesting to me that he again omitted the involvement of the United States and the Soviet Union. When asked about the key events mainly associated with the Cold War, my brother said â€Å"the only key event I remember was the Berlin Wall, and when President Reagan and Gorbachev signed the peace treaty† (J. Rego, personal communication, May 27, 2013). His recollection of the key events associated with the Cold War albeit accurate, were lacking in detail. He did not mention the Bay of Pigs, or the Cuban Missile Crisis. I suppose that the generation gap between our mother and our generation has unfortunately made the details of the Cold War less memorable. My final interviewee was a male in his early twenties whom also did not live through the Cold War period, but studied it in school. My son’s definition of the Cold War was â€Å"a weapons race between the USA and Soviet Union with no shots fired† (A. Egnew, personal communication, May 26, 2013). His definition is similar to the definition provided in this course in that he recalled the parties involved being the United States and the Soviet Union. When asked what words or phrases come to mind when thinking of the term Cold War he replied â€Å"stockpile and weapons race† (A. Egnew, personal communication, May 26, 2013). I questioned him about any key events that he could remember that is mainly associated with the Cold War, and his answer was â€Å"I can’t name any† (A. Egnew, personal communication, May 26, 2013). It is interesting to me, yet not surprising that as the generation gap widens the details of the Cold War are more easily forgotten. The Cold War was a very prominent event in United States history for key events such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Bay of Pigs, and the Berlin Wall, but noteworthy also for the civil rights movement, gender equality, and racial segregation issues (Farber, 1994). The Cold War changed the way Americans view authority, and opened the door for American citizens to question political decisions. Without the Cold War period, perhaps our lives today would be much different. Would slavery still exist? What about racial segregation? Our lives today would surely be different if the Cold War never happened.

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Feminization of Poverty Essay

Researching Feminization of poverty was quite interesting. I read all the different opinions on the internet, the student forum and articles about it as well. As I feel strongly about the subject I had already formed my opinion about it. Coming from a not so great upcoming when I was young I always analyzed women’s actions and the reasons why most women my mother and the people she associated with were under the poverty line. I came up with three very specific reasons, one relation with men, two low self-esteem, and three uneducated. My mother actually possessed all three. I have till the day I can remember have always observed women and their relationships with men and studied what I thought they did wrong and what I thought they did right. I would see my mom give in quickly to my father even though she was right in the situation and that caused rifts in the relationships that will ultimately jeopardize finances and in return cause many other issues in the household from havi ng to budget and find different resources to accommodate the needs of what wasn’t being met at home. Even though that meant my mother going to churches for charity for clothes, shoes, gifts for holidays and rent assistance just to keep a couple of extra bucks in my father’s pocket. Secondly, Self-esteem it seems kind of unruly but it definitely fits in to the equation if you think about it. Self-esteem stopped my mother and others she associated with to go out and seek better opportunities. Not having perfect teeth, suitable clothes, or being groomed a certain way can lower your self-esteem to the point where you doubt yourself in to being able to get that position which leads to settling for what you have and in return you do not better your life or are able to teach your children that you can achieve whatever your heart desires in life. Lastly Education, my mother and others she knew did not have sufficient or any education to advance into any new positions or give them the ability to apply for a better position else were. Not knowing or not advancing in a career can leave you stuck in a dead end job for years and ultimately leave you wondering where have all the years gone by? Although many may read this and think that I am putting women at fault for everything involving feminization of Poverty. I can only help but see the facts as a person who has been through it and has made the efforts to change that cycle I can only express my opinion and wait for  someone to prove me otherwise.

