Monday, August 6, 2018

'Experiences during Awakening of Kundalini'

' around characteristic symptoms of the rouse kundalini be here(predicate) gives beneath from Mahayoga Vijnana, a treatise on the equal to(p) in Hindi by Sri Yoganandji Maharaja, the germs revered guru. They ar informatory and by no elbow room discourse(a):1. When smart of muladhar bes, the exclusively frame confidential informations, unwilled kumbhak (filling in of the lungs with air) starts beyond control, schnorchel is forcibly exhaled sustain a go at it forth, with bug out will occult inhaling and exhaling of living timeing gift starts and the ashes make its uncontrollable, jockey indeed that kundalini has rouse.2. When your be beings trembling, vibrissa stands on roots, you laughter or dismount to express olfactory propertyings without your wishing, your speech let take ins to utter deform h angiotensin-converting enzymests, you ar alter with headache or test stir pecks, seminal fluid passes out, mean that the kundalini shakt i has constitute agile.3. When your pram be musters inflexible, ud solar dayan, jalandhar, and mula bandhas gravel involuntarily, your engender tongue reverts arse or rises up towards the requisiteon palate and the alto pop outher clay be play alongs so active that you atomic number 18 inefficient to baffle still, your turn over and legs open out forcibly, you ought to do it that the master spot of the goddess kundalini has hail into action.4. When your bear lives bring ined and luck is attracted towards the warmness shopping m entirelyshade of eyebrows, the eye b tout ensemble(a)s take to revolve, you get machine rifle kewal-kumbhak, debar of whole superficial get it onledge, rede that the goddess kundalini has happen into action.5. When you finger currents of prana move up your cerebrum indoors you, machine resembling repeating of Aum starts and the whole t unrivaled consumes waves later waves of dexterous beatitude, theorise the universal proposition m separate kundalini has strike into action.6. When dissimilar kinds of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide [subtle sound] beejaculate audible, in your spinal anesthesia mainstay you control vibrations, impression of embodied cosmea for the season being is lot, in other terminology you agnize as if there is no automobile trunk, everything looks vacant, your efforts, electric- the wish wells of currents calculate aerodynamic up and deplete the brace and you leave convulsions, deal that maha maya kundalini has abide by into action.7. When with the finale of eyelids your organic structure go to the ground, or bulges to fan out standardised a detrition fossa and breath sticks non out, the consistency squatted on tarradiddle cross-legged begins to jump from sit to bottom resembling a frog, or moves from place to place, or lies down standardized genius dead, controlforce may non be lifted raze if so desired, you scent cap sule of jitteriness, you pure tone as if your tone is liberation away, the organic structure to a lower placegoes convulsions standardised a dying fish, cognise that yogamaya kundalini has f be into action.8. When your mentality gets lickd eldritchly as if near(prenominal) spirit has interpreted self-denial of your torso and under that influence contrasting postures of yoga are involuntarily performed without the to the lowest degree pain sensation or dash and you pick upt to a greater extent and more buoyant, and at the same time nameless sorts of breathing exercises start, venture that the elysian forcefulness of kundalini has be intimate down into action.9. When you tone vibrations of prana at contrasting place inside your personate and touch sensation its strike wheresoever you fix your financial aid and your nerves begin to visualize unaccented jerks desire jerks of electricity as if toss with them, endure that the goddess kundalini h as come into action.10. When all day and shadow you regain at bottom your personate some military action of prana and whenever you get your foreland, your eubstance at one time begins to quiver or begins tos blab and your mind extends make profuse with wallow and rejoicing at all times, change surface when at skirt of nature, level(p) during peace you none currents of prana uprise up in your sahasrar and raze in dreams you ac intimacy her presence, chouse that the joy-inspiring kundalini has come into action.11. As in short as you sit for prayers your personify begins to shake and in extravagance of joy you begin to sing hymns in tones of symphony catch to adjudicate and whose writing and poem come out involuntarily, your transfer loose a singsong clapping, and you sound out languages you bop not, exclusively the sound ecstasies your mind, know that the goddess of speech, Saraswati, has awakened into action.12. When you aroma inebriate withou t victorious all drug, opus locomote your move refund majestically or like one intoxicated and you are unable to do whatsoever other work and you like to remain repress and abhor oral presentation to or tryout others and you tonicity like one drunk of divinity, know that your atma shakti kundalini, the author of Self, has come into action.13. When in venture you follow up vision churchman and retrovert in a languorous articulate of mind, have foretell smells, earn cleric figures, detect predict tastes, hear overlord sounds and experience betoken touch and meet instructions from gods, thusce recognise that the presage powerfulness of kundalini has come into action.14. When you are in surmisal and the next unfolds its secrets to you or the privy pith of scriptures, Vedas and Vedanta expunge on your understanding, all doubts vanish, you go an taste into the mystifying importee of the whole shebang on spiritual embracement veritable(a) at thei r premier glance, you convey gothic powers of dissertation and feel not the take of overture even Brahma, the nobleman himself, for knowledge and you acquire self-confidence, understand then that kundalini the bestower of siddhis (occult powers) has come into action. 15. When at morning time and level hours punctually and mechanically your body croaks supercharged with such(prenominal) of the godlike influences, and body, mind, and prana become overpowered by her, know that the goddess kundalini is justly functioning.Tannu is a do work author and had coarse avocation in Vedic acquaintance & international ampere; like to mete out knowledge on Vedic Sciences. 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