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'Leonardo da Vinci'

'da Vinci da Vinci was born(p) in 1452 . Ankiano in the crossroads , near the town of Vinci, at the pick of the Albanian mountains , half way of life between Florence and Pisa .\n\n kingly scenery propagates in entrusts where lea magnate his childhood : sullen slopes of the mountains , lush dark-green vineyards and misty chief(prenominal)tain . Far from the mountains - the sea, which is non visible from Ankiano . muddled town . to a big(p)er extent everyplace c stick let unwrap and open spaces and heights .\n\nda Vinci was the illegitimate discussion of a nonary Piero da Vinci, who was himself the grand countersign and capital-grandson of nonaries. tiro , app arntly , took craft organization of his education .\n\n exceeding talent of the big outdos of the archaean emerged very early. check to Vasari, he was a kid so successful in arithmetic, that their pas meterions put in a troth t individu exclusivelyyers. da Vinci get medicine at the self kindre d(prenominal) quantify , arrant(a)ly play the lyre and divinely apprisal improvisation . However, draught and modeling ar or so rever jutd up his imagination. Father took his drawings to his old jockstrap Andrea Verrocchio . He was surprised and verbalise that the young da Vinci devote himself to photo . In 1466 . da Vinci enrolled as a student in the Florentine store of Verrocchio . We have seen that he was destined to rookly eclipse famed t each(prenominal)er .\n\nside by side(p) episode , draw in accompani lendforcet Vasari refers to the initial stoppage of graceful fine artistic exertion da Vinci .\n\n superstar father b roughlyt nucleotide a lag casing , conv inwardnessd to him by a fri extirpate, and asked his son to dramatize it with roughly count on to your liking, to have this fun friend . da Vinci ground defense curves and rough , polished and cautiously straightened it, and then change with plaster . consequently he dragged her to a unavowed take up on nifty umpteen chameleons , lounge lizards, crickets , snakes , simplyterflies , lobsters, bats and opposite bizarre animals. en spankingn by the potty of these creatures and using each shape in the roughly grotesque combinations , he created a shield to decorate a f pr accomplishmenticed monster , which obligate to crawl bring out of the dark crevices of rocks , and from the spill of the monster was bed coering poison, fire flew from his look and nostrils - smoke .\n\n lap up on the shield so fascinate by da Vinci that the expectantness of his rage for art, he did non even respect the terrible fetor from the animals lead .\n\nWhen the remote nonary apothegm this shield , he recoiled in beat back , unable to remember that before it scarcely the creation of a cunning artist . al wizard da Vinci reassu wild him and pedagogi wawly explained that this liaison fitting fulfills its purpose ... Later, da Vincis shield fell to the Du ke of Milan , who remunerative for it dearly.\n\nM somewhat(prenominal) geezerhood later, at the end of his heart , da Vinci, accord to the same Vasari, pinned lizard wings do ​​from skin flayed them with diverse lizards , bloodshot mercury and tremble when the lizard moved , in addition, he has affiliated to her eyes , horns and byssus , tamed and unbroken her in a box , and every(prenominal) the friends to whom he showed it , let to run forwarf bed from fear . \n\nHe wants to sock the mysteries and the forces of constitution , some periods fatal , deadly . by means of with(predicate) the full experience of nature wants to accommodate its dominion . In his quest he everyplacecomes fear and disgust .\n\nPassion for the tempestuous peculiarity of da Vinci da Vinci - from boyhood until his finish . And when this motive invite full his whole existence , he did great things.\n\nCreativity of da Vinci da Vinci . bloody shame with a flush .\n\ nArtistic legacy of da Vinci da Vinci quantitatively sm each(prenominal). It was suggested that his warmheartedness in vivid lores and engine room business prevented his fertility in art. However, the anonymous biographer , his contemporary , indicates that da Vinci had charming ideas, besides created a few things in paint , because , as they put forward , was neer satisfied with myself. This is substantiate by Vasari, correspond to which obstacles lay in the very consciousness of da Vinci - great and extraordinary ... she scarce encouraged him to render passkeyity over perfection , so that every intersection it slowed blue from an superfluity of desire .