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Plagiarism in the Digital Age Essay Example

Plagiarism in the Digital Age Essay Example Plagiarism in the Digital Age Paper Plagiarism in the Digital Age Paper To plagiarize means to steal and pass off as ones own the ideas or words of another. In academic environment, it can be when one uses some paper when an online essay plagiarism check shows this paper is not a unique one its someones else writing. Todays society revolves heavily around technology and the internet, which creates a generation that has different ideals and standards about plagiarism. The simple act of cutting and pasting as described by author William Gibson in Gods Little Toys: Confessions of a cut and paste artist is no longer simple; it is complex. Instead of viewing it as wrong, which is done in Trip Gabriels article, Plagiarism Lines Blur for students in the digital age, it should be seen as a new form of creation and xpression. The digital ages expansion requires new standards and interpretations of plagiarism because of the growing use of mixing and matching of ideas. In William Gibsons article, Gods Little Toys: Confessions of a Cut and Paste Artist, he describes how todays growing internet culture constantly redefines our culture. Gibson narrates his discovery of the radical writer William S. Burroughs whose method of writing involved incorporating other writers texts into his own work. Normally this would be considered plagiarism, but Burroughs believed it was essential to his work. Gibson explains how Burroughs, although used the scissors and paste pot method, was no plagiarist at all. He compares this style of writing to the work of visionary DJs methods of breaking apart different records and incorporating them into their own music to make new hits. The remix is the product of todays audience participating in their culture rather than passively listening. This new form of creation sprung from the expanding digital age. Gibson describes how the cut and paste method is a technology that emerged on its own and we simply follow it wherever it will take us. He states that even though many are unaware, we own our culture; We own our words. In Trip Gabriels article Plagiarism Lines Blur for students in the digital age, he explains how plagiarism is a growing problem due to the different type of internet age this generation is growing up in. He explains how students growing up in the internet age show a lack of understanding that information found on the internet does not belong to them. Gabriel speaks of multiple cases of students that believed information and texts found on the internet did not need to be cited because it was assumed to be common knowledge. These days, students fail to see that lifting texts or words from the internet and pasting it into their own work is a serious offense. This generation believes that information found on the web is fair game for anyone to take because of how easily accessible it is. Ms. Bookover, an undergraduate Trip Gabriel interviewed about the cheating going on in college life, describes how walking into a library and actually holding the article is different than viewing it online. Being in the same place one downloads music and video gives the researcher the sense that everything can belong to you. She discusses how students feel it is O. K. to uses someone elses words as long as you dont care and do it purely for a grade. She emphasizes that if the educational system loosens plagiarism standards, creativity will decline and laziness will grow. Bookover believes one major factor for the growth of plagiarism is the lack of preparation and education given in high school In both Gibson and Gabriels articles the use of copied texts is discussed, although, both have contrasting opinions on the subject. Gabriel emphasizes shared texts as being a problem and labels it as plagiarism, whereas Gibson explains how it is a new orm of creating work in an ever changing age of the internet. Gabriel describes a one dimensional evaluation of the topic and Gibson a multi-faceted assessment. Instead of viewing mixing and matching as a crime that does not foster creativity, it should be seen as more of a way to bring together great ideas that have already been written and creating new works of art (Gabriel). Just like DJs around the world who are deconstructing recorded music to create their own versions, writers who use the ideas of others create their own (Gibson). Applying the same methods, riters use an endless recombinant process that actively uses ideas from past work as a Jumping off point and expand upon them (Gibson). This characteristic of todays digital media age should not be frowned on by the academic community, but rather viewed with an open mind. The availability of information on the internet is a useful tool that was meant to be taken advantage of. Students feel confined when they fear the possibility of accidentally using an idea that was not originally theirs, and as a result, stifled creativity. The idea that students simply do not grasp that using words they did not write is a erious misdeed is a true statement when blatant copying and pasting of whole paragraphs or essays is concerned, but not so much when ideas or certain texts are taken and used (Gabriel). Making collages out of previous work should not be put into the same category as mindless copying and pasting because inspiration does not equal plagiarism. The standards defining plagiarism need to be rethought now that todays generation is able to see the endless possibilities and combinations of ideas and information that is open to them. All of the information and all of the ideas in the pool of knowledge belong to the people.

