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Business Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 3

Business Environment - Essay ExampleAccording to Mishra (2011), it had market capitalization of about $220 meg as of spring 2010. It has implemented a multi-million dollar marketing campaign by slogan conceptualise Different so that it can fulfil its objective of being the number one alternative for the customers of unsettled device and computer industries.It has been stated by Schipanova (2008) that the main goal of the corporation is to differentiate its products from the competitors such as Dell, Microsoft, HP, Toshiba and others by fling its customers highly innovative and unique options. It aims to capture the leading position both in mobile device and PC industries by developing products with latest technology. In order to make surely that it is able to compete effectively, it has heavily invested in its Research and Development department and facilities so all offerings are free from any defects.One of the top-ranked companies in the technology sector is Elektron Technolo gy UK Limited that is a supplemental of Elektron Technology PLC that has been present in the market for many years. It has been offering top quality solutions to its customers by offering them instant solutions for monitoring and control, instrumentation and connectivity. The leading brands of the company are Sifam, Arcolectric, Carnation Designs, Bulgin, Queensgate and Digitron.The mission of the company is to earmark superior quality components for electromechanical along with instrumentation products that have been developed with the latest technology without make any damage to the environment. In order to achieve its desired mission, the main objective of the company is to always introduce new and innovative solutions to the customers so that they are able to meet the technological needs in the best possible way (Elektron Technology, 2012).From the analysis of mission and goals of both companies, it is

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Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Ethics - Essay ExampleThose who are in the favor of the physique of gratification recognized by Aristotle recollect that happiness is an objective element and not a subjective one and to recognized whether one is happy or not requires inquiry and not only introspection. bole The feeling of happiness does not last for a semipermanent period of conviction. Certain times an separate experiences higher level of happiness as compared to other times and it is undoubtedly a fact that an person might experience state of happiness at one moment and might even display case unhappiness at the other moment. According to Bentham an mortal gives more importance to events of happiness that lasts for a longer period of time (Pojman 122). Aristotle claims that stability is very important for one to be happy and the identification of whether an individual is happy or not sack up only be judged over an extended period of time (Pojman 305). According to a conventional tradition a person was said to be happy if he is really happy passim his life. Happiness is desired by every one and everybody wants to experience it throughout their lives but individuals experience various events throughout their lives and they may at a real point in time loose their feeling of happiness. ... Different philosophers may agree about both the events but they bear on happiness and actions in different ways. The followers of Bentham and those who support his view focus on benefits and believe that benefits leave behind satisfaction and they focus on the methods through which benefits can be obtained (Pojman 123). Those who follow the philosophy of Aristotle focus on an individuals desire to obtain a good life. Every philosopher is in agreement that happiness is the motive cod to which individuals are promoted to conduct any action, but certain believe that it is the ultimate goal and certain believe that it is not necessarily an ultimate goal that individuals want to achieve. Every indi vidual is in the pursuit of achieving happiness, certain philosophers believe that certain factors such as health and wellbeing are necessary to achieve happiness but individuals may experience lack of these factors due to their own fault and fault of others. An individuals well being comprises of three main elements, these include benefits, satisfaction and pride. Satisfaction itself is a form of happiness, it can not be referred to as a feeling or believe but according to functional it is one of the major elements of attaining wellbeing. If contentment is to be realized as an element of wellbeing, it needs to last for a longer period of time and not just for a few moments or a petty(a) period of time. Benefits are even recognized as an element of wellbeing, benefits refers to the satisfaction of the needs of food, drink, shelter and habilitate which results in the flourishing state of an individual. Welfare can be of two kinds, psychological welfare and physical

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The Labour Intensity Gap between the U.S. and Canada Essay

The Labour Intensity Gap between the U.S. and Canada - Essay frameworkTwo of the most significant factors are its productivity and labour employment. Although the countrys Gross national Product (GDP) is the basis of prosperity, there are various issues that contribute to its results. However, for countries like the United States and Canada, an expected nought prosperity gap since both countries are regarded as ii of the most prosperous countries in the world. merely research results found that there has been a huge prosperity gap between the US and Canada. In 2004, Canada has a 15 per cent prosperity gap when compared to the United States because Canadians invest to achieve a 15 per cent shortfall, according to a report from the Ontario Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity and the Rotman School of Management. (More coronation)The intensity gap the difference in hours worked by workers in Ontario and its North American peer jurisdictions is the atomic number 42 most imp ortant factor after productivity in explaining Ontarios prosperity gap. (Institute) all over the 1977-98 period, productivity growth in U.S. manufacturing surpassed that of Canadian manufacturing--according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics international comparisons program, U.S. manufacturing productivity grew by 3.0 per centum per year over the period, while Canadian manufacturing productivity grew by 2.0 percent per year. Of particular come to is the way this differential or gap has grown since the early 1990s. From 1992 to 1998, for example, productivity growth in U.S. manufacturing change magnitude al a rate more than twice that of Canadian manufacturing productivity--4.1 percent per year for the United States versus 2.0 percent per year for Canada. (Sherwood, 2001)The gap in productivity performance between the U.S. and Canadian manufacturing sectors is illustrated in Chart 1. The two lines represent each countrys output per hour relative to its own performance in 1977. This is the first

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Organization Development and Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

brass instrument Development and Change - Essay ExampleEmployees may not talk about these principles every day, barely they reflect on these values when there are issues at work. In a way, employees judge the validations performance against its values. Should there be changes made to an organization, one of the first things that the employees would do is analyze if the go and result of the proposed changes would be aligned with cultural principles. If it does, the employees will acquiesce. If it does not, they will certainly complain and not cooperate. If they suck doubts, they will voice it out and challenge the companion as what happened with IBM. (Cummings, T. & Worley. C., 2008)In the reading, culture was used to expedite merger and acquisition integration processes when the CEO epitomized the bare-assedly-established values of the company. The CEO trusted first and second take aim managers with a certain amount of money to spend on activities that would promote producti veness, eliminating the delays caused by going by means of finance departments and getting approvals. By promoting cultural principles, the CEO was able to encourage the employees to revisit their opinion of the company and adjust their behavior. As such more opportunities were made available to the IBM and the company effectively transitioned from their past beliefs and practices to the new ones.As manifested in the reading, cultural change started from the CEO and the strategies and decisions he made to steer the organization towards the ofttimes needed change. As one of the studies conducted in the field has discovered, leadership greatly influences the outcome of cultural change. (Heidrich, B., 2002) The identical study listed being role models, making decisions that directly influence the value system, and practicing efficient methods of decision-making as doable ways a leader can change a companys culture.The use of

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Physical Activity intervention Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Physical bodily process intervention - Essay ExampleA search of the references used in related studies shall likewise be conducted in regularise to consider related studies. Related studies shall then be set aside and critically assessed based on relevance in this study.In a paper by Nelson, et.al., (2010), the authors sought to set up with recommendations on the various kinds and amounts of physical activity required in order to improve and abide by the health of older adults. The study covered respondents who were skilled in public health, behavioral science, epidemiology, exercise science, and gerontology (Nelson, et.al., 2010). The authors reviewed evidence from various articles and came up with recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association in order to structure a final recommendation for physical activity among older adults. After reviewing evidence from the ACSM and the AHA, the authors came up with their recommendations fo r older adults, including recommended intensity of physical activity based on older adults fittingness recommended activities are those which maintain or increase flexibility and activities which improve balance are also recommended (Nelson, et.al., 2010). The authors also recommended that an activity plan which integrates preventive and therapeutic recommendations should also be conceptualized. In effect, physical activity for adults is recommended to management on moderate intensity aerobic activity, muscle strengthening activities and activities which minimize sedentary habits and those which reduce encounter for falls and injuries (Nelson, et.al., 2010).Based on the ACSM, (1998) the combined frequency, intensity, and duration of chronic exercise can effectively make believe a training effect. These factors all contribute to the overload stimulus and the lower the stimulus, the lower the training impact, and the high the stimulus, the higher the training impact (Pollock,

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What are the criteria Postgraduate students use to determine career Dissertation

What are the criteria Postgraduate students use to determine career prime(a) - Dissertation Exampley 3.6 Ethical Considerations 3.7 Research Limitations Chapter 4 Findings and Analysis 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Relative importance of Factors 4.3 clashing of Internal Factors on the External Factors 4.4 have-to doe with of Internal Factors 4.4.1 Impact of Family Factors enate Influence Parental Guidance 4.4.2 Impact of Socio-Cultural Factors Cultural Factors Social and Gender Sterotypes 4.4.3 Impact of Emotional Factors Impact of anguish Levels Impact of Life View Self Concept and Identity 4.4.4 Impact of Self-Efficacy 4.4.5 Impact of Personal Interest 4.4. 6 Impact of Personality Factors 4.5 Impact of External Factors 4.5.1 Impact of forecast of the Institute 4.5.2 Impact of Marketing Activities 4.5.3 Impact of Resources and Facities of the Institute 4.5.4 Impact of Culture Impact of Policies and Procedures Imp act of Classroom Teaching Methods 4.5.5 Impact of Placement and Campus recruitment 4.5.6 Impact of Financial Support 4.5.7 Impact of Research Funding Available to the Institute 4.5.8 Impact of spot of the Institute Chapter 5 Conclusions 5.1 Summary of Research Findings 5.2 Limitations of Research Scope for Future Research List of dactyls and Tables Figure 1 Parental Influence Figure 2 Impact of Parental Guidance Figure 3 Impact of Culture Figure 4 Impact of Socal and Gender Sterotypes Figure 5 Impact of Anxiety Levels Figure 6 Impact of Life View Figure 7 Awareness of Lifes Aims Figure 8 Ability to Gather the culture Figure 9 Ability to Analyse the Information Figure 10 Awareness of Interests and Aptitude Figure 11 Impact of Personality Factors Figure12 Impact of see of Institute Figure 13 Impact of Marketing and Promotional Activities Figure 14 Impact of Resources and... The genuine investigate is aimed to assess the important factors which influence the postgraduate student s in management to determine their career choices. The investigate was conducted among 40 management students who were selected in a random manner from the management course in X institute. The research was conducted using quantitative survey questionnaire that was sent and collected using emails. It was found that Promotional Activities of the Institute, Image of the Institute, Placements and Alumni record of the institute and Resources and Facilities of the Institute comprised of the most important factors that were used by the students to assess their career choices. In addition, internal factors like parental influence, awareness of life aims and interests, parental guidance and culture were found to be importance influencers in the career decision-makig process. The research also found that factors like image of the institute is greately influenced by parental guidance, parental influence and culture, and importance of placement record as a criteria of career choice is highly correlated with both family and personal interest and self-identity factors. The research analyses the findings with the aim of filling the gaps in the on hand(predicate) research and providing further inspiration for future research in the same area.Higher Educational Institutes (HEI) are facing an increased competition in terms of getting governmental or private funding for research and also suffer from a dwindling application numbers from students

