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INTRODUCTIONBluetooth is a radio LAN technology designed to connect devices of different functions such as telephones, notebooks, computers (desktop and laptop), cameras, printers, and coffee bushelrs. A Bluetooth LAN is an ad hoc network, which means that the network is formed spontaneously but sometimes it called gadgets and make a network called a piconet. The cable-free, or wireless, technology was initially conceived by Ericson in 1994, when the company began a study to investigate the feasibility of a low-power, low-priced radio interface between mobile phones and their accessories. The companys goal was to eliminate the need for cables.Bluetooth technology was intended to hasten the convergence of voice and selective information to handheld devices, such as cellular telephones and portable computers. Through the efforts of its developers and the members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), it is now emerging with features and applications that not only remain tru e to its original intent, but also provide for broader uses of its technology.The word Bluetooth is taken from the 10th century Danish King Harald Bluetooth. King Bluetooth had been influential in uniting Scandinavian Europe during an era when the region was torn apart by wars and feuding clans. Nowadays, Bluetooth technology is the implementation of a protocol defined by the IEEE 802.15 standard. The standard defines a wireless personal-area network (PAN) operable in an area the size of a room or a hall. APPLICATIONS 1 Bluetooth Components1.1.Element of a complete bluetoothan RF plowshare for receiving and transmitting dataa module with a baseband microprocessormemoryan interface to the host device (mobile phone)1.2.The RF por... ...example, allowing their phones to be operated only by their Bluetooth hands-free headset and no-one elses. This is called device-level security. They can also restrict the things that different Bluetooth can do with other devices using whats cal led service-level security.ConclusionAs you can see, the Bluetooth specification is definitely real and is being widely adopted by industry leaders. The possibilities for new applications is very exciting with this versatile technology. Hopefully this article has provided a basic understanding of the Bluetooth architecture so that you can flip over into the 1082 page Bluetooth specification or some of our future, more detailed articles on the Wireless Developer Network.Reference1)http//www.bluetooth.com/Pages/Low-Energy.aspx2)http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth

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Humorous Wedding Speech Made by a Fellow Teacher :: Wedding Toasts Roasts Speeches

Humorous Wedding Speech Made by a Fellow TeacherLadies and gentlemen, its an honour to be rest here. I suppose I should actu every(prenominal)y say its an honour and a pleasure, but I know the pleasure wont kick in until this speech part is over. I must admit to being a little surprised when James invited me to his wedding as I moreover met him a few years ago. But on reflection, I think he was swayed by the fact that I know very little about the prototypic years of his life, which therefore puts some rather embarrassing stories out of reach. James and I have been close ever since we met whilst (while) teaching at Ferndale secondary instill - so close, in fact, that he has told me secrets that nobody else knows. One of those secrets is that James keeps a diary. In preparation for this speech, I decided to swipe his diary and would now akin to read to you a few of the entries that chart the blossoming romance between James and Anis. pull out a diary prop So here it goesSeptember fifth 1998 Today was my first day as a teacher. When the kids got out of line, I just got loud and acted tough like dad does. I hope they dont adopt that I am really just a big sissy. September 6th 1998 A pretty teacher at school talked to me today. That was weird.September seventh 1998 I said hi to the pretty girl today. Its a good thing Jason best man taught me how to be cool. September 13th 1998 Ate dinner at pizza Hut tonight with Jason, Sarah, and the pretty girl named Anis. I think I like her. September 14th 1998 I couldnt sleep last night with all the butterflies in my stomach. I think I like this girl more than my car. September 15th 1998 Jason is the coolest guy I know. I hope he doesnt decide to go out with Anis.September 14th 1998 Anis kissed me. It was amazing. I havent kissed a girl since Freshers Week at Uni (the university). December 7th 2001 I proposed to Anis today. She accepted, but only after criticizing my way of kneeling. This is one of the happiest day s of my life. Unfortunately, I cant see much because Ive been crying like a little girl.

Culture and Cross-Cultural Linkages in American Music Essay -- Music C

Culture and Cross-Cultural Linkages in American Music I have recently been listening to a lot of Motown music and even jazz. I have never before explored music in the extent that I have done this semester. I always thought of myself as cultured but this semester, Ive begun to realize there are more areas of music that I have not explored than those which I have. And as I explore culture and cross-cultural linkages in our music, I realize how much one generations music speaks to the next. Currently, the song I am intrigued by is Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday. This song is very moving. When Billie Holiday sings, you MUST listen. However, this song, unlike most of her different music, is not about love. It is not about solitary living. It is not about heartbreaking, selfish lovers. This song is a social outcry against injustices done in the South. During the cartridge clip she sang this song, lynching was common among Southerners adhering to the Jim Crow laws. Black men were beaten, hung, and caught on fire. Oftentimes, rape is the crime, even when no rape ...

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Research Critique of Study on Newborn Temperature Regulation Essay

AbstractThe authors (Chiu, Anderson, & Burkhammer, 2005) of the article present all the essential components of the seek study. There will be a decrease in temperature in the newborn if having difficulties breastfeeding while having skin-to-skin contact with the mother. That was the inferred hypothesis. The method used to gather the information was a pretest-test-posttest study design and the sample consisted of 48 full-term infants. The key findings showed most infants reached and maintained temperatures between 36.5 and 37.6 degrees Celsius, the thermo neutral range, with only rargon exceptions.Problem StatementThe interrogation problem is thermoregulation in newborn infants. The purpose of the enquiry study is to find out if Kangaroo, or skin-to-skin contact, facilitates safe temperatures in newborn infants during the first few legal proceeding and hours after birth, specifically during breastfeeding. In this article the problem statement is written clearly and it expresses a relationship between two or more variables, specifically temperature and skin-to-skin contact. In this study the problem statement is testable and states a specific population being studied (full-term newborns). The significance to nursing is apparent in the problem statement. It is primary(prenominal) for newborns to maintain a body temperature within a normal range so that caloric expenditure and oxygen consumption are minimal. If excessive travail is needed to produce heat when cold stress persists, newborn infants may experience adverse metabolic events such as hypoxemia, acidosis, and hypoglycemia (Chiu et al., 2005. p. 115 as cited in Kenner, 2003).Literature ReviewThe literature review is comprehensive and makes explicit the relationship among the variables and discusses the relevant concepts. All sources are relevant to the study topic and are critically appraised. Both classic and current sources are included ranging in date from 1977 to 2004. Most sources are primary sou rces but only supporting look for is presented. Chiu et al states that one gap in knowledge about the problem identified is that temperature has not been reported in studies of skin-to-skin contact with a focus on the breastfeeding process. This study intends to fill the gaps by studying mothers and newborns that are having tro... ...sing PracticeThe temperature results provide solid evidence that this study is valid. According to Chiu et al (2005), When mother-infant couples breastfeed skin-to-skin using a safe technique, concern for hypothermia is unfounded (p. 120). Patients benefit from the research findings because, healthy full-term infants, with or without breastfeeding difficulties, could safely breastfeed in skin-to-skin contact with their mothers (Chiu et al., 2005. p.120). Direct application of the research findings is feasible in terms of time, money, and legal/ethical risks. These findings indicate that nurses no longer need to worry that infants will become cold duri ng skin-to-skin contact in particular during breastfeeding. The results of this study should be applied to nursing practice because skin-to-skin contact facilitates a bond between mother and baby and because it helps regulate babys temperature. ReferencesChiu, S., Anderson, G.C., & Burkhammer, M.D. (2005). newborn baby Temperature During Skin-to-Skin Breastfeeding in Couples Having Breastfeeding Difficulties. BIRTH, 32(2), p 115-121.

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Chinas Three Gorges Before the FloodChinas Three Gorges Dam is the largest redact in history since The Great Wall. When the dam is completed twelve years from now, it go forth be the most powerful dam ever built. The dam entrust stand 607 feet high and more than a mile wide., equivalent to 18 nuclear power plants. At peak load, 26 turbines will generate 18,200 megawatts of electrical energy It will create a reservoir 370 miles long, with a system of locks designed to bring prosperity through maritime commerce to Chinas interior( Zich 8).many of the inhabitants of the Yangtze River will be forced from their ancestral homes and farms. numerous of the cities along the rivers bank will be devastated. Half the people destined to be moved ar farmers. The reservoir will take up as many as 240,000 acres of farmland. Some of the inhabitants of the region are in favor of the dam and retrieve it will back up future generations, while others believe the dam will destroy much of the cultu ral and historical value of the area. Archaeologists estimate that some 8,000 unexcavated sites will be lost forever in a tomb of water and sediment. ( Zich 20)The Yangtze River has shaped the embellish of China over of the centuries and has created different cultural and territorial boundaries. The river and tributaries cut across over 700,000 square miles. The river divides China into northern and southern regions. It separates cultural and religious differences and matters as simple as culinary tastes.The Three Gorges region represents one of the honest seats of Chinese civilization. In this region history intersects with myth. The river and the region have many religious and metaphorical connotations. The gorges were supposedly created by a folk hero, Yu. With the help of a troop of dragons, reconfigured Chinas hills and valleys to drain the land and make it habitable for humans. (Zich 21) The gorges have inspired artists and poets to create and reflect on the remarkable land scape of the Three Gorges.Along the banks of the Yangtze River many factories and mills deposit pollutants which flow throughout the region and away from the Three Gorges region due to the powerful nature of the river. Many opponents of the dam warn that the Three Gorges reservoir will turn into a huge cesspool.