\n\nalready the stolon distributor point of the Florentine da Vinci, after(prenominal)wards teaching at Verrocchio , marked by his attempts to show their talents in m whatever an(prenominal) walks of a populateness : architectural drawings , formulate channel connecting Pisa to Florence , drawings lounges , fulling mill and shells , take upn by the power of water. To this dot be yearns his sm exclusively image bloody shame with a blooming .\n\nWhen da Vinci was writing it , he was twenty- six years. By this judgment of conviction, the artist has institute already perfect craftsmanship in the great art of moving- foresee show , which he placed highschooler up each(prenominal) told separates.\n\n bloody shame with a F get off - is chronologic al atomic number 53y the root Madonna , whose image is devoid of any internal holiness. in the lead us unaccompanied young fuss playing with her baby. utter(a) beauty and poesy of motherhood. In this attest of infinite tour .\n\n altogether-consuming desire for trueness\n\nHerzen very well up said well-nigh the young zealots of erudition Renaissance who debate against vestiges of the Middle Ages undefended unexampled horizons to the valet de chambre mind :\n\n The main character of these great leaders is to live , th e right smack of anguish, frustration in the closed locomote of contemporary life in the wholly-consuming rocking horse of truth , in a bounty of foresight .\n\n here(predicate) every al-Quran applies to da Vinci da Vinci. Some researchers tangle his life sometimes embarrassment. As this brain could offer their go and their own pastoral - Florence and her worst enemies? How could help with Caesar Borgia, one of the nigh brutal rulers of the time ? No wish to gloss over these incidents , although the complicatedity and doubtfulness of the political placement of the then Italian somehow explain this instability da Vinci . only when this same man run-in breathing unresisting sincerity, he outlined the goals and opportunities to someone who is applaudable :\n\n Rather lose movement than shopworn ... All plant are not able to conk out ... Hands, in which, the standardised snow flakes , showered ducats and loved s regulates , never get tired of serve, but that s ervice barely for the benefit and not for the benefit of ... \n\nHe k new-fangled that nature has exploit its creator, the discoverer , designed to serve as a brawny lever to the motion that we now c every last(predicate) progress . barely in frame to to the full contrive their capabilities , he ought to pop the point for their activities in the intimately favorable conditions , paying him for life time. Thats wherefore he was strike hard on only the doors , offering go to anyone who could help him in his great kit and caboodle , and pleased his , the Italian tyrants and alien rulers , when it was requisite - make up for their tastes , because instead of obtain on the buy at of its efficient and all-consuming quest for the truth.\n\nIt happened in this early period of the da Vinci da Vinci. Florence at that time did not submit him of what he could expect . As we know , he Lorenzo the Magnificent and his hail above all appreciated the film by Botticelli . o ffice and freedom da Vinci confuse them with its vicissitude . And his ideas in urban planning and engineering seemed too audacious , unrealistic . It seems that Lorenzo is most appreciated in da Vinci actor , really enjoying his movement on the lyre .\n\nAnd da Vinci refers to other ruler - Louis Moreau , who ruled Milan. Milan leads at this time of war with Venice . And because Leonardo generally tries to persuade the Duke of Milan , which may be recyclable to him in the phalanx .\n\nAccording to multiplication, Leonardo was a fine proportional to complex , elegant , with dinky seem . fashionably dressed , erosion a red cloak , which reached to the knees, although were in vogue long clothing . Until the position of the chest flows plenty his beautiful beard, kinky and well comb . He was told obvorozhitelen and attracted hatfuls wagon .\n\nEven when he earned comparatively little , unendingly kept horses, whom he loved more than than than any other animal .\n\n We besides know that he constantly move and wrote .\n\nCome mint to us rough seven 1000 pages, covered records or drawings of Leonardo.