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Small Boat Cooling System Operation and Maintenance

Small Boat Cooling System Operation and Maintenance There are two common engine cooling schemes in small vessels. Raw water cooling circulates seawater through the engine block directly, while closed loop cooling utilizes a heat exchanger to isolate the engine coolant from seawater which carries the excess heat out of a vessel. Both systems have similar components and operation. The more complex of the two systems is actually two simple cooling loops in series. The concepts are easy to understand and so are the fixes to common problems. Raw Water or Open Cooling We will follow the path of the water from the sea into the intake which is fitted with a valve called a seacock to close the opening if a coolant line fails. These connections are large and will put several hundred gallons per minute into your hull if they fail. The cooling water passes through a strainer which should be checked each day. Emptying this little basket of garbage is very important since it will impede the flow to the engine which could cause damage. Expensive damage. Next the seawater travels through a hard piped line or sometimes flexible hose to the cold side of the engine cooling system. Any soft lines should be secured with double band clamps on each connection, they should be checked very often for failure or wear. On its journey through the engine the cool sea water absorbs heat by passing through small channels cast into the engine components. These channels give plenty of surface area where heat can be absorbed but they do have drawbacks like clogging and freezing in cold weather. As the seawater exits it passes though a thermostat which can be a automotive spring type device or a sensor connected to a automatic gate valve. If the water is below the ideal temperature threshold for the engine cooling water by passes the engine until heat removal is required. A cold running engine is bad for the machinery and the efficiency of an engine. The cooling water and exhaust gasses are combined in a wet exhaust system where they exit the vessel. If exhaust is aerial then cooling water passes through another seacock to exit the hull. Closed Loop Cooling This type of cooling is very similar to raw water cooling except in place of an engine theres a heat exchanger. Basically a tube within a tube that transfers heat without allowing liquids to mix. The coolant circulates on the engine side while raw seawater circulates on the heat exchanger side. Other than this important point all operations are similar. Pros and Cons of Open and Closed Systems Open Pros: simple and well known, no chemicals, if hard piped the only maintenance is cleaning the strainer. Cons: Prone to clogging with debris, pure water allowed to freeze in engine passages will crack the engine block, in some environments the inside of the system can become home to mussels and barnacles. Closed Pros: Much less time to bring a engine to a stable operating temperature, less temperature fluctuation increases fuel and power efficiency, winterizing tasks and cold damage are minimized, if a clog appears it will be in the heat exchanger side which can be easily serviced; a clog in an engine passage requires disassembly excess heat can be used for space heating. Cons: Marine coolant is expensive and many systems have a high capacity, potential to leak coolant into the surrounding water, additional anodes must be placed and monitored for signs of corrosion. Whats the Best Marine Cooling System? The answer depends on you location and operations. Fouling and clogs are the biggest issue for most operators and local knowledge works best for these situations. If you must choose one type of system over another and everything else seems equal, then take a look at the anti-fouling paint used in your area. If it is meant to aggressively prohibit growth of marine life, then you should consider a closed system to reduce the risk of damage. How to Flush Your Work Boat Cooling System While there are a couple thousand large ships in the global merchant fleet, there are perhaps a couple hundred thousand smaller work boats. Operators of these boats are often also owners and to keep costs down some go without professional maintenance services. If you choose this approach it will save money, although it does increase the risk of damage due to human error. Working carefully and understanding some of the underlying concepts of you equipment will assure the job is done correctly while still saving money. Many of us have entered this profession through the world of small boats. Those long days spent at the marina washing recreational boats for extra spending money turned into more complex jobs. Soon, those little electrical and plumbing jobs earned a few dollars, and hopefully a good reputation. Then one day, while crammed under the helm station of a ship, the thought crosses your mind; how did I get here? Formal education  is available for these jobs and many excellent schools will give you a comprehensive understanding of the systems of any size vessel.