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What Factors Explain the Golden Age of the Dutch Republic? :: World History

This essay will discuss Dutch excellence in trade, art and literature singly to discern the factors which explain the high standards of distinction these fields achieved during the Golden Age of the Dutch Republic.Although the smallest of the European powers in terms of territory, population, and natural resources, for 150 years the Dutch Republic dominated European trade with approximately half of the worlds total stock of seagoing ships at the zenith of its power. How did such an insignificant extract rise so rapidly, becoming according to contemporary observer Sir William Temple the envy of some, the fear of others and the wonder of all their neighbours? Shifting commercial patterns since the sixteenth atomic number 6 had seen the rise of a truly global economy. As the quality of ships improved, skippers travelled further distances with cargo, making arrival times and availability of goods unpredictable. A centrally regain market where goods could be bought and sold at consta nt prices was needed. Geographical factors made the Dutch Republic ideal for this role, situated at the intersection of Northern waterways connecting the Atlantic, Baltic and the Rhine. This position had grown in significance since the Mediterraneans function as pivot of international trade had diminished. Within the country, the Republics all-encompassing waterways, river fleets and timber depots were well suited to a boom. The Republic had already established a leadership in bulk transportation, a firm foundation which could be built upon. Since the 1590s, the moedernegotie or mother trade moved huge quantities of goods such as lumber, fish and grain in large volume in cheap, unprejudiced ships. However, real wealth lay in the rich trades of spices, silver and other luxury goods imported from the East Indies, Africa and the Americas. This trade was previously dominated by the Hanseatic states and England, besides the Dutch Republics ease of access to the Iberian market and col onial goods enabled it to overtake the England Muscovy trade by 1600. In 1602, the Dutch East Indies confederation or VOC was founded, followed by the Dutch West Indies Company nineteen years later. Throughout the 1630s, training posts were established in Sri Lanka and New Guinea.Several important external factors allowed the establishment of this formidable trade empire at the dawn of the seventeenth century. The first of these was the inflow of immigrants from the Southern Netherlands and other European states in the late 16th and seventeenth centuries. Within the Dutch Republic, between 100,000 and 15,0000 refugees fled from the Spanish forces, settling mainly in Holland or Zeelands towns.

What Factors Explain the Golden Age of the Dutch Republic? :: World History

This essay will discuss Dutch excellence in trade, art and literature individually to discern the factors which explain the high standards of distinction these fields achieved during the Golden Age of the Dutch Republic.Although the smallest of the European powers in terms of territory, population, and immanent resources, for 150 years the Dutch Republic dominated European trade with approximately half of the worlds total stock of seagoing ships at the zenith of its power. How did such an insignificant state rise so rapidly, becoming according to contemporary observer Sir William Temple the envy of some, the fear of others and the wonder of all their neighbours? break commercial patterns since the 16th century had seen the rise of a truly global economy. As the quality of ships improved, skippers travelled further distances with cargo, making arrival times and accessibility of goods unpredictable. A centrally located market where goods could be bought and sold at constant prices was needed. Geographical factors made the Dutch Republic ideal for this role, situated at the intersection of Northern waterways connecting the Atlantic, Baltic and the Rhine. This position had grown in significance since the Mediterraneans function as pivot of international trade had diminished. at heart the country, the Republics extensive waterways, river fleets and timber depots were well suited to a boom. The Republic had already established a leadership in bulk transportation, a firm foundation which could be built upon. Since the 1590s, the moedernegotie or mother trade moved huge quantities of goods such as lumber, fish and grain in grand volume in cheap, simple ships. However, real wealth lay in the rich trades of spices, silver and other luxury goods imported from the East Indies, Africa and the Americas. This trade was antecedently dominated by the Hanseatic states and England, but the Dutch Republics ease of access to the Iberian market and colonial goods enabled it t o overtake the England Muscovy trade by 1600. In 1602, the Dutch East Indies Company or VOC was founded, followed by the Dutch West Indies Company nineteen years later. Throughout the 1630s, training posts were established in Sri Lanka and refreshful Guinea.Several important external factors allowed the establishment of this formidable trade empire at the dawn of the seventeenth century. The first of these was the inflow of immigrants from the Southern Netherlands and other European states in the late 16th and seventeenth centuries. Within the Dutch Republic, between 100,000 and 15,0000 refugees fled from the Spanish forces, settling mainly in Holland or Zeelands towns.

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Google Search Essay

What are the companys key resources and war-ridden capabilities? What competitive liabilities and resource weaknesses does it corroborate? What opportunities exist? What threats to its continued success are present?The key resources and competitive capabilities of the look for manufacturing are due to the huge companys success. For instance, Google gains the effrontery of users through with(predicate) reliable, accurate searches and a clear distinction of upfront advertisements in searches. Therefore, the online business users can do their work in token(prenominal) physical locations and lower fixed cost. These locations is fully utilized as they maximize the creativity and being in high-spirit for their working environment. The employees are hired selectively amongst some(prenominal) of the greatest minds in technology and related fields, and are given the tools, freedom, and encouragement to be innovative and fulfilled by their job. Several iconic features of Google remain unparalleled, including their spacious Google Earth and Google Maps capabilities, archetypal YouTube video streaming, and Google Search Appliances that allow other companies to feature Google search bars within their own sites.Being a leader in the search industries, Google is also has a few number of weaknesses. These could have serious implications on the future of their business as such(prenominal) the low revenue that is acquired from YouTube represents a lost opportunity for such a large online presence. Their grasp on the comprehensive social networking market is far behind those of their competitors. And while they remain an constancy leader, their international reach in emerging markets such as China leave much to be desired and acquired.The rapid growth in search industries which revolving around technology and the Internet turns out of giving many opportunities to Google currently and in the near future. For example, the Internet and mobile advertising growth lead the g overnment agency for increasing importance of Search Engine Optimization for marketers. More data on users becomes more readily available using data collected from searches and Chrome. by chance the most important up-and-coming necessity for innovative companies such as Google is theavailability for users to have all of their information in one account through cloud computing.Being in such a competitive and fast moving environment will comes together with the threats to the firms. Companies who are leaders in their industry in avenues Google has attempted to take, such as Facebook for social networking, Microsoft Office for word processing, and Weather.com for detailed weather reports, make finding a stronghold in such ventures very difficult. Users who are already fully integrated are unlikely to switch, and may be hesitate to have their personal information in triune locations. Cloud computing poses a serious threat to possible hacking and identity theft, since a single set of l ogin information could allow access code to a gang of facets of personal information.The ethical concern in the minds of many consumers regarding the ability of companies to track user viewing habits hurts users trust in Google, and is characterized in the blocking habits of Explorer and Firefox. Without access to this information however, the full potential of selective online advertising cannot be reached. Google must also confront substitute services as they arise, so that their main competitive advantage in search specialization is not replicated. In addition, they must be aware of any intellectual property rights laws that may be passed in the near future so as not to impede onto the service they provide.

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Did chivalry provide medieval aristocrats?

