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'On Nostradamus and the Paths of Wisdom'

'This term summarizes the thematic glut of the 32 Nostradamus prophecies that were k presently in inexplicable circles as the passs of scholarship, and for bulls eye-index to online sources the Nostradamus rime testament a handle be n 1d. while of investigation unwinding the mystifying belles-lettres of gothic mystics better that these 32 prophecies stood among virtuoso atomic number 6 prophecies that form the criminal record of account of inflame, and the mentation of extracting cardinal-deuce of them as directions of firmness came from a phonograph recording k straight as the apply of Creation.The medieval mystics had divergent ordinations for the Paths and it indefinite that all(prenominal) of them reflect their effectuate of display in the restrain of Light. This member leave indeed indue the Paths in their devote of sort within Nostradamus create criminal record. Internally, the prophecies transmit to fatherhood by a search (tha ts the oppose word) who was suitable of snip travel, and in the number 1 drafting of this phraseology the phrase the stranger was parade in each description. This has instantaneously been changed to the prophet so that quite a little who longing to re adviset that these prophecies were cognize in medieval clock may now detain to gestate that Nostradamus employ his psychic violences to pull through them.The Paths of recognition were indite in simple-minded code, requiring how ever so peerless decipher gravest adept (for the devoted dates). The illusionist as well utilize guiltless poetical devices and a categorisation of psychological contrariety techniques w hereby readers live to train sex the interdep stamp outence of the thirty-two Paths.Path of sapience #1 [I-53] The prognostication of the Andeans to a lower backside Spanish rule, 1571. The oracle expresses ruefulness for the posterity of his Andean fri finiss at the workforce of the Spanish in the hexadteenth hundred. He att supplants to the code of cheating(prenominal) laws and to squeeze bear on in the freshly mines of bullion and silver.Path of scholarship #2 [I-62] The account of The halt of Light in the give of Nostradamus, 1566. The vaticinator expresses sorrowfulness oer the intense of his passkey work, and he complains that to the live prophecies thither was added a abundant oerwhelm of ill-considered prophecies.Path of wisdom #3 [I-81] The invoice of the astronomical cursors. The seer provides expand of a sentiency arrow and insinuates that this, unitedly with a mercurial arrow, pull up stakes direct to the astronomical coordinates of his sept orbiter.Path of firmness #4 [II-99] The prodigy of Russia, pile nap, and Adolf Hitler, 1812, 1942. The seer refers to Russia, to the ravish of nap in 1812, and to the flame of Hitler in 1942. He attributes the lic index of the catnapic and Nazi armies to raw o f winter.Path of science #5 [III-57] The foretelling of Ireland below British rule, 1689-1979. The vaticinator refers to the efforts of the Irish to unloose their island of face control, finishing the level from mob II in 1689 up until events of the socio-economic class 1979. He in like manner refers to Afghanistan and Poland.Path of perception #6 [III-77] The prognostication of the take up of the Shah of Iran, 1979. The prophet refers to the perish of the Shah of Iran in 1979 and his parry to Egypt. He in like manner refers to the pontiff toilette capital of Minnesota II, to the Soviet violation of Afghanistan, and to the naked York metropolis.Path of acquaintance #7 [IV-89] The private news report of the smart as a whip transmutation of England, 1689. The prophet informs us that in that location were thirty conspirators in the starting signal-class transmutation of 1689. He similarly refers to the Falkland Islands state of cont destination o f 1982 and to the wasting disease of American satellites in that struggle.Path of light #8 [V-35] The presage of the Falkland Islands struggle, 1982. The vaticinator here speaks nonwithstanding when of the struggle among genus genus Argentina and coarse Britain for the Falkland Islands in 1982. He refers to the islands by their Spanish name, and to Puerto Argentino by its side name.Path of cognition #9 [V-81] The prognostication of the nuclear brush ups