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Financial accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Financial accounting - Essay Example Marks and Spencer’s well established business attracts a great deal of consumer base irrespective of demography. The primary business of the company comprises of selling general merchandise which mainly consists of womenswear. menswear and an expanding kids wear. The company, through its resilient and effective marketing tactics, has able to capture market share of around 11.0% by value and 11.2% by volume. Another source from where the company earns a great deal of its revenue is through selling food items. Marks and Spencer is the leading provider when it comes to selling fine quality food. The company sells everything from fresh meals to canned food items, highly acclaimed and praised range of wines to other groceries products. The company has improved its shelf availability and has adopted the strategy of renewing its food range. The proactive approach has resulted in an increase of 1.8% in sales revenue from food business. The financial year 2010 proved to be another prog ressive year for Marks and Spencer. During the current year, Marks and Spencer’s revenue increased by 5.2% during the current year to an impressive ?9.5 billion which has caused the operating profit to increase by 9.8%. The company, following its growth strategy, aspires transform its operation into multi channel business. The company has taken major steps in investing its direct sales business which enhanced the revenue by 27% during the current financial year. In addition, the company is actively following its strategy of refurbishing its stores and giving them a new and improved look. The refurbishment has resulted in an increased storage space and has created a fashionable shopping environment. The following table compares the financial results of Marks and Spencer, for the financial year 2010 with that of the year 2009. As quite evident from the above comparison, the financial outlook of the company has improved. The increase in group revenue primarily pertains to the in crease in like-for-like sales as well as the addition of new stores and outlets, both in and outside of England. Since Marks and Spencer do a significant number of its sales overseas, the company’s revenue is majorly increased due to the fluctuation in exchange rate. Although the recent credit crisis and global economic meltdown proved to be a hurdle, but the impact was offset by prudent risk management and apt allocation of capital investment. The gross profit to sales ratio for the year ended December 31, 2010 was 8.93% which has decreased by 0.67% during the current year. Despite the decrease in gross profit to sales ratio, the net profit of the company has increased by ?16.2 million. The increase in net profit is due to the fact that during the current year the company did not spend any exceptional cost which it incurred during the prior year on strategic restructure. In addition, the company took strong measures to control its finance cost during the current year and cur tailed it by ?52.3 million. An analysis of balance sheet of Marks and Spencer highlights the fact that during the current year the company’s non-current liabilities, in terms of borrowings from banks and other financial institutions, was comparatively less than the previous year. The fact that Marks and Spencer curtailed its borrowings highlight the fact that the company is focusing on gearing is business through raising capital by issuance of share capital, rather than acquiring capital from financers. The earnings per share (EPS) of

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Child abuse and the catholic curch Research Paper

Child abuse and the catholic curch - Research Paper Example question in most people’s minds is how such inexplicable and copious numbers of abuse could go unnoticed, unreported, unacknowledged and with no accountability for so long. The question posed within this essay however, is why? Why has there been such wide spread and proliferate sexual abuse of children within the Roman Catholic Church. Gauthe, who was a priest based in Louisiana was shifted from parish to parish by church elders and authorities once they became aware of his abusive activities. In an attempt to maintain equilibrium within the Church and keep control of the situation themselves the Church gave Gauthe opportunity to continue his sexual abuse against minors. Due to the media and public outcry however, he was brought to trial and removed from his position in 1983; in 1985 he was sentenced to jail for twenty years but was released after ten; whereupon he was later arrested again for further accounts of molesting young boys (Gavrielides & Coker, 2005; Werth, 2003; Dale & Alpert, 2007). The Gauthe case however proved to be the first wave in a tumultuous ocean of abuse, molestation and cover-up in the Catholic Church. In 2002 the Boston Globe (January 6) declared that the â€Å"Church Allowed Abuse by Priests for Years† (Carroll, 2002; Isely, Isely, Freiburger & McMackin, 2008). The story revealed how Law, the archbishop of Boston and his forerunners had turned a blind eye to sexual abuse and had permitted their priests to abuse children without retribution (Carroll, 2002), and that priests like Father Geoghan, who had purportedly raped or molested 130 children had been protected by the Church (Carroll, 2002). Such revelations instigated a plethora of victims coming forward to report abuse, and the media using words such as ‘crisis’ and ‘scandal’ in relation to the Church (Plante, 2004), incited public outcry and demand for answers and retribution. The outcome was the realization that nobody was in reality, aware of the enormity of the crisis,