Saturday, February 8, 2014

Intro To Malay Legal System

INTRODUCTION  1.0 What is fair play? The word legal philosophical system is difficult to define, especially as it is apply in many different ways. It contains, however, the concepts of orderliness, catholicity and objectivity. The line police force is used in many sense, we say of the legal philosophys of physics, evaluators of games, laws of state or law of traffic. When we speak about the law of the State we use the term LAW in a very special and harsh sense, and this law may be defined as incur of human conduct, imposed upon and implement among the members of a State. When we speak of the law we usually imply the solid of the law, however it may fetch been formed, much of the Malaysian law has been created out of the English customs, and a great role of the law has been created by polity i.e. Act of Parliament. Human be resorts to various kinds of rules to guide their life. diverse people perceive law differently. For the lawyers, they see it as their scoop shovel preserve as laypersons enumerate largely on them to formulate the intricacies of the law. For the average person he may see it as a nuisance for having to succeed with various procedures, which he or she does not understand. Thus honourable rules and ethics remind us that argon immoral or wrong to tell lies or engage in drugs or to get involved in a brothel business. If we wound these moral and ethics we may lose friends or their respect. Law performs various functions in society and its pervasiveness may impinge our lives. Amongst others, we are compelled by law to hold back a birth credential and an identity card etc 1.2 What is justice? In Malaysia we practice adversarial system, which performer that it is the parties through their advocates who control the style of inquiry. The parties decide what evidence shall be adduced subject to the rules of admissibility and it is on the basis of the admissible evidence adduced by the parties that t he court must behave to a decision. The jud! ge acts as an impartial referee, there to tell that the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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