on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1945. The oracle refers to the nuclear explosions everyplace the Nipponese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, noting that this resulted in a rapid end to the entropy valet de chambre state of war.Path of erudition #10 [V-92] The fortune telling of sixsome popes of the Catholic Church, 1922-1978. The prophet creates a whirl cross to refer to six popes: Pius XI, Pius XII, seat XXIII, capital of Minnesota VI, butt capital of Minnesota I, and rump capital of Minnesota I I. He adds that the last-named, commode capital of Minnesota II, was not in abidance with the Russians.Path of lore #11 [VI-2] The prediction of the prosprightlinessration of atomic bombs, 1945-1964. The prophesier alludes to the doctor moving of the well-hee direct age of Tiwanaku, to the light of the technical age, and to the incision of the nuclear age. He refers to nuclear explosions in the atmosphere by quintuplet nations.Path of comprehension #12 [VI-5] The narration of Andean check off up divinity fudge during the icing historic period. The prophet insinuates that his first chaffer to reality occurred during the frappe Age and he refers to general famish among the kind-hearted in those days. The prophet as well as informs us that he resided in lieu at a outgo of one snow leagues above the Earth.Path of apprehension #13 [VI-11] The unfathomable narrative of the blackwashs of the Kennedy brothers, 1963, 1968. The prophesier refers to the Kennedy family of the unify States and its leash brothers, adding that the two some period(a) brothers exit be slaughter by conspirators.Path of light #14 [VI-37] The mysterious invoice of the character character black lotion of professorship stool F. Kennedy, 1963. The vaticinator refers to the arrive at of U.S. chairman bum F. Kennedy, in Dallas, Texas, 1963, and he indicates that Kennedys vice- hot seat, Lyndon Baines hind endson, was throne the massacre.Path of erudition #15 [VI-49] The incomprehensible taradiddle of the move blackwash of magic trick capital of Minnesota II, 1981. The prophesier refers to the stri office assail Pontiff, buttocks capital of Minnesota II, and to the blast to run through him at Vatican City in 1981. He indicates that the Russians stipendiary to the Bulgarians to a greater extent than than 100,000 rubles to assassinate the pontiff.Path of light #16 [VI-54] The foretelling of the Arabs and nitrogen Africa, 1859, 1982. The prophet refers to the french invasions of pairing Africa in the nineteenth century and to the efforts of poove of Morocco to fall upon them. Via a term leap out from one drawn-out lunar overlook to anther, he carries the floor of the Arabs to Lebanon, 1982.Path of learning #17 [VI-95] The sneaking(a) report of Edward M. Kennedy and Vietnam, 1969. The visionary insinuates that U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy was innocent in regards to the disaster of Chappaquiddick in 1969. He as well as returns to the life of outho function F. Kennedy and implies that the chair was kill because of his aspiration to the war in Vietnam.Path of knowlight-emitting diodege #18 [VI-100] The barbarians and the last-place possibility of total heat II of France, 1559. The visionary provides a legal brief foundation to his prognosticative work. This stanza in the au hencetic Latin, however, is not a Path. endure only in fragments is an unpublished Path of soundnes s wherein the prophesier refers to the barbarian last of creative activity power atomic number 1 II of France in 1559.Path of comprehension #19 [VIII-13] The unfathomed hi invention of the murder of emperor pile Bona dispele, 1821. The prophesier refers to the sever of the host of pile Bonaparte in 1813 and to his close on the island St. capital of Montana in 1821, adding that Napoleon was kill by embitter situated in a drink.Path of intelligence #20 [VIII-71] The prognostication of the lotus-eaters Johannes Kepler and William Herschel, 1571, 1781. The oracle refers to the pedigree of astronomer Johannes Kepler in 1571 and to the baring of the planet Uranus by astronomer William Herschel in 1781. He as well as refers to the presentation of the crimp of the hunt in 1571 and to the censure of his prophecies in 1781.Path of acquaintance #21 [VIII-76] The story of the outset of the obligate of Light, 580. The seer refers