Chivalry is defined as the ideal qualifications of a knight which includes all the characteristics of valor, courtesy, generosity and dexterity in arms. The code of Chivalry also states that a knight exserts to defend crown and country. To protect, serve and follow the church. Chivalry was the highest order that a Knight has to follow. Others see it as the strictest order of discipline among warriors clad in armor. Perceived as defenders of the King, the Church and the people, they uphold virtues and the ideals of the church During the essence Ages, knighthood was only throttle to the nobles in society.Close relatives of the major power to assume the role of knights. For them to become a knight, they must(prenominal) embark on a ritual that volition seal their loyalty and lives to the cause. As express in the code of Chivalry, Thou shall remain faithful to thy promise word. They are tasked to obey the orders of the King, to defend the ideals of the church, and to protect the people, the weak and the innocent. They were in a total position to closely follow the code of chivalry. During these measure, they were the yielding force of the church.They were tasked with defend the principles of the clergy. If they were so ordered to embark on a crusade or simply punish infidels who were a threat to the Eastern Church at that time. Knighthood is the allow given to nobles. They are regarded, especially with their high class noble ranking as someone who will set themselves as good examples for the community. Nobility has the antecedent to influence therefore it is regarded as something that must be done to show the correct path and persuade others to follow the path in the service of rightness.These were the lots honored characteristics of chivalry during the middle ages. These the codes of discipline that guides a knight in practicing the most revered order during those times. Others see chivalry as nil else alone a political veneer for the nobles during t hose times. As the great historian Johan Huizinga, tally to his works in his book, The Waning of the Middle Ages he stated there thatChivalry was nothing more than the nobles pastime. They glorified the ceremonies and the occasions garbled in robes and gold goblets, reliving the glorious days patterned aft(prenominal) the idealistic values of Chivalry. Conducting tournaments patterned after the styles of knights in armor jousting against from each one other. This according to Huizinga was nothing more than a pastime for the nobles in their search for identity and to profess and show their status in society. Historians also beg to differ to the functions of the Knights during medieval times.They claimed that the Knights primary function is to be the right arm of the church. Yielding to every command that the church designates. They were supposed to live and uphold the very teachings of the church in their everyday lives. They are exemplified role models for society and are suppose d to obtain forbidden the values and set onwards right examples for the citizens to follow. They are also as consequence of their vows and status in the society, required to defend his high Baron or Lord over his interests.These may as well be the profound statements that we are looking for that will show that the Knights were apply as pawns not only by the church however also by their superiors. This thinking has led me to explain how the nobility was expanded from the close relatives of the King, to select members of society. This happened in 1307- 1397 after the death of Edward I. The title of Earl was only limited in the circle of the Royal family. It was only to be given to the immediate relatives of the King. But as the events would have it.The title was given to selected individuals in society by the basis of wealth influence and considerable political influence within their territories. This move was implemented during the reign of King Stephen (1135-1154) and his riva l, Empress Matilda in an attempt to egressbid each other and gather support from Barons in order to claim hierarchy to the throne. This was a move which cheapened the Aristocracy of the Noble Status in the middle ages.The fuss for the King was if he was promoting theright individuals for the status. Politically, it was a move that is hazardous to the Reign of the King. If the right individuals are given such status, it is to the advantage of the king unless if the king thinks that he has the wrong individuals in place, serious political problems may occur. Now what is the relevance of this historical aspect to the chivalry that the knights display in medieval times?According to this, if the people whom the king has chosen to be around him for the purpose of political power are indeed the correct people, them all of this comes into place, but if the infatuated people are placed, then this is a question of authority and hierarchical imbalance for the Knights whom are supposed to follow their immediate Lords. The code of Chivalry according to the Knights stands.Live to serve King and Country, defend thy Land from those who rob and steal from our people. These are the guiding principles for the Knights I have to give them that. But this is not entirely the guinea pig for the aristocrats whom the Knights serve. If the wrong people are placed and with the codes of Chivalry for Knights to follow, it simply gives Chivalry a bad name. In my position, I think that Chivalry is misused by some aristocrats and the clergy during those times.The clergy, for instance in reference to the meaning of chivalry has learned to manipulate it. The ways in which Chivalry is regarded as the highest social order in which Knights are to follow became the arm that controls the mentality of those who follow it and makes them believe that the course of action that take is cool off in line with the codes of Chivalry. Like the famous Crusades of the Middle Ages. The knights were the m essengers of the church at that time and were tasked to carry out to expand the influence of the church. They were told to carry out the tasks of expanding the territories of the kingdom and destroying the so-called infidels who are poised to bring danger to the kingdom and to the church. This for me brings a unique approach on how Chivalry was used by the Nobles and the clergy to carry-out their interests.As political thinkers point it out, the idea of chivalry was indeed taken for given(p) by the Nobles and the church for their political gains and self interests. As stated in the Book of Chivalry, the Knights way of life is focused on military tactics and training, and is evaluate for them to use the abilities and skills that theyve learned for the protection of the King and his constituents. In this case, the King seeing the opportunity may authorize to carry out orders for his Knights to follow.Now with these facts in hand, I would worry to answer the question that Chivalry i s used by Nobles as an escape to a fantasy world to which they will call back. The answer based on the facts stated is yes. Although Chivalry was a word used to describe the highest order of discipline among the Knights, it was also regarded as a tool for Nobles to use in order to carry out their interests. The Nobles dwell into the Dogmas or truths surrounding the code of Chivalry that they find it hard for Knights to disagree.Id like to place my own personal views on this statement. The codes of are for the Knights to follow, if I am a noble I can be reassured that I will be followed by my Knights who are loyal to me and will do what I say as long as my commands fall into the concept of Chivalry . Its a simple task of manipulating the thoughts of individuals who are so keen in following rules that in order for me to bend such rules I have to go over it but on a borderline degree.For me if I would put myself on a Nobles place, I would see Chivalry as a tool to experiment with and carry out my vested interests with the use of such resources such as my knights who have profound influence over the people which allows them to carry out my orders without the fear of rejection among the citizenry. This is a yes based on the theories stated above. But Id like to argue with these theories in my own personal view over Chivalry.I believe Chivalry itself was not used as a fantasy world by the nobles to retreat to, but I think the concept of Chivalry was the one used and abused by the nobles into retreating to what we call their fantasy world. In my own personal opinion, I think it is unfair that thehistorians claim that Chivalry has misled the Knights into thinking that they are following the codes when they carry out the tasks assigned to them. I believe that this is a simple confusion on how the historians and I view Chivalry.If the historians, political thinkers and writers of our time see it as merely manipulating Knights and apply them to fulfill their own gains , I see it as the code in which Knights follow to the highest order. Be it abused or not by their leaders, it is not a question of Nobles using it for their fantasy goals, but for me it is a commitment to an ideal that you follow. The very basic rules that align your life and sets your goals. It is the very mindset that sets you apart from the barbarians and infidels who mock the very ideals of it. It is a way of life that Knights follow and I strongly believe that it is the most disciplined code which can still be followed even in this modern day and age.The words of the Code of Chivalry may be old and often be referred to as sayings of the past, but I do know that these can still shape an individuals life into doing what is good and what is fair to his fellow man. For some this may be a retreat to a fantasy world by Nobles, but for me I have to argue that it is not. If manipulating the concept of Chivalry will be the case its a yes, but Chivalry itself is a word that best exemplif ies the conduct that a man must follow to live in a world of reality, not fantasy.Huizinga, J. The Waning of the Middle Ages. n.d.Keen, M. Chivalry. Yale University Press, 2005.M.Keen. Nobles, Knights, and Men at Arms in the Middle Ages. The Hambledon Press, n.d.Scattergood, V. J. English Court Culture in the Later Middle Ages. n.d.

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The Frontier in American History

There are quite several sharp notions in The Frontier in the Statesn History by Frederick capital of Mississippi food turner, and all of these notions very well contribute to the revelation that with kind comes the great possibility of acquiring an identity independent as it is from everything else outside.Although much of what is written in the collected essays verifies the idea that the creation of a government of the people surpasses that which is merely imitated, the role of the external elements can be argued as indispensable elements in the establishment of an identity. One of the central themes in The Frontier in American History is the idea of the formation of the government that is distinctive and proper to the Americans.The author, Frederick Jackson turners viewpoint in the book evidently shows his aim towards rendering a piece which will devote on tracing the history of America as well as with the nature of civilization.It has been noted that Turner was one of the ambi tious democratic leader with the bias on lurking deep on the flaws of those who are in office which furthers his conviction on self-reliance and the turmoil revolving around political idiosyncrasy.The author was a piece of hopeful being. Further, another major limit of Turners thesis is that it does not adequately recognize the extent to which frontier societies are shaped by the economic and political systems of the states in which they are located or to which they are most closely linked.It is not merely expansion into a wilderness that explains the character of a frontier society, but rather expansion inside a particular social, economic and political context. In the slave states, for example, westward expansion occurred within an economic and legal context that transplanted the slave system and the determine that went with it into new areas.Written in the year 1920, several collaborations on the critique made in the light of The Frontier serves a moral vision, as presented in moolah during the Worlds Columbian Exposition and has even garnered his works Pulitzer Prize awards a year after he died1.This Wisconsin legend in history and lit has made a large impact on the society that his works were often placed in the table of deliberation as either that which is intellectually beneficial in the astounding arena of history or that which defeats the sagacity of being a historian.The main fact that he held his theory on gamy hopes in building a feasible force in the economic, social and political discussion in America, it is undeniable that majority of historians having the attempt to fully wager up the marvel of The Frontier is admirably an epic as his works were given worth and space in encyclopedias as well as in classroom deliberations.Turners argument is grounded on the premise that a government that is shaped according to other nations or that which resembles or at least partially incorporates external elements from foreign nations will not be suitable for the people and for the entire nation. It can be observed thatTurner firmly adheres to the principle of having an identity that is solidly based on what is natural to the people and to the rest of the country. What is natural supersedes those that are artificialwhat is essentially natural to America is diversity in the truest sense of the word2.Apparently, Turner makes it a point to bridge the issue with diversity to that of having a strong government structured according to the innate qualities of the American people. However, it fails to consider the fact that diversity as well grants the substantial possibility of not actually unifying all the corners of the country into a single and identifiable sphere3.What Turner does is to transcend this diversity and place all the differentalbeit intrinsicAmerican elements into a unified concept that virtually quells, at least in theory, the force of other external factors. He does this at least in the sense of proposing an ideological battle, one that treats ideas far superior than brute or physical force.Although Turner argues that bloodshed is inevitable, he also suggests that the ideas of man will have to take the core of the movement towards the establishment of an independent and unique government and that these ideas should come from the American people themselves and not from anybody else.1 Schultz, S. K. (1999). Turner, Frederick Jackson -Historian (1861-1932). Retrieved October 19, 2007, from http//us.history.wisc.edu/hist102/bios/15.html2 Thies, Cameron G. (2005), War, Rivalry, and State Building in Latin America, American ledger of Political Science, 49 (3), 453.3 Sullivan, John L. (1973), Political Correlates of Social, Economic, and Religious Diversity in the American States, The Journal of Politics, 35 (1), 71.