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Autobiography Anita and me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Autobiography Anita and me - Essay Example150).The book is a semi-autobiography and is broadly speaking based on the life of the author, Meera Syal. It is set in the background of a once flourishing mining village, Tollington, which was on its decline by the early 1970s. When the mines shut down, the men find themselves idle and out of work. The towns women, aggressive and now in control, worked at the local ball-bearing factory and formed a group calling themselves the Ballbearings Committee. A highway threatens to take away part of the village, the grammar school is closing down, and the village thus faces many threats of condemn and ruin. This is the background setting in which Meena sets out to discover her life.Bored with her mundane life, Meena is looking for some intensity to break the monotony of her life. When would anything dangerous and cruel ever happen to me? (Syal, Pg. 37). Her diary is her refuge and she takes to it to float into her reverie world where she finds a life very different from the one she leads. This is beyond the chthonianstanding of her parents, who believe in hard work, proper education and take pride in their heritage.Meenas mother is portrayed as a soft-spoken, slender, well educated and poised lady. She plays the dual role of a professional teacher and an untiring housewife. born(p) in a village in Punjab and rich in her traditions, she doesnt lose sight of her values pull down as she lives in the racist neighborhood. It was her duty to show them that we could wear discreet gold jewellery, dress in tasteful silks and speak English without an accent (Syal, Pg. 25). She runs her house with an iron fist, not wasting a centime on what she deems as unnecessary. My mother never eats out, never, always affronted by paying for some over-boiled, under seasoned dish of slop when she knew she could rustle up a hot, heart-warming meal from a few left-over vegetables and a

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Technological Advancements in Urinalysis Research Paper

Technological Advancements in Urinalysis - Research Paper voiceHowever, with time, the analysis of pee became exaggerated, such(prenominal) that it violated the privacy and dignity of the patients, resulting in the advancement where piddle interrogatory progressed to the use of urine only, without the presence of the patient like was happening before. In the ancient times, the tests of urine were apply as the primary method of determining the state of human health. This has progressively changed with the advancement in medicine, such that currently, the analysis of urine is only used to diagnose certain medical conditions only (Armstrong, 2007).The history of urine analysis indicates that at or so 4000 BC, urine was used to test the medical condition that is referred in modern-day urinalysis as diabetes, through putting some urine of different patients on the ants path, such that the ants would be attracted to the sweet urine, which would indicate that the patient was sufferin g from a certain health anomaly (Diamandopoulos & Actuarius, 2001). Later at approximately the second century, the testing of urine changed to the practical observation of the patients urine condition at around the fourth century, (460355 BC) where the urine was observed for bubble components and if the bubbles were found to be present in large numbers, indeed the patient was declared to be suffering from a kidney disorder (Armstrong, 2007). However, it is not until six centuries later, at around (AD 129200), when the accuracy of urinalysis was attained, with the first description of urine, not as a residual of body tissues, still as a residual and filtrate of blood, by Galen, a Roman scientist (Armstrong, 2007). Galen made the testing of urine more specific to certain medical conditions, by observing different anomalies in urine employment and then relating quantities of urine produced to different medical conditions.

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Outline the key topics that underpin the study of Social Policy Essay

Outline the key topics that corroborate the study of Social Policy - Essay ExampleSocial insurance indemnity encourages similar living standards for everyone in the friendship. This includes providing equal education, healthcare, employment, money, security, and other heavy necessities of life. There are some important bodies involved in affable insurance as well and these include government, official bodies, charitable organizations, social human beings, neighbors, and families (Alcock, May, & Wright, 2012).Social policy is not only concerned with what the government does for citizens. However, social policy refers to the social spending by any individual for other. Social policy defines the role of government to spend for the people. These spending include pension funds, hospitals, and schools. ground only on government, the social policy can vary depending upon several factors including economic situation. Social policy is a wide subject accompanying different approaches i ncluding sociology, psychology, history, economics, demography, and human geography. Therefore, it could also be defined as combining approaches from the different social sciences.Social policy may also include other important aspect such as the amount of spending that the government should make on defense, law and order, perseverance and agricultural employment, transport, sport and culture, international development, and debt interest. Although the government of most of the countries do more than one-third of the collected wealth, but the private spending in social policy is more than the services government providing. Understanding the depot of doing well or good to human beings is complex. It includes different factors and the study of these factors is social policy, and social science. The above mentioned phoebe bird key factors of social policy are given birth by the societies just because either society understands and recognizes the social human needs and gives an expres sion of social welfare. Another important believe of the social policy is that when it is

Strategic managenment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Strategic managenment - prove ExampleFor modelling, a company may decide to lower the costs and prices of its products, in comparison to its competitors. An example is Wal-Mart, which is a chain of supermarkets and it is known to sale low cost products.This is when comp ared to its major competitors such as Target, Kmart, Meijer, and so forth Because of its low cost products, Wal-Mart has emerged as one of the biggest and most profitable retailing units in the world (Babitsky and Mangraviti, 2013). However, this comes with a disadvantage. The main disadvantage is that Wal-Mart is forced to reduce the cost its production. This includes overhead costs such as labor, etcetera Wal-Mart is a company that is known for paying its employees very low wages, and hence it has a high turnover.This is not beneficial to the company because it losses experienced labor or workforce. Another type of a competitory strategy a company may choose to follow is differentiation. This normally occurs thr ough the various dimensions that are encouraged by the take aim customer of the organization. This is for purposes of commanding a high price or value for the product under consideration. Apples is a communications hardware company that uses this strategy for purposes of go into its target market (Gil and Reyes, 2013). Under focus, an organization would either choose to offer its products to a specific target market or segments within a market, or it may choose to offer its product to the perfect market segment.A good example in this scenario is in the car industry. Mercedes Benz offers luxurious motor vehicle products to its target population. The people who can afford to drive these luxurious vehicles are the rich and the upper diaphragm class people (Maria, 2012). This is the segment in which Mercedes Benz sales its products to. It is important to understand that the generic strategy create by porter gives a reflection of the choices that a company makes, with the intentio n of gaining a competitive

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Totalitarian Governments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Totalitarian Governments - Essay ExampleTotalitarianism is an extreme form of oppressive government with countless power that uses ruthless force to exert absolute control over all individuals within a society (Orwell 1). Totalitarian government comes in many forms. However, these commonly come under pretext ideologies like internal or external enmity, national security, mass fear and common good objective (Orwell 1).The undemocratic government in Russia before the World War II can be characterized as a communist government which took root from Marxist Socialism. Before the formation of the Soviet Union, the region was dominated by royalist forces. However, the dissatisfaction and discontent from monarchist government ensued to civil war. The Bolsheviks who were led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin demanded a highly disciplined, centralized, and dedicate revolutionary elite rather than a mass party. Thus, the Bolsheviks had a long and bloody fight with the monarchist forces and became kn own as the Communist Party. This commenced the arrival of fabianism in Russia. The basic ideology behind communism was the establishment of a classless, stateless, and social organization which is based upon the common ownership of the means of production. This new ideology governing Russia before the World War II gave rise to new policies especially economic reforms.

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Software Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Softw be - Research Paper warningThey understand the metrics of the avocation they operate in. With this knowledge they argon able to improve the performance of the business. They are continu solelyy looking for business solutions from a technology perspective (Bloem, Doorn, & Mittal, 2005). In this regard, the CIO is expect to provide these solutions so that the business is seen to improve. They engage data mining techniques to get the information required to improve the data. They are seen to be business catalysts. They are helping the businesses to make money out of these decisions. The decisions they make are valued by management. They bring about major revolutions. They are included in rattling crucial management meetings of the company. heed makes use of these CIOs to improve the line of business seen to bring the expected targets. These CIOs are common in industries where disceptation is so high. They help to bring innovation in the company so that they remain ahead of co mpetition. Dis prefers maven disadvantage with this setup of that there is a lack of coordination between the various IT services. There is no desegregation of technology in business. This is because there is a lot of autonomy in undertaking the business. This hinders the successful integration of technology and business. ... The changes that are experienced today are seen in the role that Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are having. CIOs are from time to time asked to evaluate the role that IT plays in an organization. As technology lets a very important and integral part of any business, the role of the CIO becomes very crucial by the day these officers become business leaders of any type. Their main role is to transform the IT function from the traditional role which was expected to make things work faster in an organization with an international strategic function. The CIO is being asked to look for more strategic solutions that will make the business ahead of the competiti on. Another advantage is that organizations are getting all the reason to align their IT functions with the objectives of the business. Most managers ask the CIO to give a justification of the technology investments that the company makes and and so deliver on the benefits that they have promised will be achieved. There is globalization that is being realized in organizations today, thus bringing changes to the role in which the CIO plays in the company further. When combined with technology, globalization is making the business to scale great heights. With this trend, organizations are no longer limited by distance. The companies which are leaders in their field of operation are swiftly moving so fast to take the full advantage of the benefits that come with technology. These changes are making the role of the CIO and the information technicians change. It will bring changes and transformation in the personal manner processes are undertaken. Information technology has the power o f changing the normal operation of any business. They also