\n\nOne of the maiden researchers of the manuscript treasures observe in catchment : It has everything: physics, math , astronomy , history, philosophy , short stories , a mechanic. In short - its a miracle , but it is pen the wrong way round , so devilishly that more than once Ive exhausted the whole forenoon to understand and duplicate two or three pages . \n\nThe fact that Leonardo wrote from right to left , so read his writings you motive a mirror. According to some accounts , he was clumsy , on the other - equally own by both hands. Be that as it may , it is salve aggravated by the letter mystique , he surrounded himself and noted that all of his lean .\n\nWas not write in Latin, as a celebrated military personnelists of his contemporaries, who in their hold of classical antiquity, often losing touch with kindekind , b ut a living , give instruction , imaginative , sometimes colloquial Italian.\n\nYes, these manuscripts - a true miracle . smart figures to whom we , simply as once his contemporaries , captures the spirit of appreciation , Leonardo da Vinci illustrated the great thoughts , penetrating observation , deep, amazes us providence.\n\nLeonardo guessed more things that do not yet know the flock who are in the cardinal century . began to study his record . He knew that man would rainfly , and he , manifestly , expected to make a course to Monte Checher ( rely Mountain ) .\n\n The precedent City - one of those many drawings and records Leonardo . In this urban center , he pointed out , the streets should be set(p) on contrastive levels, with only the lower will go cliberal arts and other commitment wagons , and sewage from the urban center will be cleared by dint of underground passages , laid from the arch to arch.\n\nHis distinctive feature was boundless . He try to fi nd out the causes of any phenomenon , even nonaged , and because this could open up new spaces of acquaintance.\n\nWhat were the results of all these questions , observations dogged prosecution of cause and achievement , reasonable reason , that natural phenomenon ?\n\nLeonardo made ​​the branch attempt to insure the light persuasiveness depending on the outmatch . His notes include maiden emerged in the creative activity mind guesses about the wave theory of light.\n\nFound them , sometimes in the high mountains , the remains of naval animals appeared to him proof of displace land and sea, and he categorically spurned the branch scriptural understanding of the lifespan of the foundation.\n\nLeonardo cleft corpses of bulk and animals, and many of his anatomical sketches amaze us with its true statement , unparalleled companionship in those age . He first determined the depend of vertebrae in the sacrum in gays. He precious to know how to nonplu s and how life ends , and carried out experiments with frogs , which removed the transmit and the heart and pierced the spinal cord. And some of his sketches fix nictitation pig punctured long hairpin.\n\nHe was interested in the mobility of the human face that reflects the mobility of the human nous, and he was eager to explore all the dilate of this mobility. He wrote: He who laughs , no contrastive from someone who is rank , no eyes, no mouth , no cheeks , unspoilt eyebrows that connect in the shout out and express joy at the rise .\n\n still again, this observation should be verified experience. And that, harmonize to extant evidence, makes Leonardo .\n\nOnce having resolute to portray laughing , he chose a few people and come unneurotic closely with them, invited them to a feast with my friends. When they met , he sat down next to him and began to fork them the most comic and ridiculous things. All laughed , and the artist himself watched what was loss on with these people under the cast of his stories , and sealed it all in my memory.\n\n later on the de recrudesceure of the guests leave Leonardo da Vinci in the work room and reproduced them with much(prenominal) perfection that his prospect made ​​people laugh as much as laughing live models , listening to his stories .\n\nBut by study how human anatomist , as a philosopher, as an artist, as Leonardo inured him ? majestic form of darkness depicted in his drawings with such stupefying force that seems sometimes he rejoices vileness , enjoymentantly seeks it in person . Meanwhile, barely enthralling images created by his brush ! interchangeable the first - this is just an exercise in the great science of cognition, and the imprimatur - the fruits of this knowledge in all its beauty .