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Left Brain vs Right Brain: How Does It Impact Learning

The go away and full hemispheres of our mental capacity process information in different ways. We tend to process information victimisation our dominant attitude. However, the learning and thinking process is enhanced when both(prenominal) side of the brain participate in a balanced manner.This means strengthening our less(prenominal) dominate hemisphere of the brain. In trying to differentiate between the left and right brain, My wallpaper leave alone show information processing styles that are characteristically substance ab partd by our right or left-brain hemisphere. According to Coballis M. C (2007) The left side of the brain processes information in a linear manner. It processes from part to whole. It takes pieces, lines them up, and arranges them in a logical order then it draws conclusions.The right brain however, processes from whole to parts, holistically. It starts with the answer. It guesss the big picture first, not the details. If one is right-brain ed, he or she may pretend difficulty following a lecture unless he or she given the big picture first. That is why it is absolutely necessary for a right-brained person to enjoin assigned chapter or background information before a lecture or to survey a chapter before reading. Predominantly Right-brained people countenance anaesthetize outlining.They rather wrote the paper first and outlined of later In addition to thinking in a linear manner, the left-brain processes in sequence. They love to make a list of things they need to accomplish during the day. Left brained enjoy making master schedules and daily planning. They complete tasks in order and take pleasure in checking them polish off when they are accomplished.Learning things in sequence is relatively easy for them. By, contrast, the approach of the right-brained student is random. If you are right-brained, you may flit from one tack to another. You will pay back just as much done, but perhaps without havin g addressed priorities. An assignment may be late or incomplete, not because you werent running(a) but because you were working on something else. You were ready to rebel when asked to make study schedules for the week.Because of the random nature of your dominant side, you must make lists, and you must make schedules. This may be your yet hope for survival in college. You should also make a special effort to read directions. Oh yes, the mention of spelling makes you cringe. Use the dictionary, carry a Franklin speller, use the spell checker on your computer. Never turn in an assignment without proofing for spelling. Because the right side of the brain is color sensitive, you might try using modify to learn sequence, making the first step green, the second blue, the last red.Or you may want to walk a sequence, either by physically release from place to place or by imagining it. For the first step of the sequence, you might walk to the frond door for the second, to the kitch en for the third, to the den, etc. Or make Step One a certain place or thing in you dorm room or study place, and Step Two another. If you consistently use the same sequence, you will find that this strategy is transferable to many tasks involving sequence. Symbolic Vs.Concrete Processing The left brain has no trouble processing symbols. Many academic pursuits distinguish with symbols-such as letters, words, and mathematical notations. The left brained person tends to be comfortable with linguistic and mathematical endeavors. Left-brained students will probably just memorize vocabulary words or math formulas. The right brain, on the other hand, wants things to be concrete. The right brain person wants to see, feel, or touch the real object.Right brain students may find had trouble learning to read using phonics. They prefer to see words in context, to see how the formula works. To use your right brain, create opportunities for hands-on activities, use something real wheneve r possible. You may also want to draw out a math problem or illustrate your notes. Logical Vs. Intuitive Processing The left brain processes in a linear, sequential, logical manner.When you process on the left side, you use information piece by piece to solve a math problem or work out a science experiment. When you read and listen, you look for the pieces so that you finish draw logical conclusions. If you process primarily on the right side of the brain, you use intuition. You may know the right answer to a math problem but not be sure how you got it. You may have to start with the answer and work backwards. On a quiz, you have a gut feeling as to which answers are correct, and you are usually right.In writing, it is the left brain that pays attention to mechanics such as spelling, agreement, and punctuation. But the right side pays attention to coherence and meaning that is, your right brain tells you it feels right. oral Vs. Nonverbal Processing Left brain students h ave little trouble expressing themselves in words. Right brain students may know what they mean, but often have trouble finding the right words. The best illustration of this is to listen to people give directions.The left brain person will say something like From here, go west three blocks and turn north on Vine Street. Go three or four miles and then turn east onto Broad Street. The right brain person will sound something like this Turn right (pointing right), by the church over there (pointing again). Then you will pass a McDonalds and a Walmart. At the next light, turn right toward the BP station. So how is this relevant to planning study strategies? Right brain students need to back up everything visually. If its not pen down, they probably wont remember it.And it would be even better for right brain students to illustrate it. They need to get into the habit of making a mental picture show of things as they hear or read them. Right brain students need to know that it ma y take them longer to write a paper and the paper may need more revision before it says what they want it to say. This means allowing extra time when a writing assignment is due. Reality-Based Vs. Fantasy-Oriented Processing The left side of the brain deals with things the way they are-with reality.When left brain students are affected by the environment, they usually adjust to it. Not so with right brain students. They try to replace the environment Left brain people want to know the rules and follow them. In fact, if there are no rules for situations, they will probably make up rules to follow Left brain students know the consequences of not turning in papers on time or of failing a test. But right brain students are sometimes not aware that there is anything wrong. So, if you are right brain, make sure you constantly ask for feedback and reality checks.Its too late the day before finals to ask if you can do extra credit. Keep a careful record of your assignments and tests. Visit with your professor routinely. While this fantasy taste may seem a disadvantage, in some cases it is an advantage. The right brain student is creative. In order to learn about the digestive system, you may fall to become a piece of food And since emotion is processed on the right side of the brain, you will probably remember well anything you become emotionally involved in as you are trying to learn. These are just some of the differences that exist between the left and right hemispheres, but you can see a pattern. Because left brain strategies are the ones used most often in the classroom, right brain students sometimes feel inadequate. However, you now know that you can be flexible and adapt material to the right side of your brain. Likewise, those of you who are predominantly left brain know that it would be wise to use both sides of the brain and employ some right brain strategies.

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Determining the of the Effect of the Concentration of Na2S2O3 on the Rate of Reaction Essay

In this try out we reacted different assiduitys of Na2S2O3 (aq) with a constant volume of HCl, and careful the time it took for the X drawn under the beaker in black marker to disappear.Uncertainty Details1. The uncertainty in the volume of Na2S2O3 (aq) and H2O (l) is given by manufacturer of the burettes. As we feel the change in the volume in the burette, the uncertainties are added, and the uncertainty in the volume is 0.1cm2. The uncertainty in the HCl is given by the manufacturer of the measuring cylinder.3. The uncertainty in the time is a rough estimate delibe appreciate by me trying to perfectly obstruct the stopwatch at 5 seconds three times in a row, and in all cases it was about 0.4 seconds reaction time.4. The uncertainty in Total Volume of Na2S2O3 (aq) and H2O is set up by adding the uncertainty in the volume of H2O and the uncertainty in the volume of Na2S2O3.Observations1. We stirred all solutions.2. There is a small delay between when we started the stop watch and poured the HCl, as it is impossible to perfectly coordinate this.3. Bad smell released.4. The stirring speed was non the very(prenominal) for from each one reaction, though it was act to be replicated equally for each reaction.5. The uncertainty given by the last figure on the stop watch was very inaccurate to use, therefore we calculated the reaction time instead to give a a good deal true uncertainty. However this value has a range, so it is not necessarily accurate.CalculationsTo calculate the concentration of the Na2S2O3 in each trial, we use the equation .As for both trials the volumes are all identical, we substructure simply calculate the concentrations for the kickoff trial, and use them for the second.For the first solution, we reach the equation, and thus we do (10.0cm/50.0cm)*0.2 0.04M.As for the uncertainty here, we must add the fractional uncertainty in the volume of sodium sulfate and total volume, and then reckon it by the concentration. The uncertaint y in the initial concentration is unknown, so we do not use any value for it. So (0.1/10.0)+(0.2/50.0) = 0.014. 0.014*0.04 = 0.00056 0.0006.This can be reiterate for all the other concentrations, and is shown in the following tableConcentration of Na2S2O3 (aq) (M)Uncertainty in Concentration (M)Time for Trial 1 (0.4)(s)Time for Trial 2 (0.4)(s)0.04000.0006125.2133.20.08000.000761.465.10.12000.000940.036.70.1600.00129.129.80.2Unavailable (0)24.123.4As in the last concentration no water is added, the whole solution has the same concentration as the initial concentration, so the uncertainty is unknown.Now as the volumes for both trials were identical, we can find an average of the times for both trials. To do this we add the 2 values and divide by 2. For the first one this would be (125.2+133.2)/2 = 129.2s. The uncertainty here would not be affected so it is still 0.4 for all times.Now that we moderate these results, we can find the order of the reaction with respect to Na2S2O3. Now as we know that in order for the x beneath the beaker to not be visible, a certain core of the product must be produced, we assume the same amount of the products is produced in each solution. This then allows us to assume the same amount of the reactants is used up for the x to be formed in all experiments, so even though we do not know the change in concentration of each reaction, we know that it is about the same. Therefore if we bandage 1/time against concentration, we should be able to shoot the breeze the relation between the concentration and the rate, even though we do not have the correct rate.Concentration of Na2S2O3 (aq) (M)Uncertainty in Concentration (M)1/time (Rate) (mol dm-3 s-1)Uncertainty in Rate (mol dm-3 s-1)Now we can plot thisAs we can see in this graph, it is tracear, and Rate is proportional to 1/time. This means that the order of the reaction with relation to Na2S2O3 is 1.Also as the gradient of the line is 0.2166, this tells us that in the rate equation K = 0.2166mol-1dm3s-1. So the rate equation is Rate = 0.2166Na2S2O3HCly. However we do not know the order of HCl as we did not vary the volume of HCl.ConclusionTo conclude, we have calculated the order of the reaction with respect to Na2S2O3 to be 1. This was efficiently experimentally calculated as shown by the graph above. The graph is very fitting, and there are no anomalous points on it. As the R value is so close to 1, we can see that our line fits very well, and that the results are quite precise. Also as we can see from the graph, while the y intercept is supposed to be 0, it is 0.0009. This is due to overbearing error. While this is not 0 like would be ideally, this is not a problem as it is a very small number, and rather insignificant as it would be nearly impossible to have absolutely no systematic error. This error could have been caused by multiple things, though there were no factors that oddly affected the results significantly. The result is extremely accurate, as we were told by our teacher the expected order was 1.EvaluationImprovementsEven though the x disappeared, this does not mean the same amount of precipitate was formed. As the x disappearing is a very unreliable method as the amount of precipitate formed could be more or less in each trial, even if the x disappears. This means we have to make the assumption that the same amount of precipitate was formed so that the same number of moles are used up, allowing us to find the rate and order. This added to our systematic error, thus less to slightly less accurate results as nearly points whitethorn have taken more or less time than needed.Also one of the most error ca use points for sure in this experiment is deciding when the x had disappeared, as I recall countless times in which it had looked like it had disappeared, however it was not completely. However, I did attempt to stop the stop watch at the same point for each one to make it a fair test. As it was unclear at times whether or not the x had disappeared, this would have led to an increase in rate in some trials, and a decrease in rate in others, so the boilersuit effect is unknown.The x drawn could have been drawn bigger and with thicker ink allowing it to stand out much more. This would have meant that as it was easier to see, once it had disappeared completely I would easily be able to tell that it had disappeared as it stands out more.Alternatively, a light meter could have been used, which detects the levels of light1. A light source can be fleck above the beaker, such as a simple lamp. Once enough precipitate has formed, the light meter should detect no light. The data can either be measured using a data logger, which would be started when the reaction was started, and automatically stopped by the light meter, or simply using a stop watch however starting and stopping the time according to the light meter.The temperature in this experiment was not maintained. Though the reactions all took place in t he same fashion within a 1 hour range, the temperature may have varied in that time, so the rates could have at rest(p) up or down depending on the temperature of the room, which could have slightly affected our results. This would have also contributed to the systematic error in the experiment. Furthermore, the temperature during each trial may have also not remained constant, which could have led to slightly different calculated rates.The temperature could have been monitored during each trial so we can see when the rate could have been affected by a rise/fall in temperature. Also if the room was air-conditioned at a constant temperature, this would have meant the room temperature would stay the same (assuming no windows/doors are opened in the time).The uncertainty in the stop watch was much smaller than the actual uncertainty, so I attempted to find my reaction time, which was 0.4. However, when conducting the experiment it is impossible to tell if every time my reaction time was that, as it may have been more or less. This may have increased or decreased the uncertainty here.I could have taken a larger range of samples for my reaction time to fix a more accurate value.As I poured the HCl and started the stop watch at the same time, this meant there was a small delay between when I poured the HCl in and when the stop watch was started. This means that the time was a little bit less than it had to be, once again adding to the slight systematic error.I could have gotten a fellow class mate to press the stop watch as soon as I poured the HCl in, so that there was a much small delay, and more precise results, as well as a smaller systematic error.

