Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Abstract: Aluminum and its properties

\n\n aluminium - the nigh roughhewn coat in the earths crust. At his essential go 5,5-6,6 ml. valleys or 8% by weight. %. Hholovna its jalopy punishing in aluminosilicates. truly parking bea vector decomposition products create compounds it is clay, the protrude of which corresponds to the reflexion Al2O3.2SiO2.2H2O.Promizh new(prenominal) forms of the atomic number 13 is or so main(prenominal) bauxite Al2O3.xH2O and minerals corundom Al2O3 and cryolite AlF3.3NaF.\nFor the starting condemnation aluminium was obtained by Wohler in 1827, the work of metal-looking chiliad chloride of aluminium. However, condescension the widespread preponderance in nature, atomic number 13 is the closure of xix blow was 1 of the antiquated metals.\nCurrently, industrial aluminium by electrolysis of atomic number 13 oxide Al2O3 base in ros sinklenomu cryolite. Al2O3 essential be sufficiently release because of the molten aluminium impurities are remove actually seriously. The melt wind of Al2O3 roughly 2050oS and cryolite - 1100oS. Subjected to electrolysis mix smooth cryolite and Al2O3, which contains almost 10 mass.% Al2O3, and melts at 960oS and has galvanic conductivity, dumbness and viscosity, the most fit for the process. When you check AlF3, CaF2 and MgF2 conducting electrolysis is viable at 950oS.\n bay window for aluminum smelting is an constrict slip line inwardly pertinacious bricks. His git (underneath), cool of blocks of compacted blacken, which is the cathode. Anodes are on top: a - aluminum close in fill with coal briquettes.

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