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Gulf Cooperation Council Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Gulf Cooperation Council - Essay ExampleGulf Cooperation Council was started in 1981 by the leaders of the state of Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia (Rashid, 21). The purpose of the council was to promote and enhance close ties among the extremity states and by formulating strategies to ensure that non-GCC countries would not intimidate its members or attack them. As a result, the council engages in integrating courses including peace campaigns in its members countries (23). The council intentions are more visible in its political activities including the diplomatical campaign to reduce tension between Oman and Yemen and to a whole range of efforts and initiatives to bring peace in Qatar, Yemen, Iraq, Iran as well as Oman. The council also helps in protection of the fundamental freedom of the citizens of its member states and stresses on the importance of GCC countries to take all the necessary measures to protect the citizens from their states. T he GCC purpose towards Yemen is mainly on its deep bear upon for the Yemen situation and its continued condemns of the violence experienced in Yemen (Rashid 45)

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NewCorp Scenarios of Workers Protection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

NewCorp Scenarios of Workers Protection - Essay ExampleThe essay NewCorp Scenarios of Workers Protection dialog about the employment laws that stipulate rights of workers and it is the duty of all employers to ensure that they safeguard the rights of their workers by offering effective work conditions. In the grammatical case of NewCorp, Paul has been exposed to work in a dangerous surroundings, which has make him be claustrophobic. He explains that the condition arose because of working in the confined spaces and if this issue is taken to court and he proves this, the court lead rule in his favor and compensation will have to be made. The working environment has had a case before of another worker who was injured while doing his job and this proves that the environment is not conducive. The occupational safety act requires that employers provide safe working environment for all employees. The limited duty standards set rules that guard employees from being exposed to the haza rdous working environment and in this case the confined spaces. NewCorp has exposed its workers to the hazardous working environment, and this has resulted to one of the employees being injured and Paul becoming claustrophobic. The judicature has the responsibility of ensuring that it sets down safety standards for all workers and failure to do this means that it has violated the set rules, which will require them to pay compensation in the event that an employee is injured. NewCorp has also violated the Occupational Safety characterization that gives it a general duty to provide an environment.

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Critically discuss the the extend to which attitudes towards the Essay

Critically plow the the extend to which attitudes towards the mentally inauspicious improved during the nineteenth century - Essay ExampleThis responsibility soft occurred during the early and mid-1800s. This new treatment of psychologically unstable patients marked the beginning of a new cite that irregular psychological states and behaviour patterns were the outcomes of possibly treatable illnesses. The following paper critically discusses the degree to which attitudes towards the mentally ill improved in the nineteenth century UK. To understand this degree, the paper will begin by before long discussing the attitude of the UK health industry and society towards the mentally ill several decades before 1800. The 1800s saw the easy emergence of a humane attitude towards the mentally unstable, but geographic and institutional separation would hunt down in the treatment of mental disorders.Before the nineteenth century, the United Kingdom health department, together with society , did non take psychological illnesses seriously. Before the deployment of mad doctors, there were no medical facilities for the mentally ill. As a result, doctors often isolated a psychologically unstable patient from the rest by ensuring the patient was central officebound.1 some other indication of the unserious treatment of mentally unstable patients was their relatives denial of the illness. Physicians who recommended mentally ill patients to remain at home often fuelled this denial by family members. In spite of a more compassionate attitude called virtuous treatment having arisen between 1790 and 1800, the entire UK health department was far from treating the mentally ill morally.2 The construction of asylums did non assist in improving this attitude either. Instead, asylums simply showed society that the government had recognised mental problems as treatable issues, but not through conventional methods. The main purpose of moral treatment was to diminish external, sens ible coercion, which was not evident until the onset of the

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Obesity Essay Introduction Essay Example for Free

obesity Essay Introduction EssayIn the process of evolution, a human body has adapted to squirrel away a supply of nutrients in the amount of food for expending it in conditions of forced absence or restriction of provision. This kind of evolutionary advant mount up allowed us to survive in difficult times. In ancient period, fatness was considered as a sign of well-being, prosperity, fertility, and health. An example is the sculpture of Venus of Willendorf, dated 22nd millenary BC. E.A careful attitude to own weight is a trend of the present time. The lifestyle of a modern person is often far from what doctors and elementary common sense recommend. Constant stress and unfitness to have a good rest lead to one of the simplest and cheapest ways to relax like soaking up of high-calorie food. As a exit, a wide-scale disease in megacities becomes obesity, but it can be prevented by conducting veritable(a) laboratory diagnostics.Obesity is a widespread illness, characterized by e xcessive development of adipose tissue. The problem much occurs with age, when motor activity decreases, and a consequence of vital body systems fail.The genesis of fatness is mostly caused by a violation of the balance between energy intake and its expenditure of the body. Excess calories, i.e. not consumed by an organism, are converted to grease, which accumulates in fat stores. We are talking about subcutaneous tissue, epiploon, abdominal wall, native organs, etc. An increase in fat stores leads to addition in body weight and disruption of legion(predicate) systems.The basis of an appearance of primary obesity is an alimentary factor associated with an enhanced energy value of the fodder at low energy costs. The mentioned type develops as an output of the predominance in a identity card of carbohydrates and animal grease or disruption of dietary patterns, which often carries a family predisposition. Calories contained in fats contribute much to weight gain than those invol ved in proteins and carbohydrates.Hypodinamy significantly reduces an ability of muscles to oxidize grease. Secondary fatness accompanies such hereditary syndromes as Babinsky-Frohlichs disease, Gelino syndrome, Lawrence-Myan-Barde-Biddle syndrome, etc. Symptomatic obesity may also happen against a reason of various cerebral lesions.Similar changes in eating behavior occur as a result of the violation of a hypothalamic-pituitary regulation, which is responsible for controlling behavioral responses. Their genesis is also facilitated by a number of factors, such as a low-activity lifestyle, genetically caused disorders of enzyme activity, errors in nature or dietary, some endocrine pathologies, stress, wishing of sleep, and the use of psychotropic or hormonal drugs.Obesitys presence within a reliable patient entails the need for a number of laboratory tests necessary for finding out the reasons and an appointment of adequate therapy. Analyzes allow you to assess liver function, p arameters of fat and carbohydrate metabolism, a state of the reproductive system, the functioning of the thyroid gland.Thus, every person suffering from fatness could have own motivation for weight loss augmentative effect, reducing the risk to health, improving efficiency, a desire to wear smaller clothes or a wish to look good. However, goals and its rates should be real and directed, first of all, to reduce dangers of obesity-related complications.With hereditary predisposition, at the age of 40 years, in conditions of hypodinamy, it needs to limit consumption of carbohydrates, fats, transit to the diet of protein and plant foods. For the prevention of obesity, a person with a normal weight is enough to spend calories and energy as much as he or she gets them during the day.

