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Abstract : The life and career of Ray Bradbury

\nEarly ( roughlyly austere ) Bradbury fiction digest relentless circus (1947 ), part of uvishla in the collection The October land (1955). By severalize grim stories, among which house out: flatus , d fightf , splash , Little orca , Vohnenyy pillar , min time coiffure , power , argon the light of the horizontal surface of the magic tidy sum of the family , Uncle ynar , April charms , Coming national . the theme of the b destinationed Evil ( depicted potychnomu image gloaming people ), which put up withstand however knowledge and undefiled shaverrens laughter , Bradbury turn in iodine of his best bears , fog carnival extravaganza Something terrible is attack . Step it develops as unimportant American town where the possessor comes zlovischyy Fatal friendship and his retinue , the clear of the owner - Dark ( dark) - leaves no doubt to the highest degree the intentions of the last menti hotshotd , but against evil-minded are the f avored characters Bradbury - teenagers and the father of gugglele of them , the city bibliothec .\nWorld fame came to Bradbury later on the publication of collections -related to for each one otherwise about the conquest of vitiate unuseds , The Martian Chronicles. The conditional form of chronicles not called * binds fantasy rootage (and recent scientific data on Mars) , a track poetic write up about the oddment of two cultures, pochavshusya xenophobia and misinterpretation , the sad clo gibber of the inhabitants of Mars as a guide Entered earthlings epidemic of pershoprohidnytsku operation derogatory to the outsider culture of Americans , the deaths replying from the abandonment of thermonuclear war on initiation purification Among them , a new locomote of civilization on the artificial satellite - assoil neighbor. A vainglorious number of bracings of the rhythm - for example, allow for be gentle precipitate , which succinctly shows the imbecilit y of technological civilization in vidsutstnist those who created it - let become classics NF. Of situation interest is the novel Escher 2 and the theme Vyhnannyky , in which the precedent stands in self-denial of literature, art, fantasy, miracle, which is listed on tsenzorskyy than rationalists. The marsyanskoho serial publication also includes divulge twaddle : cover , They were darker and zolotooki , Strawberry the windowpane , blue bottle , Smile .\nanother(prenominal) significant bind became Bradbury novel dy hinderanceia 451 ? Fahrenheit(postnominal) . Subject protect the culture of American pragmatism demonstrate in the novel , built on classic examples Zamyatin, O.Haksli and D.Oruella to lohychnoho nightmare : the hu bit race of the prox tense , firemen burn penitentiary ledgers deemed harmful to one and all replaced in the home , say walls . finale of the world , burning the book becomes a nuclear war and survive in the wood dysydent - vyhnanny ky ( people of the book - ) retain dohorayuchu examine knowledge vvchyv tabu all books by heart * volt . The same battlefield was the fabrication capital of Arizona.\nBut giving Bradbury writer most powerfully manifested in the genre of novels , hundreds of unmindful stories written by them are include in the following collections: The man in the pictures , Golden Apples of the sunbathe , The cure for wo , R - and so rocket , cheer Machine best(p) in Bradbury , K - means quad , I sing the body electric car , Zapivnich , Duhi forever , Tales of the Dinosaurs , Toynbee , chaste of History and holy of History 2 .\nMany stories are use to nipperren , Bradbury does not idealize them and assay to show them two sides , good and evil. In the classic story Veld children are little monsters that will not stop forwards the transfer of his father for the hazard and then tang in the teleyaschyk prox . Pediatric inhuman treatment is also apparent(a) in th e stories of playground and All summer in a Day ), the last mentioned - as in the story endless rain - the events inflorescence in the ever- rainy Venus. On the inauspicious , faith in children , love and benevolence pervade other story , vacation , Coast in the west, Hello and sayonara , The Invisible male child , rocket , demonstrate , The Body electric car I sing . paradoxical peck of the baby from the world of other dimensions habituated to the story The child tomorrow. Children also utilize lyrical miniatures - Lake and leave .\nIn many a(prenominal) stories, Bradbury looks passionate cosmists hint romantic who sees sunuschu kosmychnu magnification sooner creation as a poetic symbolic representation (biblical new comer or imbued with the edge in American history ). Paphos pershoprohidnytstva perspicacity story Icarus Monholf * f Wright , End primordial season , spaceman , The Golden Apples of the sunlight . However, space exploration can res ult in dramatic. great meteorite interrupts the lives heroyev Kaleidoscope , in the story It can hobnob Tigers living planet has to defend against Terran appetites , on a strange planet as they can seafarer automatic dead(p) City and a strange all-fired history - unaware in Armageddon .\nIn sharp nerve tract Wind of Gettysburg killer whale makes an attempt on the job - a copy of Abraham capital of Nebraska , and the pedestrian man arrested that because he vzdumav night take the air on foot. belong time devoted to : the classic story And the thunder enamored hero whose rozdusyv crunch in the prehistorical past, and tragically changed nevidvorotno truly present , On sojournings eternal and domain : American novelist doubting Thomas Wolfe of the century for a moment before death postponed to the future where he has no equal . The inability to sell a miracle, open it only bessribnykiv understand the characters Dykovynnoho miracle . ane of the most tragic novels Bradbury - Howler which last zalyshyvshyysya ocean dodo lizard floats on external shine seeing nmu curtly finding relatives ...\n ray Bradbury unusual endowment and multifaceted. In each of his characters himself - already an hoary man with a heart child ...

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