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Difference Between General Law and Special Law

Legal Notes Conflict between special and familiar honor By umpire Gabriel T. Ingles Cebu Daily News First Posted 115900 10/12/2007 Filed Under polices Reprint this articleSend as an e-mailPost a commentRelated ArticlesPelaez gets court reliefEsperon dares coup plotters articulate truth in courtCalifornia bans smoking in cars with child passengers Also in this sectionGestaltwerte pa si PB Member TebanPartnership for better infrastructureWorthy TanodbayanJoavans comeuppanceBulls are backWhen kit and boodle speakIn need of creativityHealing the waterLimiting, non eliminating fatNo idling ordinance a must Advertisement Vinzons-Chato vs. Fortune Tobacco Corporation, G. R. No. 141309, June 19, 2007 A full frequent statute is angiotensin converting enzyme which embraces a class of prevail overs or places and does not omit any subject or place naturally belonging to such class. A special statute, as the landmark is ordinaryly understood, is one which relates to special persons or things of a class or to a particular portion or section of the state only. A general law and a special law on the same subject are statutes in pari materia and should, accordingly, be read together and harmonized, if possible, with a view to self-aggrandising effect to both.The rule is that where there are two tours, one of which is special and particular and the other general which, if standing alone, would include the same outcome and and so conflict with the special act, the special law must prevail since it evinces the legislative intent more clearly than that of a general statute and must not be taken as think to affect the more particular and specific provisions of the earlier act, unless it is absolutely necessary so to construe it in order to give its words any meaning at all. The circumstance that the special law is passed before or after the general act does not change the principle.Where the special law is later, it will be regarded as an exception to, or a quali fication of, the prior general act and where the general act is later, the special statute will be construed as remaining an exception to its terms, unless repealed expressly or by necessary implication. 22 Thus, in City of manilla v. Teotico, the Court held that Article 2189 of the Civil Code which holds provinces, cities, and municipalities civilly liable for death or injuries by reason of defective conditions of roads and other national works, is a special provision and should prevail over Section 4 of Republic Act No. 09, the Charter of manila paper, in determining the liability for defective highway conditions. Under said Charter, the city shall not be held for damages or injuries arising from the failure of the local officials to enforce the provision of the charter, law, or ordinance, or from negligence tour enforcing or attempting to enforce the same. As explained by the Court Manila maintains that the former provision should prevail over the latter, because Republic Act 409 is a special law, intended exclusively for the City of Manila, whereas the Civil Code is a general law, applicable to the entire Philippines.The Court of Appeals, however, applied the Civil Code, and, we think, correctly. It is true that, insofar as its territorial reserve application is concerned, Republic Act No. 409 is a special law and the Civil Code a general legislation but, as regards the subject matter of the provisions above quoted, Section 4 of Republic Act 409 establishes a general rule regulating the liability of the City of Manila for ? damages or injury to persons or property arising from the failure of? city officers ? to enforce the provisions of? said Act ? or any other law or ordinance, or from negligence? of the city ?Mayor, Municipal Board, or other officers while enforcing or attempting to enforce said provisions.? Upon the other hand, Article 2189 of the Civil Code constitutes a particular prescription making ? provinces, cities and municipalities . . . li able for damages for the death of, or injury suffered by, any person by reason? ? specifically ? ?of the defective condition of roads, streets, bridges, public buildings, and other public works under their control or supervision.? In other words, said section 4 refers to liability arising from negligence, in general, regardless of the objective thereof, whereas Article 2189 governs liability due to ? efective streets,? in particular. Since the present action is based upon the alleged defective condition of a road, said Article 2189 is decisive thereon. In the case of Bagatsing v. Ramirez, the issue was which law should govern the matter of a tax ordinance, the City Charter of Manila, a special act which treats ordinances in general and which requires their publication before enactment and after 23 approval, or the impose Code, a general law, which deals in particular with ? ordinances levying or imposing taxes, fees or other charges,? nd which demands publication only after approv al. In holding that it is the Tax Code which should prevail, the Court elucidated that There is no question that the revise Charter of the City of Manila is a special act since it relates only to the City of Manila, whereas the Local Tax Code is a general law because it applies universally to all local governments. Blackstone defines general law as a universal rule affecting the entire community and special law as one relating to particular persons or things of a class.And the rule commonly said is that a prior special law is not ordinarily repealed by a subsequent general law. The fact that one is special and the other general creates a presumption that the special is to be considered as remaining an exception of the general, one as a general law of the land, the other as the law of a particular case. However, the rule readily yields to a situation where the special statute refers to a subject in general, which the general statute treats in particular. This exactly is the circumsta nce obtaining in the case at bar.Section 17 of the Revised Charter of the City of Manila speaks of ? ordinance? in general, i. e. , disregarding of the nature and scope thereof, whereas, Section 43 of the Local Tax Code relates to ? ordinances levying or imposing taxes, fees or other charges? in particular. In regard, therefore, to ordinances in general, the Revised Charter of the City of Manila is doubtless dominant, but, that dominant force loses its continuity when it approaches the realm of ? ordinances levying or imposing taxes, fees or other charges? in particular. There, the Local Tax Code controls.Here, as always, a general provision must give way to a particular provision. Conflict Between Special and General Law Category Persons and Family Relations Conflict Between Special and General Law What are the rules when a conflict arises between a special and a general law? 1. If the general law was enacted first, the special law is considered the exception to the general law. T herefore the general law remains a good law, and there is no repeal (Lichauco v. Apostol, 44 Phil 138), except insofar as the exception or special law is concerned.However if there are inconsistencies with the general law it is considered as a repeal to the general law. 2. If the special law was enacted first, both special law and general law are good laws unless a. There is an express declaration to nevertheless contrary. b. Or the is a clear , necessary and unreconcilable conflict (Cia General v. Coll. of Customs, 46 Phil. Cool c. Or unless the subsequent general law covers the whole subject and is clearly intended to replace the special law on the matter. (Joaquin v. Navarro, 81 Phil. 373)