Comprehensive Plan to Improve Human Resources Essay Example for Free

Comprehensive Plan to Improve Human picks stress squargon Foods market- a comp any(prenominal) that doesnt think of itself as a friendship, but as a community of people working to make a difference in the world. At hearty Foods, the missionary station matters as much as the bottom line. But who is unscathed Foods food market, and how does their Human imagination Management (HRM) fit a role in the development of their culture or work environment? This comprehensive externalise will describe altogether Foods food markets history and the challenges and/or opportunities of the play along. It will explore the military capability of the ecesiss current humane resource practices with regard to the employees and describe strategies to improve the quality of those practices. Additionally, the impact of implementing the strategic improvements and how the makeup would measure success upon implementation will be discussed. all Foods Market The Organization full-page Foods Market is the worlds leader in natural and organic solid foods.With more than 270 stores in North the States and the United Kingdom, the organization seeks out the best natural and organic foods obtainable while preserving better-quality standards in the industry. agree to Porter and Kramer (2009), the intention of the organization is to sell organic, natural, and healthy food intersection points to its consumers who are passionate about food and the environment. Whole Foods Market focuses on unrefined foods, health and nutrition. They are definitely non like any other grocery store.Their ultimate goal is to become an international brand identical with not ripe natural and organic goods, but in like manner with being the greatest food retailer in both community in which they are located. Therefore, Whole Foods Market must purposefully plan and assess the merchandising of its goods according to the demand of the customers (Whole Foods Market, n. d). For the last thirteen years, aggroup instalments at Whole Foods Market, named their company as star of Fortune magazines 100 Best Companies to work for. In 2010, they were ranked number eighteen.Whole Foods is acknowledged for its police squad-based operations and employee-oriented work culture, which are considered to be the foundations of its development and success at heart the industry (Whole Foods Market, n. d. ). Whole Foods Market takes pride in setting themselves apart from their competitors within the industry. No matter how much the company excels in size or makes changes to the organization, the organization supports change by establishing and maintaining seven core values.According to Whole Foods Market (n. ), the core values are selling the highest quality of natural and organic products available, satisfying and delighting customers, sustenance team member happiness and excellence, creating wealth through profit and growth, caring about the community and environment, creating an ongoing wi n-win partnership with suppliers, and promoting the health of chanceholders through healthy eating education. Included in these core values are open communication and transparency, education and fostering, and staff empowerment. No matter how large a company Whole Foods Market becomes, they preserve what makes them unique through these core values.Whole Foods Market Challenges and Opportunities As with many organizations, the g cardinal economic down turn has caused many organizations to face a lot of challenges and to make difficult production line decisions. Whole Foods Market created a permanent modification in how they operate many vital areas of the business. This year, 2010, the companys business model accommodates continued focus on vital areas of the company by nidus in on purchasing with regards to the business while creating more worth for the consumer regarding pricing (Whole Foods Market, n. d).In the garner to the stakeholders (2009), Mackey, CEO desires to stay focused on dropping operating cost without harming the customer experience. Additionally, he states that as an organization they are committed to being better custodians of capital and producing free cash flow on a yearly basis. In the future, Mackey foresees new smaller stores that are less expensive, and an increase return on invested capital. A late(a) 2009 SWOT Analysis of the organization from Datamonitor (2009) listed some additional opportunities such as the recent strategic acquisitions that helped in strengthening their market position.These acquisitions overly help the organization to expand its operations in the natural and organic foods markets as well as increase its client base and the number of product categories. One acquisition in particular is the merge with Wild Oats Market in 2007. Other opportunities save by Datamonitor (2009) include the growing demand for private label products. Recent economic conditions have warranted companies to oblation less expensive private label products as an alternative to the customers needs. Whole Foods Market Human Resource Management StrategiesWhat makes Whole Foods stand out from others in the industry is not a single commission process but a distinctive managing structure which includes Human Resource Management support. According to ruddiness and Kumar (2006) it is important that organizations utilize HRM practices that make best use of its employees, and that is just what Whole Foods Market has done. For example, at Whole Foods, the basic organizational unit isnt the store but small teams that manage departments such as fresh produce, prepared foods, and seafood.teams are consulted on all store- train decisions and they have been given a degree of freedom that is very unique in the industry (Whole Foods Market, n. d). According to Hamel (2006), from each one team makes decisions concerning stock, and new hires. Bonuses are paying(a) to the teams, not to individuals. Members have access to compr ehensive fiscal information, including the details of every coworkers wage. Whole Foods Market has been very successful with their ability to recruit and retain good employees. The recruiting process is exceptionally unique.According to Whole Foods Market (n. d), applicants are generally screened by store focusing or by a human resources person through a preliminary interview. Once the individual is screened for overall job skills and qualifications, the application is referred to the capture department managers for a final interview. The final interview process may be conducted by a team or panel depending on the position. Team members partaking in group interviews is one way the company puts its culture of empowerment into action.Hamel and Breen (2007), state that this recruiting process is used for all new employees including those hoping to articulation teams at Whole Foods center of operations, such as the national IT or finance groups. Additional HRM practices include the o rganizations focus on hire and incentive based rewards. According to Erickson and Gratton (2007), this is one of the main components of their rewards system within the organization. Each teams compensation is directly linked to how well that team functions.Team carrying into action is considered in terms of overall productivity profit-sharing based on those numbers are added directly to each team members compensation. Teams are responsible for a different product category or aspect of store operations such as customer service, prepared foods, or grocery, among others. Whole Foods believes in a company-wide awareness of sharing the fate of the business by combining the wellbeing of team members as directly as possible with the interests of the shareholders. The organization uses a gain sharing chopine to reinforce concept.This program rewards things that members of the team can control such as work efficiency which gives members a direct stake in the victories of the company (Whol e Foods Market, n. d). Whole Foods also encourages stock ownership options in plans such as the Team Member Stock Option Plan. Within this plan, all members are entitled to receive a sacrifice of stock options each year. According to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (2007), the grant has two components the Annual lead Grants identify and motivate team member performance and the Service Hour Grants identify team member service within the Company.Another plan is the Team Member Stock Purchase Plan. Through payroll department deductions, all non-seasonal team members with at least 400 service hours may choose to buy straight-out shares of stock at 95% of market worth on the purchase date. Whole Foods Human Resource practices are effective because the culture allows for an atmosphere of transparency, with open books and open people. These processes include the organizations team process which allows for self-direction and a high level of responsibility of line s taff. Through such a practice, members use their decision-making role to take part in driving the business forward.Additionally, the team process promotes healthy competition, trust betwixt members. Whole Foods Market Recommended Strategies for Improvement Although Whole Foods HRM practices seem successful, there is room for improvement. The following strategies are recommended in the area of team implementation and practices * If the organization maintains the team concept it is important that management ensures that members do not to obstruct the team authority over the individual.Members should merely feel responsible to each other, but even so free to be themselves. Members should also be recognized as individuals. Individuals have a need to be recognized for hard work and individual achievement. Providing a reward system for individual milestones and achievements might also allow for successful company performance. * The organization should provide opportunities for personal growth and promotion through training and education.* The organization should ensure that there are no cliques within the teams. Cliques could make it difficult to maintain ropiness and cooperation within the team. Management should also ensure or encourage subtle unsanctioned norms that steer the actions of team members, saying whats suitable and whats not suitable behavior especially within the enlisting process in which members choose their team members.* The organization should periodically evaluate the alignment of team compensation and incentives for the work that is likely to be performed. * HR should monitor changes in team compensation systems to ensure the organizations compensation is clearly understood by staff and that any changes, including team incentive pay, is also communicated. HR should ensure that employees within the team are able to see and generalize the goals of the team, and gain an arrest of his or her importance as a member. These improvement strategie s can only make Whole Foods Market more successful than they are already. These improvements will drive the business success, by assisting in promoting productivity, by increase job satisfaction and retention, and by increasing profits within the organization. Whole Foods Market Plan rating and MeasurementsBefore implementation of new strategies, employees will be informed of the proposed implementation and changes. Managers will ensure that staffs understand what is being employ and the impact to employees if any. The success of this plan will be evaluated by reviewing the success of the utilize strategies periodically to ensure continuous improvement. The evaluation of the strategies will include internal assessments and/or employee surveys/questionnaires. The internal assessments and/or employee surveys/questionnaires will be aimed to ascertain the employees satisfaction of those methods and strategies.Results of the evaluation and measurements will be compiled and reviewed by the organizations HR team. The team will seek to (1) determine if enforced strategies are predictive of organizations mission and business plan, (2) understand how implemented strategies improved or did not improve current HR practices and finally, (3) determine if there is a family relationship between the implemented strategies and overall retention and job satisfaction. If the results are satisfactory, strategies will continue to be implemented monitored and reviewed.Results that are unsatisfactory will be discussed with employees to determine why the implemented strategy was not a success and to determine necessary changes if applicable. Whole Foods Market Conclusion In conclusion both management and HR play an important role in the strategy and betterment of Whole Foods Market. This organization has already established a culture that reduces fear and increases trust. The company prides itself in the transparency between management level staff and line staff. Implementation o f these strategies will only assist to increase employee satisfaction and retention.

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Reflection on the Character of Luke Skywalker Essay Example for Free

Reflection on the use of Luke Skywalker EssayLuke Skywalkers character is a classic example of mans constant battle of considerably and unrighteousnot to be simply put as the battle of the obedient versus the evil only when the choice to be good or evil. He outwardly struggles to find his place and role in the society steady as he struggles inwardly to understand his own nature. As Yoda and Obi-Wan explained to him, Luke must confront and go beyond the minacious side to be a Jedi. He is confronted with facing Darth Vader, who he has just learned to be Anakin Skywalkerhis develop, and in whom Luke believes salve has good in him and who he says he could not kill. He was also confronted with troubles that has cause him into the peson he chose to be.Vader has been a Jedi once, turned to the dark side of the Force because he could not accept the close of his loved onesfirst of his mother, then of his intuition that had foretold the death of his wife, Amidala. During their f ight, he tried to convince his son that twist to the dark side was the only way Luke could let off his friends. Luke was like his father, reckless in his actions and impatient in his youth.But as he matured, he learned the true path of the Force, with the guidance of Yoda and Obi-Wan. Like his father before him, he, too, was troubled with death and suffering. Yoda, sensing death coming to him, explains to Luke Strong am I with the Force, simply not that strong. Twilight is upon me and soon night must fall. That is the way of things, the way of the Force.Inevitably at Endor, Luke has practice to confront his father, not with the intention of fighting him as before, but to convince him to turn back to the good side. His attempts turns out to be futile. He further exhibits his maturity from being reckless and impatient by restraining himself when granted the chance to strike at the Emperor. However, the Emperor seduces Lukes hatred and anger to attack him. Luke is tormented but st ill restrains himself until finally his rage erupted and attacked the Emperor. Darth Vader responded in defense of his master and Luke ends up fighting with his father.Luke realized that the Emperor was exploitation his rage to turn him to the dark side of the Force. He has disappointed Vader, not out of some personal, revenge-driven desire, but in order to protect someone he lovesVader has treathened Lukes newly found twin sister Leia. As he looked down on his father with pity and understanding, he realized that he, too, has the potential to turn to the dark side. He threw away his lightsaber in his firm belief that he could still save his fathers soul and save himself from the path of the dark side by not killing Vader. By doing so, he has rejected evil in himself and submits himself to the will of the Force.As Yoda explained to him A jedis strenght flows from the Force. But beware. Anger, fear, agression, the dark side are they. Once you gravel down the dark path forever will it dominate your destiny. He has faced his own fears and defeated them, evidenced by his reply to the Emperors offer to take his fathers place at his side Never. Ill never turn to the dark side I am a Jedi, like my father before me. He has set an example that evil does not come naturally from the troubles that we are faced with, and that being good or evil is a matter of choice.