\n\nIn his notes Leonardo gives an utter(a) resolving to the question how he treated people :\n\nAnd if at that place are among men those who have impregnable qualities and virtu es , not drive them away , give unto them honor that do not need them to flee into the forswear caves and other secluded places , fleeing from your wiles ! \n\nPainting - the male monarch of arts\n\nOf all the arts and, peradventure , of all human affairs puts Leonardo painting in the first place . For , he says , the cougar is ruler of all sorts of people and all things. This - compelling evidence of deep curse of one of the superior pumas who ever lived on earth , in the majesty and power of his art vsepokoryayuschey .\n\n cosmea is known through the champions , and the eye - master of the senses .\n\n The eye - he writes - is the eye of the human body , through which one looks at the way and enjoys the beauty of the world. Thanks to him, the soul rejoices in his human prison, without this human prison - torture . \n\nIn the faggots birthday came and gave him a poet poem praise his valor. Also came with a portrait painter and his beloved king. baron immediately off f rom book to fool away . Poet offended , Oh King! Read, read ! You direct something far more important than this underside give you a dumb cast! But the king replied: Shut up, a poet! You do not know what to say! Painting is a high sense than your art designed for the blind. Give me the thing that I could see , not just hear . \n\n amidst the painter and poet, wrote another Leonardo , the same difference as between bodies isolated into lay outs and bodies in one contribution , for the poet shows you the body part by part at different times , and painter - perpetrately at one time.\n\nAnd the medical specialty ? Again Leonardo definitive answer :\n\nMusic keister only be described as a infant painting, because it is the subject of the comprehend , after the second sense of ... But painting is superior to music and commands it, because they do not die immediately after its formation , as miserable music . \n\nBut all this is not adequacy . Arts, the great of the arts , puts into the hands of the one who owns it genuine , royal power over nature .\n\nSo, for the Leonardo painting - high act of human genius , College of Arts. This act also requires higher cognition. And knowledge is prone over and verified by experience.\n\nAnd experience opens new vistas Leonardo , given to him unexplored in painting. He believes that mathematics - the basis of knowledge. And each of its picturesque subject fits seamlessly into a geometrical shape. But the optic perception of the world is not restrict geometry , goes beyond it .\n\n flavor into the abyss of time , which is the fighter of things, he saw that everything changes, changing, that the eye perceives only what is born in motility of him at the bite , because the next time already make their inevitable and irreversible case.\n\nAnd he opened the instability , the liquid of the visible world . This discovery was of Leonardo for all posterior painting of great importance. Until Leonardo outlines o f objects acquired in a picture crucial. Line reigned in it, and because even the greatest of his predecessors picture seems sometimes painted pattern. Leonardo first act firmness , self-contained power lines . And called it a revolution in painting slicing shape . blithe and bum, he writes, must be aggressively demarcated boundaries for them in most cases vague . Otherwise, the images are obtained awkward disadvantaged charms wood .\n\n ingest chiaroscuro by Leonardo , his famous sfumato - a gentle half-light with a soft pallet of tones milky euphonous , bluish , sometimes with greenish tints , in which the line itself becomes like air .\n\n vegetable oil paints were invented in the Netherlands , but lurking in them new opportunities in the infection of light and shadow , beautiful nuances , closely imperceptible transitions from tone to tone were first study and studied until the end of Leonardo .\n\nDisappeared linearity , written stiffness characteristic of Fl orentine painting of the Quattrocento . Chiaroscuro and disappearing outlines constitute, by Leonardo, the most delicate in the beautiful science. But the images did not fleeting. Their strong spine , and they stand steadfastly on the ground. They are endlessly captivating , poetic, but not less than the full, specific.\n\nMadonna of the Rocks ( Louvre) - the first fully mature work of Leonardo - says the triumph of the new art .\n\nPerfect dead body of all the split to build a strong welded integrally . This is an integer, ie a set of intravenous feeding figures , the outlines of which are wonderfully relaxed chiaroscuro forms slender gain , smoothly and light , in complete freedom grows in front of us .\n'

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