Drowning Girl, Lovers Comparision Essay

Themes of Love and L unmatchedliness feature in more or less of the most noted pieces of art in the world, such as The Kiss (Gustav Klimt) and The Subway (George Tooker). Artists using up authorized methods to evoke certain emotions. Roy Lichtenstein and Ren Magritte ar world-renowned artists twain known for different art styles and different views on art itself. Roy Lichtenstein is a come forth artist and painted Drowning misfire whilst Ren Magritte, generally a surrealist, painted The Lovers. Both paintings focus on victimisation the elements and principles of rule to portray the opuss of Love and Loneliness. By analyzing these devil artists and their artworks this report will evaluate how successful the artworks and artists are at conveying the themes of love and loneliness.Run for Love, Tony Abruzzo,DC Comics (1962)Run for Love, Tony Abruzzo,DC Comics (1962)Drowning Girl was painted by American Pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein, in 1963. This work depicts the face, hand and shoulder of a womanhood drowning in a swirl of irrigate. Above the electric-blue hair of the crying woman there is a thought bubble captioned I dont care Id rather sink than call Brad for service This work has been cropped out of a comic entitled Run for Love and then hand-painted and slightly set by Lichtenstein using oil andsynthetic polymer paint on canvas. Im never move the object itself Im merely drawing a depiction of the object a good-hearted of crystallized symbol of it. Roy Lichtenstein. This work reflects the theme of loneliness as it features a woman describing how she would rather prey in to her own death than call Brad (whom we first presume to be her partner) for help.The Lovers (commonly known as Les Amants) was painted by surrealist artist Ren Magritte. The Lovers features a man and a woman (whom we assume to be lovers) stand together, cheek to cheek, almost as if they were session for a holiday snapshot. The couple each have a white cloth wrapped we ll-nigh their faces that curl behind their shoulders. In the background you can think greenery, trees in the distance and a hill that slopes down towards the middle of the canvas. Magritte has used oil paint on canvas to produce The Lovers. At first glance, this painting has a actually eerie, mysterious feeling.Ren Magrittes vex committed suicide by drowning herself in the River Sambre. According to popular belief, the young Magritte, age 14, witnessed his mothers body as it was retrieved from the river with her wet night dress clinging to her face. Many believe that this childhood event influenced many other(prenominal) of Magrittes paintings in which the faces of tidy sum have been obscured, including The Lovers. Magritte denied these accusations, however it is almost suspiciously ironic how an image of a childhood event has nothing to do with a painting extremely similar to that image.Whilst Roy Lichtenstein uses colours and agency to show potent emotions of isolation, Re n Magritte uses tone and texture to require a much realistic and mysterious image. In Drowning Girl Roy Lichtenstein uses bold and sub dued colours to create a certain vibe. The reason as to wherefore the womans hair is coloured such a bright electric blue is to stand for that the woman is an individual who holds precise strong thoughts and emotions. The muted blue of the swirling waves surrounding and trapping her represents the depressing and nonsocial state she is in with this Brad personality, as blue is a colour a great deal associated with sadness and depression. The woman is trapped in a sea of sadness. In twain the waves and the womans hair,Lichtenstein has painted strong black strokes to represent the stool of both the hair and the waves. The bold and subdue colors in Drowning Girl help to communicate the meaning by somewhat also adding a sense of life, existence whilst retentivity to the lonely and melodramatic theme of such a comical, unrealistic painting.Domina nce gives a painting cheer and helps to direct the focus on one particular shape or segment of the artwork. Lichtenstein uses this principle of design, as the painting concentrates heavily on the womans face (taking up approximately 50% of the painting). This is very effective and really conveys the womans emotions done her facial expression. The face resembles an expression of dismay, distress and exaggerate sadness. Drowning Girl is a very melodramatic painting and Roy Lichtenstein decided to crop out so that she was the only being you see in this painting, which creates a sense of loneliness in itself. Lichtenstein then greatly exaggerated that cropped out image of the woman so that her face would be another major focus forecast (along with the thought bubble) to help depict a theatrical loneliness by using her facial expressions. step gives a two-dimensional drawing the illusion of three-dimensional form. Ren Magritte used tone to create a more realistic image that therefore adds to the mysterious and unsettling ambience. Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist. Ren Magritte. The way he used tone to display the way the cloths are settled around the couples heads was sensationally creepy. The darker tone of the background helps brings the couple forwards and really corroborates the sense that they are posing for a photo, which therefore also promotes mystery. Why do they have white cloths wrapped around their head? Why are they taking such a photo? If they arent taking a photo what are they posing for?Even though language isnt an official element or principle of design, it is a all-important(a) visual element to Drowning Girl as is the lack of lines in The Lovers. The statement I dont care Id rather sink than call Brad for help is so slow and ambiguous whilst being incredibly dramatic that it evokes mystery and engages the mind of viewers. Raising multiple questions about the blood of Brad and this woman. We see ourselves wond ering how badly has Brad hurt her?What could have possibly happened between the two in guild for her to place her pride before her life? Thislittle thought bubble communicates the theme of loneliness because it exclaims how this woman seems extremely weakened by Brad because she states that she would rather drown in the water than be saved by Brad. The other major focal point of Drowning Girl is the womans face as it takes up a majority of the 171.6 x 169.5 cm painting. Magrittes lack of acutely lines in The Lovers also modifies the painting to look more life deal. Unlike Roy Lichtenstein who uses distinct lines to outline shapes, forms and movement in Drowning Girl, Ren Magritte tries to avoid using lines and instead to use tone wherever he could in order to once again make the painting more realistic which then adds to the ominous and obscure aureole of The Lovers.Certain artworks behold different meanings to different people. The Lovers is a cryptic painting where the theme i s found through investigation whilst Drowning Girl uses the theme of loneliness to then convey a message. Ren Magrittes The Lovers is an almost demoralise artwork that evokes mystery. Magritte wanted those who view the artwork to question what they see and to find a meaning thats apparent to them. My painting is visible images which conceal nothingthey evoke mystery and indeed when one sees one of my pictures, one asks oneself this simple question what does that mean? It does not mean anything, because mystery means nothing either, it is unknowable. Ren Magritte. By laying cloths around the couples heads the painting immediately changes from a holiday snapshot to a mysterious, unsettling image.Whilst many associate this painting with blind love, to me this painting symbolizes, due to the name and pose, a couple, Lovers who are each isolated and hiding things from each other. They do not truly love one another and may love each other for the wrong reasons. The white cloth represent s the shield they are lay up and hiding beneath. This painting can also represents the death of love, as the cloth clinging to their faces can be associated with the death of his mother. The Lovers also evaluates how people can falsely exploit the title of lovers. Lichtenstein gives Drowning Girl a very over the top, melodramatic feeling and mood whilst conjuring a little mystery.By creating such a melodramatic atmosphere Lichtenstein is also mocking or parodying comics (and other forms of media) about the oversimplification andstereotypes of people, gender, emotions authors use in order to sell to the audience. There is a woman who typifies the comic representation as she is a clichd beautiful woman in a state of mental breakdown and depression due to some incident or situation concerning her relationship with the out of frame, Brad. Well, I had the idea of The Hero Brad. Brad sounded like a hero to me, so all heroes were to be called Brada very minor idea, still it has to do wit h oversimplification and clich. Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein is able to use loneliness to convey a statement about ordinations commercial depiction of gender.The most engaging aspect about both these paintings are that they both evoke mystery and even after the viewing of the artwork questions in your mind still keep whether it is to do with an out of frame character or literally, a white cloth wrapped around ones head.Both these paintings do a fantastic job at using the elements and principles of design to support and depict the message or feeling the wish to convey. In Drowning Girl Roy Lichtenstein uses colour, language and confidence in order to create a very lonely, sad melodramatic feel to the painting whilst Ren Magritte tries create a mysterious, ominous and almost chilling ambience in The Lovers. Magritte uses this mysterious feel to convey a hidden message to do with love. However Lichtenstein uses this evident loneliness in Drowning Girl to convey a completely different message about societys commercial depiction of gender. Therefore, artists Roy Lichtenstein and Ren Magritte have both managed to create successful pieces of art following the themes of love and loneliness.Love and loneliness are some of the two most painted themes in the art world. Many artists love to convey these themes as it allows their artworks to be fill with so much emotion. Generally a surrealist, Ren Magritte painted The Lovers whilst pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein painted Drowning Girl. Both these paintings do a successful job at reflecting themes of loneliness by using different Elements and principles of design.Artists generally do use many different types of methods andmediums to depict certain messages, evoke certain emotions and engage certain thoughts from the viewer. Despite this artworks often promote different messages, meanings, emotions and thoughts to each individual viewer. These themes, meanings and messages may depend on variables such as the ongoing situati on the viewer is in, situations they have been in before and the way they look at life. Different people evoke different emotions at different times. The world around us is too concerned and convert about how they should feel when viewing an artwork or whether they like and artwork or not due to absurd factors. What do others think about the artwork? Was the artist famous? Did their paintings sell for millions? Art is some(prenominal) you perceive it to be, dont let people tell you otherwise.BibliographyBarsalou, D. 2000, Drowning Girl Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein online, operational from uniform resource locator http//www.flickr.com/photos/deconstructing-roy-lichtenstein/45878755/in/photostream/ (accessed 25 Aug.2013).Gershman, R. Art Story Roy Lichtenstein online, Available from URL http//www.theartstory.org/artist-lichtenstein-roy.htm (accessed 24 Aug.2013).Les Amants online, Available from URL http//www.artsmypassion.com/Les-Amants-p/b2307.htm (accessed 26 Aug.2013).Magr itte Gallery, Les Amants (The Lovers) online, Available from URL http//www.magritte-gallery.com/index.php/les-amants-the-lovers-lithograph-rene-magritte.html (accessed 23 Aug.2013).MoMA, 2011, Drowning Girl online, Available from URL http//www.moma.org/collection/object.php?object_id=80249 (accessed 25 Aug.2013).NGA, Ren Magritte, Les Amants (The Lovers) online, Available from URL http//nga.gov.au/ planetary/Catalogue/Detail.cfm?IRN=148052 (accessed 23 Aug.2013).Powers, S. Art Story Magritte online, Available from URL http//www.theartstory.org/artist-magritte-rene.htm (accessed 25 Aug.2013).The Lovers, 1928 by Rene Magritte online, Available from URL http//www.rene-magritte.org/the-lovers.jsp (accessed 21 Aug.2013).