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Calypso or Circe Essay Example for Free

fairy-slipper or Circe EssayNausicaa is the first normal woman Odysseus sees in nearly twenty years, the last of whom existence the wo custody from Ismarus, the city he sacks directly after leaving Troy, and lowstandably he is very weary of her. disrespect this, or perhaps because of it, he treats her with the utmost respect and keeps his distance from her, both physically and emotionally. He admires her beauty, esteem her decisions and listens to her like an equal, despite her age and sex, which shows respect, although not necessarily feelings. Despite his lack of show of affection towards her, he is kind and shows his appreciation for her saving him from death I do indeed pray to Zeus to permit me reach my shell If he does, then I will pray you as a divinity fudge all the rest of my days. For it was you lady, who gave me back my life. display how he does indeed respect what she has done for him, and is grateful towards her. later Odysseus leaves Nausicaa in the t d eliver, Homer does not mention her anymore but for their goodbyes, despite the fact they are staying under the same roof. This indicates Odysseuss lack of interest in Nausicaas comings and goings.When Odysseus begins to explain his adventures to Alcinous, in particular he mentions Calypso and Circe, and how he never had any affection for them The divine Calypso was certainly for keeping me in her cavern dwelling house because she yearned for me to be her husband and with me the same object Circe. but never for a moment did they win my midriff. hither Odysseus states in his own words that he was never won over by either, and although he whitethorn have found pleasure in staying with them, it could never compare with the pleasure of seeing his wife once more any feelings he had towards Calypso or Circe were not genuine or heart-felt.Similarly to Calypso, Circe is first seen as singing with her beautiful voice and weaving one of those delicate, graceful and dazzling fabrics that g oddesses make, and the temptation to stay with her (as he then does with Calypso) would have been immense. Hermes warns her that she will invite you to her bed. You must not refuse if you want her to free your men and look after you. The fact that Odysseus obeys this shows the extent of what he would do to free his men and return home going to bed with Circe would have been merely another obstacle for him on his journey home, his feelings towards her being limited.Although he describes the comfortable heat and the way all the painful weariness was gone from his limbs, his thoughts were elsewhere and mind was ample of forebodings showing how he cannot feel content without knowing his crew is safe and his chances for ever reaching home are still tangible. In addition, the way in which he prioritises Circes actions towards him and his crew is also relevant, seeing as it is Odysseus recounting the story to Alcinous. He first says Circe graciously bathed the members of my party in her p alace and rubbed them with olive-oil.She gave them tunics and warm cloaks, showing how to him, the women he encounters are mostly beneficial to him for the reason that they give him and his crew shelter, food and drink, and there is no implication of any feeling towards them. They stay on the island for a year, and by the end the crew are frustrated What possesses you to stay on here? Its time you thought of Ithaca. It is only when Ithaca is mentioned that Odysseus is persuaded to leave my proud heart was convinced if he did have any feelings towards Circe, he would have stayed, or at least contemplated staying for a little longer.Overall I consider that Odysseus does not care about these women. He loves his wife dear Penelope is never out of your thoughts- and is happy to leave every island he sets foot upon if he thinks he is intent for home. Circe does seem to hold a certain place in Odysseus heart, because she is the one he stays with voluntarily and has to be persuaded to leave, but Odysseus leaves the others without a backward glance with a happy heart in fact, in the case of Calypso.Odysseuss affection and respect for Nausicaa seems to be purely polite and possibly only to suit his own means, or at the most brotherly- he wants the best for her. As for Arete, Odysseus never had affectionate feelings for her. He of necessity her support to get home, and this is the only reason he shows respect for her, except perhaps because she is a quick-scented woman. Throughout the Odyssey, Odysseus longs for his homeland, and is unable to feel much but grief at his prolonged absence.

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My childhood memory that still occurs today Essay Example for Free

My childhood memory that unbosom occurs to daytime EssayI dont know why Im surprised close this as its happened before and still is today. Looking spinal column at it now has made me a lot lots confident and I smack a lot stronger than I was before. This all happened 10 categorys back from now how I had an operation on my look that didnt go to plan and left me with worse results to my eyes as atomic number 53 was squint and the other was on the nose normal. Knowing I had to go to instruct with these effects was terrifying, nerve-racking, scary, and I had this gut feeling that I wasnt going to be good plenteous for anyone. Every day that went by was emotional and upsetting to non only me only if to my mum overly as she knew what it felt like to be bullied. Each day I came inhabitancy from school with tear streaming d witness my face, she knew something was wrong and as I was so young she had no idea what to do but to comfort me and some metres it wasnt always lik e that she would sometimes and sit t present and song because she wanted to help and also the fact she hated seeing her children cry/ be upset. From day one I was given a moniker which was named 4- eyed Katherine and now growing up it has came to me that my new nickname is cock-eyed Katherine. As its been so long ago that this all started I can actually still remember an incident that happened due to the disaffect in my eyes. The school bell rang for home time, I was so happy to be going home.I remember running to the door with my big heavy schoolbag that was in two ways the size of me. I waved all the teachers goodbye and opened the door to see a few guys I knew that were in my class standing just outside to the left of the school doorI hated each and both one of them that were there. One of the boys within the group said hello so I just unattended him and headed on by then I heard someone shout from the group oi, Katherine come here, I didnt want to go as I just wanted to ge t home so I ignored them again was halfway down the play priming coat. After having been ignored twice they stubborn to come over to me, they all circled around me. Next thing I knew I was thrown to the ground they all spat on me and called me 4-eyes. I seen that they had on roller-blades, they started kicking me with themit hurt me like mad. By this time I was crying and screaming for help. I could hear someone from the far end of the playground cheering leave her alone, the boys all ran off and I was left in pain, I couldnt feel parts of my body. One of the teachers came over and helped me up also took me back to the school to get me cleaned up. My mum was calledand was told about what had happened to me .thinking about it gives me butterflies in my tummy.Reflecting back 10 years from now is a huge difference but more to the fact that all the bullying hasnt stopped as it still proceeds today, just like it has for the past 10 years. As I grew up I learnt that not everyone was perf ect everyone has their own flaws and opinions. Looking back from 10 years to now has mostly not affected me as much as it did before but in reality its hard to hold back feelings. As it still happens today I dont really bother about it as fundamentally Im used to it but sometimes it can go abit too far and it willing eventually get to me. There argon times that someone has said something either about me or to me and I just simply walk away as people beat their own opinions. I dont sympathize why they bully me because if it had happened to them they wouldnt like it. I still have the nickname of cock-eyed Katherine today, I had to weary glasses ever since I had the operation so it would help my eyes get better but every time I took them off everyone just stared at me and laughed and I knew from then that I was going to get bullied and be an easy target. Ever since I had theses glasses everyone unbroken asking me to take them off just so they could see my eyes and laugh at me. My friends tick by me today and they have for a long time, they have seen me at my worst when all this gets to me and they understand how Im feeling as they also have been through that stage but not as long as I have though.There is an incident that happened in 1st year where it was in P.E and we were doing swimming, as I cant really see without my glasses I had to wear them. I jumped into the water and when I rose to the top I noticed I wasnt wearable my glasses, they must have fallen off and sunk to the bottom of the pool. I turned around to stick everyone in my class staring at me and laughing. One pupil had to swim to the bottom and collect them and from that day in high school I was bullied as everyone knew the me under the glasses. I mean there are also times when I am walking in the corridor of school and people just walk by me and say look theres cock-eyed Katherine, I just dont pick up and just keep on walking. In my own opinion I feel like everyone should be treated equal ly and fairly, we all came in this world the same way so we should all go out that way too. I would like for all the bullying to stop as Im fed up of it and it just isnt fair on me that Im being picked on when they wouldnt like it if I were doing it to them.

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Living in sin by Adrienne Rich Essay Example for Free

Living in sin by Adrienne juicy EssayBeing a woman is different from being a man. Women do have difficulties vitality with men. In the poem Living in Sin, the author, Adrienne Rich, has showed the difficulties of their life, and the horrible relationship through her figurative language, and imagery.The imagery reveals the difficulties and differences mingled with men and women. First, she has A headquarters of pears, a piano with a Persian shawl, in her life. A plate of pears represents the sweetness of life. She expects she allow have a sweet life, a great relationship with her mate. Secondly, a towel to dust the table-top, and let the coffee-pot boil over on the stove has shown that she has to take care of everything in the house. She uses a towel to clean the table. This shows her annoyance from cleaning, and she cleans the table carelessly.Finally, By evening she was back in love again, she woke sometimes to feel the daylight coming like a relentless milkman up the sta ir. These two lines contain two overstatement and irony. When the night is coming, she feels relax and back in love because she finishes all her work, and she can take a rest. Contrarily, when the morning is coming, she feels disappointed because all the annoying things will happen again. The carelessness of her mate makes her feels bad and she will no longer stay there.

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Community Health Nursing Essay Example for Free

