Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ch.1 Environmental Science

Ch. 1 Outline I.What is Environmental Science? A.We live in some(prenominal) social world and ingrained world (Ex: soils, air, water, etc. that is billions historic period old) B.Two conditions: conditions that surround an organism, and social/cultural that affect individuals C. binding believed population understood the problems, but didnt know how to proceed. D.Goals to capitulation out in mind: aware and appreciate, know natural sys. concept, count and solve, know current issues. II.Brief History of Conservation and Environmentalism A.4 Stages 1.Conserve resources 2. objective lens lesson/Beauty preservation of disposition 3.Health/ bionomical damage concerns 4.Participate globally B.History 1.Plate (4th century) began complained the misuse of spirit up until Poivre believe 1/4 of forest should be hold on slopes and waterways. Mauritius remained a stand up for balance between nature and human. C.Inspirations from Waste 1.After witnessing excessive grazi ng, wastes, and deforestation, marsh wrote Man and Nature that sparked the boldness of nation forest militia to protect timber supplies and watersheds. His induce influences Teddy Roosevelt, Pinchot. 2.Roosevelt pulled Forest operate out of Interior Depart. into Depart. Of Agriculture. He put Pinchot as the head.
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on with Muir, Brewster, and Grinell, they stopped some abuses of the habitual domain by termination game protection law. Pinchot chaired clear House Conference on Natural Resources. 3.1st normal of conservation- development/use of natural resources for the benefits of the people living now. D.Mo ral/Beauty preservation of nature 1.Muir op! posed Pinchots ideas. Biocentric preservation- beauty/ sacred values that formed his philosophy of nature protection that emphasizes the pay off of organisms and pursuing their own interests. Muir and Mather, his disciple, fought for make-up of Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Park. Leopold, who wrote A Sand County Almanac, planted trees later buying the farm in Wisconsin. E....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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