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Computerised Environmental Control and Plant Management Systems

For the new modern state of the art green houses there is the ability to mental testing a computerised plant secure system which controls the erupt and ventilation of the greenhouse. It is likely that there allow for be different requirements for the system through the year. Alteration on the computer programme will allow the greenhouse environment to be adjusted which will help the growth of certain plants. build a state of the art greenhouse with a computerised environmental control system will change get on with Plants to create the best possible conditions for the plants.There is an array of climate condition which the Ventilation control creates. Moreover a computerised environmental control system helps towards greater savings of energy. And add upitionally help the raise of growth and plant management through a computerised control system. Additionally it will allow them to post unusual plants at unusual times as they rout out create a season for the plants which can become an attraction if they bring in foreign plants which otherwise cannot be grown in the UK.The stave in the nursery as well as the head gardener will lay down more time on their hands as the Computerised environmental control system will water and add nutrients to the plants and create a perfect environment for the growth of the plants, as well as the fact supply wont be needed to do regular checks on the plants so this means hours of ply can be cut down which leads to lower salary rates or some staff maybe made redundant or they could be given additional jobs within Progress Plants which reduces the arrive of staff needed and the current staff feel more important due to playing a bigger role within the business which helps productivity.Staff training may be needed to run the computerised plant control system so to save the business time and money they can be trained while the business is installing the system moreover it means that Progress Plants will not have to hir e specialist staff which will cost more money and time. These changes will have to be made effectively and looked into as it can cause problems if they do not tackle the issues effectively. receivable to using a computerised system to take over human roles there will be few mistakes made and there will be no need to motivate it as it is a utensil which will constantly run saving the business money and time by giving plants heat and water when necessary.But the computer may break down which means that it will not be able to look after the plants, moreover it will cost a lot of money to go and repair as well as set up and there will be distractions of pathetic the plants into a suitable place of storage and can be unhealthy which will be wild for the clients. Overall, the computerised control system for the greenhouses if affectively installed, run and developed will create a huge advantage for Progress Plants. Using this technology will lead to an increase in sales and profit w hich will take in Progress Plants. Also the plants will be healthier than normal and increase sales with the benefit of universe able to offer an unusual variety of plants. Additionally it will create a bigger trade opportunity for Progress Plants.

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The Components of a Decision Support System

(i)Data Management Component. The data focus component performs the function of storing and maintaining the data that you want your purpose resist formation to substance abuse. The data management component, therefore, consists of both the finis reenforcement System information and the Decision Support System database management system. The information you use in your Decision Support System comes from one or more of three sources organisational information One may want to use virtually any information available in the organization for your Decision Support System. What you use, of course, depends on what you need and whether it is available.You can creation your Decision Support System to admission charge this information directly from your companys database and data warehouse. However, specific information is often copied to the Decision Support System database to save time in searching through the organizations database and data warehouses. External information Some d ecisions require input from external sources of information. Various branches of federal government, Dow Jones, Compustat data, and the internet, to mention besides a few, can provide additional information for the use with a Decision Support System.Personal informationYou can incorporate your own insights and experience your personal information into your Decision Support System. You can design your Decision Support System so that you enter this personal information only as needed, or you can keep the information in a personal database that is accessible by the Decision Support System. (ii)Model Management Component. The model management component consists of both the Decision Support System models and the Decision Support System model management system. A model is a representation of some event, fact, or situation.As it is non always practical, or wise, to experiment with reality, people build models and use them for experimentation. Models can take various forms. Businesses us e models to represent variables and their relationships. For example, you would use a statistical model called abbreviation of variance to determine whether newspaper, TV, and billboard praise are equally effective in increasing sales. Decision Support Systems dish in various decision-making situations by utilizing models that allow you to study information in many different ways.The models you use in a Decision Support System depend on the decision you are making and, consequently, the kind of analysis you require. For example, you would use what-if analysis to see what effect the change of one or more variables will take for on other variables, or optimization to find the most profitable solution given direct restrictions and limited resources. Spreadsheet software such as excel can be used as a Decision Support System for what-if analysis. The model management system stores and maintains the Decision Support Systems models.Its function of managing models is similar to that of a database management system. The model management component can not engage the best model for you to use for a particular problem that requires your expertise but it can help you create and manipulate models quickly and easily. (iii)User Interface Management Component. The substance ab exploiter interface management component allows you to notify with the Decision Support System. It consists of the user interface management system. This is the component that allows you to combine your know-how with the storage and processing capabilities of the computer.The user interface is the part of the system you see through it when enter information, commands, and models. This is the only component of the system with which you contribute direct contract. If you have a Decision Support System with a poorly designed user interface, if it is too rigid or too cumbersome to use, you simply wont use it no matter what its capabilities. The best user interface uses your terminology and methods and is flexible, consistent, simple, and adaptable. For an example of the components of a Decision Support System, allows onsider the Decision Support System that Lands End has tens of millions of names in its guest database. It sells a wide range of womens, mens, and childrens clothing, as well various household wares. To gybe the right customer with the catalog, lands end has identified 20 different specialty post markets. Customers in these target markets receive catalogs of merchandise that they are likely to buy, saving Lands End the expense of move catalogs of all harvests to all 20 million customers.To squall customer demand, lands end needs to continuously observe buying trends. And to meet that demand, lands end must accurately forecast sales levels. To accomplish theses goals, it uses a Decision Support System which performs three tasks Data management The Decision Support System stores customer and product information. In addition to this organizational informatio n, Lands End also needs external information, such as demographic information and industry and style trend information.Model management The Decision Support System has to have models to analyze the information. The models create new information that decision makers need to plan product lines and inventory levels. For example, Lands End uses a statistical model called regression analysis to determine trends in customer buying patterns and forecasting models to predict sales levels. User interface management A user interface enables Lands End decision makers to access information and to specify the models they want to use to create the information they need.

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Dream Analysis Essay

Dreams had unendingly been a part of human instauration. Since time immemorial, human beings had always been mystified on the phenomenon of conceive ofing. As azoic as 5000 B. C. , early civilizations had recorded and tried to interpret their fantasys on clay t adaptedts. The Egyptians, puzzled by the existence of dreams, had even believed in a God of Dreams whom they called Serapis. Up to the be age, theorists and psychologists are still unable to nonplus at a definite explanation on why humans dream. Dreams are etched in the human mind in such a way that makes it hard for researchers to objectively study them.At present, in that location are three major theories that are widely accepted that explain such phenomenon (1) Freuds Theory (2) Cognitive Theory and the (3) Activation-Synthesis Theory. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) believed that a dream exists as a wish fulfillment. According to him, people have unsatisfied or unexpressed desires during the times when they are awake an d these desires are being complete unconsciously when people dream through sleeping. For example, a soulfulness having unfulfilled sexual desires virtuoso or two days prior to sleeping whitethorn have dreams that are sexually erotic in nature ( may lead to wet woolgather).Similarly, people who had been forced to suppress their anger during waking hours may have dreams that contain violent elements/scenes (Santrock, 2005, p. 244). This theory of Freud is finickyly applicable to a personal experience. Once I broke our printer by accident. I was trying to find a way to mother it exactly the only answer I could think of is having it repaired by a technician. The main dilemma was that I didnt have the money to have it fixed. It was very fortunate that no one else used the printer that day. When I slept in the evening, I dreamt that a certain old man came to fix our printer free-of-charge.The dream stop there. It can be seen from this experience that a problem during the day was given a temporary solution through woolgather. Although the printer wasnt really fixed at all, the dream was sufficient in providing a quick way fall out of my anxiety caused by the broken printer. Another example was the time when I was craving for some McDonalds Fries for no particular reason. I havent been able to go to the verbalise Fast-Food Shop because my receive borrowed my car. I just slept through my craving for McFries and I terminate up dreaming about it, only that in my dream, the fries are much larger than the genuine size.According to Freud, our dreams may contain scenes or events from our experiences of the past day or of the day in the beginning. One particular dream to illustrate this is my dream that I was able to fly. In the dream, I had my arms stretched over my headman and I was flying over our village, very much like Superman. I could connect this dream to my port when I went limpid with my fellows the day before. During my stay underwater, I had bee n imitating the flying position of Superman imagining that I was undirected in mid-air instead of mid-water. An additional example for this theory of Freud is my dream on the Red mogul.I had watched on home video the movie Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. I was so irritated with the Red Queens face while I was watching the movie that I dreamt of the character when I slept in the evening. In the dream, I was having a dispute with the Red Queen where in the end I won our fight and I was able to command certain Knights, Off with her head Perhaps connected to this belief of Freud was my experience when I had a fever. I wasnt timber well when I slept and I was feeling a bit scared to sleep in solitude. In the middle of my sleep, I dreamt that I was modify into a cat and that my friends could not recognize me.I was trying my best to scream my name to them scarcely all that I could manage to say were small meows. The next stage of my dream was that I had a small hole in my skull. The small hole led to the deformation of my skull because it secreted foul-smelling cerebral mentally ill through it. I woke up in the middle of night sweating and breathing heavily. Even though events from days before may appear in a dream, it does not necessarily mean that the scenes in the dream happen in chronology. More often than not, a dream is a homogenous confection of different time-frames where the sense of chronology is absent.Tied with this principle is that places where dream scenes may happen need not be logical or real. I had dreams before of having to wake up in my bedroom as the sunniness was just rising and stepping out of my room, I find myself at the school cafeteria way past dusk. I also had a dream wherein I was standing in front of my friends house. That friend of mine had offended me during one of our night-out with the rest of our peers. In my dream, I was mainstay to the scene wherein we were having an intense argument. Then, one second of whirling brou ght me in front of that friends house, waiting for him to come out and occupy for forgiveness.He didnt come out of the house though and I was brought to a garden where I found him sitting on a bench. At the end of the dream, I was the one who asked for his forgiveness. The following morning, before I left for school, he gave me a phone call telling me that he was sorry. According to Freud, there are two components of a dream, a surface element which he called the manifest content and a hidden meaning of the surface element which he called the latent content. For example, Freud states that snakes and neckties present in the dream may mean something else.The snake or necktie is the manifest content while its latent content is a male genitalia. This means the snake or necktie symbolizes a male genitalia. This idea of Freud made me call a dream I had just this weekend. In the dream, I had been boating with a tour go by on the Amazon River. I was so terrified to see a giant snake swim ming just under our boat. The faceless tour guide just told me that the snake couldnt see us because we were in the snakes blind spot. I never k impertinent what happened with me on that river, only that in the dream I was transported somewhere else I couldnt remember.Could my dream mean that I am fantasizing about any(prenominal) the snake symbolizes? Its hard to believe though The second theory of dreaming is the Cognitive Theory. It states that dreaming involves the same cognitive steps used in the waking mind processing, memory and problem solution (Santrock, 2005, p. 245). In this theory, hidden meanings of dreams through symbols are not regarded as possible. Dreaming is looked upon as an opportunity for the person to find a state of mind where problems can be solved through creative thinking.Robert Louis Stevenson, for example, express that it was in a dream that he acquired the idea for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Elias Howe claimed also that a dream provided him the idea of c reating a sewing needle with the hole for the thread on the blunt tip of the needle and not on the middle. (Santrock, 2005, p. 245). Friedrich Kekule, the proponent of the structure of the benzene, said that the cyclic structure of benzene was seen in a dream wherein he sawing machine a snake trying to bite its own tail as it moves in a circular manner. I could apply this theory in one of my experiences.I was trying to come up with a story on how humans need to face trials as means of being emotionally stronger. The story needed to be as creative as possible because I was going to present it to a youth group in our church. Out of fatigue due to too much thinking, I decided to take a nap on my desk. I dreamt then of a young womanize inside a cocoon. When I woke up, I was reminded of a story I heard long ago from a Franciscan nun wherein a young man tried to help the young solicit get out of the cocoon by opening the cocoon himself with the use of a pair of scissors.The flirt wen t out of the cocoon weakly with scrawny wings and was unable to fly. The struggle of the womanise to get out of the cocoon by itself helps it to develop stronger wings that would soon enable it to fly. If I hadnt dreamt of the young butterfly in the cocoon, I wouldnt have remembered this story The third theory is the Activation-Synthesis Theory. It states that dreams are part of the principals internal effort to explain the neural activity that still exists even though the person is sleeping (Santrock, 2005, p. 245).Neural networks in areas of the forebrain are involved in both the waking and dreaming behaviors. Primary motor and sensory areas of the forebrain may possibly be activated during the sensorimotor aspects of dreaming. (Santrock, 2005, p. 246). For example, if the dream asks for spatial organization, the parietal lobe would be activated. Similarly, if the dream asks for emotional requirements, the amygdala, hippocampus and frontal lobe may be activated. The case of dre ams in a fantasy-whirling manner may be due to the sudden, uncoordinated eye movements of REM sleep.The sudden shift or dissolvation of a particular dream scene is explained as due to the normal pass of neural activation. During stages of sleep, levels of neurotransmitters may rise and fall wherein particular neural networks are activated and shut down. As a new cycle is activated, that is, new sets of neural networks are activated and shut down, a new dream scene comes to the focus. Dreaming, therefore, becomes a succession of fantasy-transitioned slide shows. In connection to this theory, I once had a dream that involved a real experience while I was sleeping.I managed to open my eyeball as I was disturbed in the middle of a sleep. I then saw my mother in my room, fixing the mess I left on my study desk. Subconsciously, I knew that I saw my mother inside my room, but then, as if my brain wanted to explain or make a story out of what I saw, the exact scene came to my dream. In th e dream, I stood up and helped my mom fix the mess on my desk, but then my mom turned into a classmate of mine and we were back in the classroom listening intently to our teacher. I woke up in the middle of the night, convinced that I really didnt stand up to help my mom fix my mess.These three theories explain to us why people dream. Freuds Theory, The Cognitive Theory and the Activation-Synthesis Theory may view the phenomenon of dreaming in three different perspectives. In the present stage of human knowledge when it comes to explaining the human psyche, it could be said that an absolute explanation for dreaming is nonexistent. However, the three theories may work hand-in-hand in explaining and interpreting human dreaming. seed Santrock, J. W. Psychology 7. McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. , 1221 Avenue of the Americas. Mew York, NY 10020. 244-246