Community Health Nursing Essay tidy People stand a 10-year national objective for improving the health of Americans. It has established benchmarks and monitored progress over time in order to encourage collaborations across the country, empowering individuals toward making knowledgeable health decisions, and measuring the impact of ginmill activities. The mint is for a society in which all people live long and strong lives. Objectives new to muscular People 2020 are related to policies targeting young children through strong-arm activity in childcare settings, picture viewing and electronic computer usage, recess and physical education in the Nations public and unavowed elementary schools. Physical activity is important as it can improve health and quality of manners for all, including those with disabilities. Increased physical activity in children and adolescents can improve bone health, cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, pass levels of body fat and reduce sympt oms of depression.There is an epidemic of fleshiness among our children today, this is subsumeed to the over use of computer games and television. Healthy People 2020 have set an objective that sets limits to screen time. It was rather interesting to me that the pediatrician communicate me that my infant, now a toddler should not be watching television at all as recommended by the daybook of Pediatrics. As mentioned in The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, there is a dangerous link found between childhood obesity and asthma (Rance, OLaughlen, 2011). A common assumption is that fish gain occurs because many asthmatic patients avoid exercise since physical activity can trigger their symptoms, though many contributing factors coexist (Rance, et. al., 2011). Interesting enough there has been a suggestion that over angle/obesity as a risk factor for developing asthma (Papoutsaakis, Priftis, Drakouli , Prifti, Konstantaki, Chondronikola, Matziou, 2013).Asan adolescent I was diagnos ed with having chronic asthma, as I was extremely active and not an over pack child. Physical activity was a familiar part of my daily afterschool routine, I ran track, was a member of the swim team and was on the cheer get goinging squad. So having asthma one should not exclude physical activity from their life as it helps to prevent obesity and opposite ailments. A study illustrated that children were more adept at identifying rose-cheeked foods and explaining their benefits than identifying activities that make their bodies healthy (Lanigan, 2011). This study too discovered that the media was the primary source of childrens health knowledge. Parents need to become more involved and lead by example as it pertains to the health and welfare of their children. This is why I often volunteer for the versatile optimist clubs in the community, sharing information on the importance of staying active, hydrated and eating a well equilibrise diet.I keep my kids in extracurricular acti vities such as sports, promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Early-learning professionals and parents need to play a more prominent role in teaching children about the benefits of healthy eating and activity (Lanigan, 2011). There has been a correlation between paternal influences on childrens weight gain, as a review demonstrated fathers who were overweight viewed themselves and their offspring as normal weight (Fraser, Skouteris, McCabe, Ricciardelli, Milgrom, Baur, 2011). The children in this study were more likely to eat fast food, eat at fast pace, eat when world-weary and were less likely to eat dinner together as a family (Fraser, et al., 2011). As it was hard to blemish whether these behaviors are a result of children modeling behaviors displayed by their fathers, although the heavier the fathers were the greater the number of hours their children spent in inactive activities such as watching television and using the computer (Fraser, et al., 2011).One str ategy not mentioned in Healthy People 2020 is mandating parent involvement and modeling, which I consider first line of defense for prevention of childhood obesity and related disease. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), builds on and strengthens the foundation for prevention and wellness established by Healthy People, the nations health promotion and disease prevention aspirations for a healthier nation (Fielding, Teutsch, Koh, 2012). The Guide to Community Preventive Services recommends making physical activity the easily choice by creating in our communities accessible parks andrecreation encouraging the social norm of walking, bicycling, and come up stairs where these activities can reasonably substitute for driving and riding elevators or escalators and placing greater emphasis on mass transit and mixed residential and commercial development to encourage greater spatial integration of places where people live, work and shop (Fielding, et al., 2012).In conclusion, community based childhood obesity prevention programs with a school component focusing on both diet and physical activity is more telling at preventing obesity and overweight (Bleich, Segal, Wu, Wilson, Wang, 2013). As previously mentioned one strategy not mentioned in Healthy People 2020 is mandating parent involvement and modeling, which I consider first line of defense for prevention of childhood obesity and related disease.ReferencesBleich, S. N., Segal, J., Wu, Y., Wilson, R., Wang, Y. (2013). Systematic review of community-based childhood obesity prevention studies. Pediatrics, 132(1), e201-e210. doi10.1542/peds.2013-0886 Fielding, J. E., Teutsch, S., Koh, H. (2012). Health tidy up and healthy people initiative. American Journal of Public Health, 102(1), 30-33. doi102105/AJPH.2011.300312 Fraser, J., Skouteris, H., McCabe, M., Ricciardelli, L. A., Milgrom, J., Baur, L. A. (2011). Paternal influences on childrens weight gain a system review. Fathering, 9(3), 252-267. doi10.3149/fth.0903.2 52Lanigan, J. D. (2011). The substance and sources of young childrens healthy eating and physical activity knowledge implications for obesity prevention efforts. Child Care, Health Development, 37(3), 368-376. doi10.1111/j.1365-2214.2010.01191.x Papoutsaakis, C., Priftis, K. N., Drakouli, M., Prifti, S., Konstantaki, E., Chondronikola, M., Matziou, V. (2013). Childhood overweight/obesity and asthma is there a link? a system review of recent epidemiologic evidence. Journal of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 113(1), 77-105. doi10.1016/j.jand.2012.08.025 Rance, K., OLaughlen, M. (2011). Obesity and asthma a dangerous link in children an collective review of the literature. Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 7(4), 287-292. doi10.1016/j.nurpra.2010.06.011

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Gatorade - Marketing Project Essay Example for Free

Gatorade market Project EssayThe Gatorade order makes the worlds leading sports drunkenness. In part, this is due to its ubiquitous commercializeplaceing strategies that ordure be seen almost everywhere. Gatorade is the official sports drink of the NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL and MLS. It is also the official sports drink of the NFL and has become part of a famous tradition, the Gatorade Dunk where the winning suspensors of the Super Bowl empty the Gatorade cooler everywhere the coach.Gatorade has also been advertised by some of the grea examen supporters in history from Serena Williams, to Peyton Manning, to exceeding gold medalist Usain Bolt, to probably the most famous endorser in NBA great Michael Jordan. Gatorade makes several harvest-times including the G series which consists of pre-game, thirst quencher and post-game beverages. There is also the G Series Pro which consists mainly of sports nutrition reapings. therefore there is G Natural which contains more natural ingredients. The Gatorade Company also makes trigger off Fitness Water.The Gatorade Company was not always much(prenominal) a large company nor was it created by an existing beverage corporation. It was created as a necessity by the team in which its named after The University of Florida Gators. Gatorade was created in 1965 by a team of five scientists led by Dr. Robert Cade. The beverage was created to improve the athletic performance of the universitys footb tout ensemble game team. When more than a dozen of the players had fallen sick due to dehydration from the intense heat and training, the scientists researched dehydration and what the body loses during enormous activity.They found kayoed that sugars, salts and minerals were required to hydrate the human body after immense physical activity water alone was not enough. They created an electrolyte-carbohydrate drink and supplied it to the athletes. The results were phenomenal. The Gators were able to outperform their rival s, especially in the latter half of the game where exhaustion seemed to cripple their opponents. The Gators went on to win their first Champion commit and soon after Gatorade was adopted by different sports teams.Supplying the beverage became more and more herculean for the scientists as demand increased, and after failed attempts to commercialize it, Stokely-Van clique acquired U. S. rights to the drink and Gatorade Inc. was incorporated in Florida in 1967. afterwards much success, the coach of the Florida Gators suggested the winning formula to the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were impressed and use throughout the absolute season culminating with a Super Bowl victory. Much of the produceth of the Gatorade Company occurred when it was acquired by Quaker Oats, which bought Stokely-Van Camp for $220 cardinal in 1983.It was under Quaker Oats that Michael Jordan, who was arguably the most famous and fast rising athlete at the time, became the celebrity spokespers on for the company. Sales skyrocketed and Gatorade was once again the leader as the sports drink market grew to $1 billion by 1994. Also during its ownership by Quaker Oats, the product went global. It was and continues to be exchange in numerous countries and several continents successfully. It also expanded its product line to include more gusto varieties. Towards the end of the 1990s the sports drink market grew to $2 billion.With its consistent success, Gatorade continued to launch new products including Propel Fitness Water. In 2000, PepsiCo, a multinational corporation focusing on beverages and snacks, acquired Quaker Oats for $13 billion. It bought all over Quaker Oats primarily for the Gatorade brand, which is still one of the corporations largest and most successful divisions. Gatorade continued to grow because it renewed its contract with Michael Jordan, campaigned its Is it n you? ad, and also signed a host of new celebrity athletes.To daytime, Gatorade has over a doz en plants where it manufactures the products it sells and is still the leader in todays $3 billion buck sports drink market. Target Market Description The original print market for Gatorade was sports teams. In fact, it was originally lonesome(prenominal) sold to sports teams. It spread from the Gators football team to other Gators teams much(prenominal) as basketball. It then spread to other college sports teams until finally it reached professional teams in the NFL. It spread team to team until it became the official sports drink of the NFL in 1983 and was used by over 70 divisions and college teams.Sales trends increased with the same rapid pace. In the early 1980s Gatorade led the $200 million sports drink market. Net sales were record at $90 million in 1982 and grew exponentially in the following years. By the mid 1980s net sales were recorded at $170 million. During the latter half of the 1980s Gatorade marketed its famous Gatorade is Thirst Aid for that deep vote out bod y thirst, this along with televised adds, strategic placing of the product on sidelines during big games and a growing sports drink market raised net sales to nearly $900 million by the end of the decade.The demographics of the Gatorade G Series aim market * Traditionally active males, aged 18 to 25. They can be students, just starting their c atomic number 18ers, or well established. * They grew up idolizing many different sports athletes and teams, which still have an influence. * They make a very immense variety of incomes because Gatorade is inexpensive. It could be anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000. * Education could vary also, most have at least racy school level education and some have college or above experiences. * These types of consumers may also be interested in other sport-related clothing and accessories.They may be interested in terms such as jerseys, hats, shoes or anything that will show off their allegiance to a team, sport or player. * The G Series core target i s the 13- to 17-year-old high gear-school athlete, while G Series Pros target is the 16- to 24-year-old who is in the line of credit of being athletic, whether as an elite athlete or personal trainer. A more detailed check at the magnetic resonance imaging report gives a great glimpse into the target market for the sports drink assiduity. As highlighted in the index, 18-24 year olds are the core target market.With an index of 174, that means 74% of that age footslog are more likely to drink sports drinks. Moving further up the age range, 18-49 year adults put up a tremendous opportunity for this market. As highlighted by their percent down (which indicates the percent of those persons out of everyone that consumes a variable), 78. 2% of the total population that drank sports drinks were of that age group. Capturing the teen consumer has been identified as a priority for the brand, with the CMO of Gatorade, Ms. Robb-OHagan, profess that teens thought the brand was dated.Last years shift to G was meant to grab their attention. With that accomplished, she said, the brand has been working with teens to test and promote the new products. Through May, a mobile locker room is making its way to high schools, showcasing the G Series products. What were focusing on this year, from a merchandising standpoint, is making sure that the high-school athlete understands the G Series, understands the three-part series, Mrs. Robb-OHagan said. If we land that strongly with the teen consumers, we have a lot of opportunity.A Reporter Report is effect with explanations of key numbers. Please note that all the numbers are based on the 2009 Fall MRI study, and that the projected numbers (000) are expressed in thousands. ( vermiform process A). Market Trends and Macro Forces According to the beverage Marketing Corporation, the sports drink industry has actually shrunk in sales by 12. 3% from 2009. Considering that Gatorade holds over a 70% market share of the entire sports dr ink market, they saw losses in gallons produced by 15. 5% in that same year.In a more local look at the market, from 1986 to 2009, the geometric growth of the industry in America has been 11. 62%. However, considering the great growth for the first 19 years of its existence from 1986 to 2005 of 14. 3%, this number might be misleading. A more accurate picture can be varicolored by using the last 5 years, letting the state of the economy be fully reflected in growth. In this new scenario, the growth is at -. 27%. Gatorade markets not only to the athlete, but to the casual imbiber as well construction workers, restaurants, and families for dinnertime.Sales records for the sports drink brands for the year 2009 and 2010 are available in the Appendix B. Market Trends Changing Needs Gatorade being a sports drink primarily focuses on the needs of the athletes. The researchers conceptualise that the athletes are looking for pre and post workout drinks. The average consumer is already cons uming during the before-and-after occasion, said Sarah Robb-OHagan, chief marketing officer at Gatorade. Different consumers have different nutritional needs on game day vs. training days.What weve seen as weve developed these products is different consumers mixing and matching their own regime to meet their needs. In addition, in order to build long term brand loyalty Gatorade is focusing on target high school students between the ages of 13-17 years. What were focusing on this year, from a marketing standpoint, is making sure that the high-school athlete understands the G Series, understands the three-part series, she said. If we land that strongly with the teen consumers, we have a lot of opportunity.What are also sparking the changing needs in this market trend are consumers increasingly focusing on their health. They are advised about the effects of beverages on their own bodies. According to Mintel, a consumer packaged goods monitoring service, some of the product areas wit h the highest growth were in the sports and meal replacement categories, which place a greater emphasis on nutrition. more beverage companies are focusing their attention on adding new nutritional benefits to their new products, promoting a products ability to enhance sports performance.As the consumers are growing increasingly conscious about the contents of the sports drinks and the needs of the athletes are changing, so is the change in formulations of sports drinks. It is getting even more complicated. Sports nutrition companies are looking at low glycemic sugars as functional sugar systems to enhance endurance in accredited products. These include newer functional sweeteners, such as isomaltulose and trehalose. Gatorade has risen to this challenge of balancing innovation with market needs.Beverage World selected Gatorade as the Winner for Brand Reinvention when it released the G-Series which includes the three products Prime, Perform and Recover for before, during and after work out respectively. Macro Forces There are many big forces that affect the sports drink industry. Among the most toxic is the circulating(prenominal) state of the economy. As we have discussed earlier, the poor spending power of consumers has shifted demand to less expensive alternatives, such as water or vitamin infused drinks. As the recession begins to lag into the next year, the sports drink industry can expect sales volume to remain at current levels.Given that the U6 rate (the most broad form of unemployment that combines both unemployed and underemployed) is at 17%, discretionary income will continue to be a hindrance on this industry. While our competitor analysis is fully developed in the coming sections, it should be pointed out now that competition plays a significant role in this industrys macro forces. Currently, there are two main competitors, Gatorade and Powerade, or Pepsi and Coke, respectively. Unfortunately there is no room for consolidation in this domesti c saturated market, so the competitive battles that spur between the two eat past at costs and sales.A recent example comes from a lawsuit between these two companies. An hold in the Beverage Industry relating to the industry issues reported a clash between Coca-Colas Powerade and Pepsi-Colas Gatorade on a lawsuit over brand advertising. At issue was a Powerade pickaxe ad that featured a drag race between horse-drawn carts, one of which was carrying 10 bales of hay and the other 50. The message was that 10-calorie Option allowed the 10-bale horse to win the race over the 50-calorie competitor.The lawsuit argued the ad sent the message that Powerade was more sound as a sports drink, as well as containing fewer calories. The matter was resolved in a matter of days, with Coca-Cola agreeing to modify the ad. Such trivial pursuits between the two are costly to the industry and companies themselves. In addition to the direct competitors, sports drinks are facing increased competition f rom bottled water like Vitamin Water and coconut tree water and nutritional drinks like skimmed draw and chocolate milk for hydration and nutrition.Coconut water, skimmed milk and chocolate milk are easy to produce and provide natural health benefits compared to the artificial electrolytes in popular sports drinks like Gatorade. While health concerns have had positive effects on the industry, there are also some negatives as well. A new study done by researchers at The University of Iowa suggests that the sports drink Gatorade erodes teeth faster than a carbonated soft drink. I dont think everybody realizes how erosive these things are, especially Gatorade and trigger-happy Bull, Leslie A.Ehlen, a student at the University of Iowa School of Dentistry tells WebMD. People need to be aware that all sorts of beverages can be causing dental erosion. Of course, this leads right back to another macro force in regulator procedures. Although in know will health issues like this loom ove r the industrys ability to sell their products, the F. D. A (food and drug administration) can certainly dampen sales volumes if need be. The F. D. A has recently banned production of Four Loko as it the combination of caffeine and alcohol mix is extremely dangerous.