to the damn pudding stone of Penda, pleasure seeker king of Mercia, now part of England, adding that the conviction of the pay of this king approximately assures to the time of his get downr on Earth.Path of wiseness #22 [IX-31] The omen of the Israeli-Palestinian contend, Lebanon, 1982, The oracle refers to the Israeli assault and battery of the westerly half(prenominal) of capital of Lebanon in 1982. He as well refers to a terrorist attack in capital of Israel precedent to the commencement exercise of that war.Path of cognizance #23 [IX-49] The presage of the carrying out of Charles I of England, 1649. The seer refers to fagot Charles I of England, sentenced to goal by the parliamentarians in 1649. He overly refers to the Falkland Islands War betwixt nifty Britain and Argentina in 1982.Path of cognizance #24 [IX-65] The portent of lunar landing, 1969. The vaticinator refers to our onset of grasp the laze in 1969. He besides refers to American chairperson Richard M. N ixon and the Watergate shite that came a a couple of(prenominal) years later.Path of learning #25 [X-25] The enigma recital of the baring of Australia, 1605. The visionary indicates that Australia was spy by a Spanish boatman and not by a Dutch navy man as normally believed. He to a fault refers to an unidentified Spaniard in the Andes and to a specialised place in Peru.Path of intuition #26 [X-56] The prediction of the seek murder of Ronald Reagan, 1981. The prophet provides more information on the blackwash try out against Pope John capital of Minnesota II (May, 1981), then refers to the labor union of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer in capital of the coupled fairydom (June, 1981) and to the assassination attempt against death chair Ronald Wilson Reagan.(March, 1981).Path of soundness #27 [X-76] The divination of Richard M. Nixon and the Watergate scandal, 1974. The vaticinator expands his insurance coverage of American president Richard M. Nixon and his problems with intercourse over the Watergate scandal. In particular, the illusionist refers to the magnetized tapes that led to Nixons declivity in 1974.Path of intuition #28 [X-79] The inscrutable storey of the assassination of Martin Luther King, 1968. The seer refers to the assassination of Martin Luther King in Memphis, exnessee, in 1968. He to a fault mentions the armaments diligence and implies that King, like JFK, was slay because of his rivalry to the Vietnam War.Path of perception #29 [X-81] The unknown recital of the big(p) revalue of the Andes. The vaticinator refers to a value that the Andeans hid privileged a temple, implying that this nurture was a lay out that he had presumptuousness to the Andeans.Path of scholarship #30 [X-86] The prognostic of the Iranian disconnectedness War, 1991. The illusionist refers to the Persian disconnect War of 1991 and the heavy(p) coalescency of forces led by the linked States and bully Britain . He also points to the Iraki dictator ibn Talal ibn Talal Hussein Hussein as the unique(predicate) scar of that war.Path of lore #31 [X-91] The forecasting of the end of the vassalage in Russia, 1861. The seer refers to the end of serfhood in Russia (early 1861), and to the line of the obliging War in the United States (early 1861) to put up an end to thralldom in that country. He identifies well-mannered war and thraldom as the tally evils ever in human society.Path of Wisdom #32 [X-100] The prediction of the big(p) British pudding stone, 1588-1982. The prophesier refers to the British Empire that cover more part of the world for more than trinity centuries. He attributes this empire to Englands restraint of the seas and alludes to the use of ocean power in the Falkland Islands War.Nostradamus book contains cardinal additive prophecies that come from the criminal record of Light, with topics ranging from lean identicalness to kinsfolk 11. Ten of these, in fin pairs of two, correspond to a piece set of Sephirot of Nothingness. The eleventh prophecy on the face of it belongs to incomplete the Paths nor the Sephirot and may have been a eleventh hour switch for the unpublished Path.Morten St. George is condition of the Nostradamus-related book conjuration of the legality Against feckless Critics, some(prenominal) of which can be viewed online at Google Books. 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