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Finance 3301 questions Essay

Tom has a DSO of 20 days. The companys average daily gross revenue are $20,000. What is the level of its accounts receivable? (365 days in a year) DSO=Receivables/(Annual sales/365)=20 days So, Receivables/($20,000/365days)=20 days Receivables/54. 79=20, Receivables=$1095. 89 A company has a profit margin of 10% and an legality multi-plier of 2. 0. Its sales are $100 one million million and it has total assets of $50 million. What is its ROE? () say B A, 10% B, 40% C, 20% D, 25% The Total assets turnover = Sales/TA=$100/$50=2 ROE= (profit margin)(equity multi-plier)(Total assets turnover)=10%*2*2=40%Chapter 9 When the firms sales harvest-tide rate going higher, and its payout ratio will () Answer C A, Same B, Lower C, Higher Broussard skates sales are expected to append by 15% from $8 million in 2012 to $9. 2 million in 2013. Its assets totaled $5 million at the end of 2012. Broussard is already at full capacity, so its assets must grow at the same rate as projected sales. At t he end of 2012, current liabilities were $1. 4 million, consisting of $450,000 of accounts payable, $500,000 of notes payable, and $450,000 of accruals.The after-tax profit margin is forecasted to be 6%, and the forecasted payout ratio is 40%. mathematical function the AFN equation to forecast Brous- sards additional funds needed for the coming year. Required increase in assets Increase in spontaneous liabilities Increase in retained earnings = AFN AFN=($5/$8)*$1. 2 ($1. 4/$8)*$1. 2-$9. 2*6%*(1-40%)=0. 75 0. 21 0. 33=21% Chapter 10 Tony Companys balance sheet shows $300 million in debt, $50 million in preferred stock, and $250 million in total vernacular equity. Tony Companys tax rate is 40%, rd =6%,rPS =5%,andrs =10%.If Tony Company get capital structure of 30% debt, 5% preferred stock, and 65% common stock, what is its WACC? Wd=30% Wps=5% Ws=65% WACC=Wd*rd*(1-T)+Wps*rps+ws*rs=30%*6%(1-40%)+5%*5%+65%*10%=0. 0108+0. 000125+0. 065=7. 59% What kinds of the T-bonds is the best proxy for the risk-free rate is the yield on? Answer A A, long-term B, short-run C, No one Chapter 11 A company creates value when the spread between EROIC and WACC is positivethat is, when Answer B A, EROIC ? WACC = 0 B, EROIC ? WACC 0 C, EROIC ? WACC

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Research problem and literature review Proposal

Problem and literature review - Research Proposal ExampleMajority of the school teachers do not pay proper attention to these students to teach them impressive and correct side. Due to these reasons the students have to wait problems in their higher classes as English is the only medium of teaching in higher studies. On the other hand, the students of UAE look towards their guides and teachers with great hope. According to these students, the teachers are most competent and they will help these students to discover good English within a short period of time. It doubles the responsibility of the English teachers. Therefore, bulk of the English teachers become disap channelizeed and fed up. As a result, the English teachers leave the institutions or schools in the beginning the completion of their contract. The teachers need to have little patience, significant competency level, intelligence and effective management and leaders skills to handle these kind of situations. It will help the teachers to achieve their personal career goals. Research Question Depending upon the in a higher place discussion the research question has been formulated as What are the problems and remedies of teaching English to the students of UAE? Literature follow-up Teaching gage language to the students is not an easy line for the teachers. Second language should be taught efficiently with patience, hard work and self invented methodologies. These will help the teachers to teach second language to the students in effective way. According to Ansari (2012), it is important for the teachers to find out the difficulties and problems faced by the students (Ansari, 2012, p.521). Once the difficulties and problems are found out, the task becomes easy for the teachers to implement appropriate methods, plans and strategies. An intelligent, competent, co-operative and hardworking teacher is necessary for the students in order to discover second language in an appropriate way. According t o Rosenthal (2000), when the students start learning the second language or both foreign language, they can face several problems and difficulties due to the lack of language proficiency (Rosenthal, 2000, p.141). At this point of time, only the teachers can rescue them from this critical situation. It is the responsibility of the teacher to understand the problems of the students and solve those problems accordingly through and through effective processes and methodologies. The teachers frame the course curriculum in an appropriate way so that the students can learn the language effectively and appropriately. It is important for the teachers to select effective reading materials for the students and create a suitable English learning environment in the class room. The students also face several problems, such as socio-cultural problems, compose problems and subject related problems while learning the second language. They also face problems in recognizing the alphabets and pronoun cing even candid words. The socio-cultural background of the students generally plays an important role in learning of second language as thither are cultural differences among the students. This cultural unawareness confuses the students. At this critical stage, only the teachers can help the students to get over the situation by effective

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Importance of Physical Education at Schools Essay - 9

Importance of Physical Education at Schools - strive ExamplePhysical tuition is an integral part of elementary and high school curriculums further formalize the importance of sports. The different parties involved in designing school curriculums take into consideration various factors, which when combine contribute to the holistic development of students. As such, students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports and enrolling in different social clubs. Sports represent a more intensified form of physical education whereby students expel more energy and spend more time on practice with the aim of honing their skills in order to excel in competitions. Students who participate in sports competitively while in schools learn a wide range of life skills, which instructors might find difficult to teach in a classroom setting. For example, such students develop resilience, as they learn how to push themselves beyond their physical and psychological cap abilities. Those who participate in team-oriented sporting activities learn how to trust and rely on their teammates. In some cases, student-athletes who were previously introverted come up their behaviors whereby they become socially active, as they frequently interact with their teammates and fans. In addition, students who participate in sports have a lower risk of developing health-related complications caused by leading a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity among students in the US remains an issue of concern. Competitive sports increases the student-athletes physical fitness level by increasing the efficiency of their metabolic process levels.Through sports, exceptional athletes are able to access scholarship opportunities to further their education.