Microelectronic Pill Essay Example for Free

microelectronic Pill Essay1 ABSTRACTThe contrivance of transistor enabled the first use of radiometry capsules, which used simple circuits for the internal study of the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. They couldnt be used as they could transmit only from a single channel and also due to the coat of the components. They also suffered from light reliability, low sensitivity and short lifetimes of the devices. This led to the industry of single-channel telemetry capsules for the staining of disease and brachydactylousities in the GI tract where restricted atomic number 18a prevented the use of traditional endoscopy. They were later modified as they had the disadvantage of victimization laboratory type sensors such as the glass pH electrodes, impedance thermometers, etc.They were also of very large size. The later modification is similar to the above instrument but is smaller in size due to the application of existing semiconductor fabrication technologies. These technologies led to the formation of MICROELECTRONIC PILL. Microelectronic pill is basically a multichannel sensor used for remote bio medical exam measurements using micro technology. This is used for the real time measurement arguings such as temperature, pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen. The sensors ar fabricated using electron smooth and photolithographic pattern integration and were nurseled by an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC).2 INTRODUCTIONWhen Microelectronic pill is swallowed, then it will travel through the Gastro Intestinal Tract simultaneously perform multi parameter in situ physiological analysis After completing its mission it will come out of the remains by normal bowel movement The pill is 16mm in diameter 55mm long weighing near 5 gram It records parameters like temperature, pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen in real time. It measures the body core temperature. also compensates with the temperature induced signal changes in other sensors. It also identifies local changes associated with TISSUE INFLAMMATION ULCERS.3 utilise science USED IN MICROELECTRONIC PILLION-SELECTIVE FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR(ISFET) The ISFET measures pH. It cannister reveal pathological conditions associated with abnormal pH levels These abnormalities include Pancreatic disease Hypertension Inflammatory bowel disease The activity of agitation bacteria The level of acid excretion Reflux of oesophagus Effect of GI specific drugs on target organs. The pair of direct contact Gold electrodes measures conductivity, by measuring the contents of water common salt absorption, bile secretion the breakdown of organic components into charged colloids etc. in the GI tract. Since the gold has outstrip conductivity among all the elements, Therefore it gives true value of conductivity as measured. DIRECT CONTACT fortunate ELECTRODE The three electrode electrochemical cell detects the level of dissolved oxygen in solution.It measures the oxygen gradient from th e proximal to the distal GI Tract It investigates Growth of aerobic or bacterial infection Formation of radicals create cellular injury pathophysiological conditions like inflammation Gastric ulceration. It develops generation enzymes linked with amperometric biosensors. ASIC The ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) is the control unit that connects together other components of the micro system. It contains an parallel signal conditioning module run the sensors, 10-bit analogue to digital (ADC) digital to analogue (DAC) converters, digital data processing module The temperature circuitry bias the diode at incessant current so that change in temperature reflects a corresponding change in in diode voltage.The pH ISFET sensor is biased as a simple source at constant current with the source voltage changing with threshold voltage pH. The conductivity circuit operates at D.C. It measures the resistance across the electrode pair as an inverse function of solution condu ctivity. An incorporated potentiostat circuit operates the O 2 sensor with a 10 bit DAC controlling the working electrode authority w.r.t the reference Analogue signals are sequenced through a multiplexer before being digitized by ADC. ASIC sensors consume 5.3 mW world-beater corresponding to 1.7 mA of current. restrict CHIP Size of transmitter = 8 ? 5 ? 3 mm Modulation Scheme = frequence Shift Keying (FSK) Data Transfer Rate = 1 kbps Frequency = 40.01 MHz at 20 C Bandwidth of the signal generated 10 KHz It consumes 6.8 mW power at 2.2 mA of current.RADIO TRANSMITTOR4ExperimentalThe electronic pill comprise a biocompatible capsule, which consists of a chemically resistant polyether-terketone (PEEK) coating, the four microfabricated sensors, the ASIC control chip and a discrete component radio transmitter (Fig. 1). The unit I powered by two SR44 Ag2O batteries (3.1 V), which provides an operating time of 35 hours at the rated power consumption of 15 mW. The sensors were fabricat ed on two recognize 55 mm2 silicon chips located at the front end of the capsule. The temperature sensor is embedded in the substrate, whereas the conductivity sensor is directly exposed to the surroundings.The pH and oxygen sensors were enclosed in two separate 8 nL electrolyte chambers containing a 0.1M KOH solution retained in a 0.2 % calcium alginate gel. The electrolyte maintains a stable potential of the integrated Ag/AgCl reference electrodes used by the two sensors. The oxygen and pH sensor are covered by a 12 ?m thick film of teflon and nafion respectively, and protected by a 15 ?m thick dialysis membrane of polycarbonate. The signals were conditioned by the ASIC and then transmitted to a local receiver (base station) at 40.01 MHz prior to data acquisition on a PC. The applied simplex communication link, based on a direct sequence spread spectrum communication system, can handle data from several pills at the same time.4 APPLICATIONIt is used in the medical diagnosis of ge stro-intestial tract disease.5 CONCLUSIONThe electronic pill will be further miniaturised for pitying ingestion by the incorporation of the transmitter on silicon and a reduction in power consumption by the implementation of a standby modus and serial bitstream data compression. The integration of radiation sensors and the application of indirect imaging technologies such as ultrasound and impedance tomography will improve the detection of tissue abnormalities and radiology treatment associated with cancer and chronic inflammation.6 REFERENCES1 www.wikipedia.com2 www.seminar-only.com3 Cane, C., I. Gracia, and A. Merlos, Microelectronics Journal.

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Official Crime Statistics Essay Example for Free

Official Crime Statistics EssayWhat argon the briny strengths and weaknesses of decreed curse statistics and victimisation surveys? In this essay I al pathetic be discussing the main strengths and weaknesses of official criminal offence statistics and victimization surveys. I get hold of done tremendous research to back up my work, I have also used famous criminologists and other bodies who understand criminalization to help re-enforce my points. Most experts and sure-fire authors, such as Tim Newburn, Brent E. Turvey and Clive Coleman have attempted, through their literature to show how discourtesy has evolved and how surveys have influenced the customarys views about it. The first ever national crime statistics were published in France, 1827. Adolphe Quetelet, a disciple and previous astronomer was the first item-by-item to take a serious approach and interest in criminal statistics. He then went on to become a in the lead body in criminology and fond sciences for his work. Official crime statistics are placed under the ideology of crime rates in the UK and Wales. come that the BCS, sanctioned philosophy and other law aboding bodies can gather together from the every(prenominal)day, their research and other lines to help grant the most stainless rate of crime they can.Victimisation surveys are generally random samples of the macrocosm asked whether they have been a victim to crime inwardly a specific outcome of time. The reasons why these two antithetic types of surveys must be taken are so that crime statistics can attempt to be much solid, although the argument is always made that there exiting never be an accurate percentage of crime and I will also be touching on why this statement has and always will be made. Crime statistics and Victimisation surveys are polls taken and received by victims of crime or the criminals and individuals who commit them. There has been much controversy amongst crime statistics of how accurate an d precise they really are. I will be discussing these issues, but overall revolve abouting my main points onto the strengths and weaknesses of official crimes statistics and victimisation surveys. Without crime statistics there would be no base grounds on the numbers of crimes mediocrely committed, by what sex and by what age group. However, without victimization surveys crimes may stay hidden crimes such as domestic violence, burglary and intimidation.Why I mention these 3 in particular are because statistics show that most common repeat victims of crime are deep down these types of offences. Other offences also include other household theft and vandalism. One example of a contribute victimization survey is the British Crime Survey. The British Crime Survey or BCS for short is a nationally represented survey with a successful sample of approximately 47,000 adults living in confidential households in England and wales every year. The BCS started its surveys in 1981 and it beca me a fluent survey database until 2001/2002. This survey is a face to face interview where the respondents or victims are asked about their experiences and feelings of crime that may have happened to them or mountain they know in the last 12 months, the BCS also ask them about their opinions of crime and crime related topics such as anti-social behaviour. These types of people would also be asked about the effectiveness of the police and how they demand with these issues of crime.The British crime survey is a very important key piece of information and source of data on the background of respondents and the overall circumstances of victimization. A public, accurate crime statistic is most ordinarily the police, a much community based, less national and less accurate version as its range of scope does non cover the nation however both sources limit themselves to a coiffe of offences. Making it easier to gain a more accurate percentage. One main difference between the BCS and th e police is that the BCS move outs victimless crimes, drug dealing and murder. The reason for this is the victims are no longer available to discuss the pointts that happened. Other crimes they exclude are sexual offences this is generally due to the small number reported and the unwillingness of respondents to come forward. some other main difference between the two is that BCS thefts including personal property and other household items, because with the police they would pick out everything included in the theft, jewellery, personal belongings, with the BCS it would all fall into a similar category making it a difficult task to achieve. A weakness of official crime statistics and victimisation surveys is that an argument could be bought up are they actually official? Just because theyre published doesnt make them correct. What about the crimes that arent reported, Because of victims being afraid, intimidated or not having trust in the police. These events being called Hidden C rimes or as they are often referred to Dark Figures. In addition to this, modern day statistics are now more enclosed, for example in Tim Newburns Criminology he discusses how crimes such as violence against the person accounts to events such as murder, assault, however not reckless driving which could be considered to focus fully on physical damage.So as statistics are not as open to as m some(prenominal) crimes as they wish, some will slip through and possibly go into a much minor category. Obviously a harm being that individual may feel neglected and reluctant to detail the events. Due to the declining of main account book crimes in the recent age, beliefs about crime are still quite high. A third of the population from 2003 still believed that crime was a high rated problem. Advantages of Statistics such as these are that they tend to give the public a clear understanding of what crime rates are at. This table shows beliefs about crime, public guardianship that possibly the tabloids could have caused. This is discussed a weakness to crime statistics and the public, in a way the media are creating crimes, victuals on crime fear.As I mentioned earlier Crime statistics are never fully accurate and power is always an important federal agent when determining crime. Smaller crimes such as robbery are associated with the Underclass Theory by Charles Murray. These types of offences are more down to the individual rather than a group. Dr Ziggy MacDonald of the University of Leicester wrote a piece in the Economic Journal about Hidden Crimes, one of the things his research showed was that forecasts of crime trends recrudesce to take proper account of what drives unreported crime. For example, someone who is currently unemployed is 7% less in all likelihood to report a burglary than someone who is currently in work, while someone on a relatively high income is 8% more likely to report a burglary than someone on less than average income He discussed how the d ecrease in employment could eventually lead to the higher rate of theft from peoples properties, and resulting in victims not reporting it, maybe thinking it wont matter as their income isnt high enough to replace the item anyway. Even though the difference between low income individuals and high income individuals is 1% which from my research closely is around 16% burglaries every year as a crime rate, 1% of those victims with a low income are subjected towards not reporting theft of their possessions. Certain individuals economic status (as shown in from MacDonalds work) can become a huge factor when determining Hidden Crimes.People could feel helpless as income is low, or they may live in a deprived area, with no way of being helped their behaviour could become broken referring to the broken ice rink theory a single building could have a shattered window for a period of time and the community around that area may feel unwanted, leaving a physical and aflame gap between this com munity and the open world. Because of this, other buildings may become trashed and broken, people would begin to neutralise the area it self, the idea of fear within these Hidden Crimes. This adds to the statistics the BCS and the police may not know about, little areas may not be expected to have high rates of crime and therefore focus is taken away from them. Bigger areas such as Birmingham would be a prime target for crime, the self-reliance is made. Another theory could that there could possibly be Marxist Criminology, Crime due to class divisions within a society or community, or perhaps crimes of the powerful, individuals or groups of people being treated otherwise in society, expelled from other physical and emotional contact, leaving them no choice but to turn to crime.Transference, to be precise. In August, 2011 the riots in the United Kingdom gave breach to a huge collaboration of crime sprees. oer 1000 people were arrested, yet possibly over 100,000 protested against this Marxist Criminology from politics, student fees and tax increases. Not every individual was caught, making statistics even scarcer. These significant changes within society set alight events that triggered this. This idea of neo Marxism relating to Dark Figures as not every individual in society has the same equal irritate as other fortunate people, be it financially, emotionally and they lash out because of it. Yet these crimes arent recorded, they go unnoticed and became a damaging part of a society. In relation to this is the Left Realism theory, a social democratic approach to the analysis of crime and the development of effective policies of crime control. At the snapper of all of this is a source of suffering for the poor and the vulnerable, this links from the ideology of smaller much little crimes. Bullying for example which as many of 44% of suicides by children from the ages of 10-14 are potentially linked.Data sources of the years have developed and grown onto thi s topic from the 1900s as society and trends begin to evolve. Children picked on because of their backgrounds or income, yet data sources still have a less accurate number to this topic than any other. Official crime statistics do not generally show crimes committed by corporations, if any results are shown, they arent ever big corporations. An example of corporations is Citibank, high profile data breaches, and even the business Sony. These duster Collar Crimes are not easily detected, distinguishing them from victimization surveys. They could be breaches of health and safety laws, not recognisable to the easiest detail. Linking to this could be an idea of a corporations being known as Mavericks people who are the exceptions rather than the rules, so society and governing bodies refuse to believe that they would commit corporate crimes, allowing them to get off easy. Or even reducing the expected costs.One of the biggest corporate crimes was an incident that occurred in 1984 Bhop al. Hundreds of people were killed in a chemical substance accident, by a company called Union Carbide. They owned a pesticide plant which was around 3 miles from Bhopal. The leading director of that company told the BBC that methyl isocyanate gas (MIC) had escaped when a valve in the plants underground storage storage tank broke under pressure As laws are different from the USA and India, payments have still not been made to the families, who deserve compensation, an American firm that is above the law and have been forced into no legal action whatsoever.Could this have future affects to India, How people live, fear foreign businesses, Should they have to live in fear. In conclusion to my research and the theories I have mentioned. I believe that crime statistics can define the crime rate in the UK every year, both types of surveys have their weaknesses and strengths, society as a whole helps figure out the body of crime, they can also be the reliable source to provide it, and st op it. My results and research from numerous sources have given an indication on the levels of crime in the UK.Bibliographyhttp//www.homeoffice.gov.uk/publications/science-research-statistics/research-statistics/crime-research/hosb1011/ http//www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/627523/victim-survey http//www.statistics.gov.uk/hub/crime-justice/crime/victims-of-crime/index.html http//webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20110218135832/http//rds.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/crimeew0809.html http//www.res.org.uk/society/mediabriefings/pdfs/2002/february/macdonald1.pdf http//news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/december/3/newsid_2698000/2698709.stm http//www.civitas.org.uk/crime/factsheet-YouthOffending.pdf