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Scientific Sessions

Name Ornella HaylesID fig 816008392Tutor Sheldon Pilgrim school term Tuesdays 2-3pm3700030000 Name Ornella HaylesID Number 816008392Tutor Sheldon Pilgrim Session Tuesdays 2-3pm44000341947525002514604000070000455003536315690006939915370000455003536315350003520440Sci, Med & international vitamin Aere TechReflective Journal3600028000Sci, Med & TechReflective JournalSession Date 22/01/18Session No 1SessionTitle Introduction to Science & TechnologyIn the starting academic term, the lector did an introduction of Science & Technology and an overall spate of the course outline.After the introduction, I got a perspective of what Science & Technology was. At first, I fancy the course was going to be essentially, almost wisdom since it was mainly being mentioned, exclusively I was wrong. The lecturer took her condemnation to clearly distinguished between intelligence and applied intelligence and its wideness to society or the world in general.She ensured that we all understood what she was lecture by engaging us to respond to her questions, it appeargond that she really wanted us to actualize what was being taught so she went over what she said twice, two antithetical modalitys which I appreciated. It helped me a lot to record and grasp the concepts effectively. The drug ab design of visual cues seemed to work well with the class as it captured our attention and do us receptive.Through seek Ive come to realise scientists all spend a penny different perceptions of the word science. Science does not purvey absolute truth, science is a mechanism. Its a way of trying to improve your knowledge of nature, its a system for testing your thoughts against the universe and seeing whether they match Isaac Asimov 1988. Science is main(prenominal) because it can solve some of our problems such as global heating system and world hunger.I believe that science is still evolving and theres trial and misapprehension with science which actor we learn new in approach patternation and we advance as humanitys but, it can all take years for such research or engineering science to be developed. Technology can be thought of as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Ive always considered engineering science and science to be separate now, through critical analysis I know that science and technology atomic number 18 closely associated with each other. Which means technology is a part of science, it has been in existence since the prehistoric human culture (stone age).In my opinion technology is everywhere although we might not realise it our note books argon a form of technology whereby we use our knowledge to document for practical purposes like computers. Overall for my first time doing this course it was challenging but, Ive come to appreciate science and technology more than than, later on I cant imagine having to sleep without a roof above my address or having to cook using sticks and rocks.Through this experience Ive got a illumination of curiosity that makes me more enthusiastic to know more about science and technology. Scientists defend reached so far in the field of technology whereby slew can afford to do scientific research and make scientific break throughs from their own houses. The society we all know and accustomed to would be non-existent if it wasnt for the advancement in technology. Were so dependent on science and technology without realising it.23 MORE WORDS Session Date 29/01/18Session No 2Session Title Scientific Methods & The Nature of ScienceFor the second session, the lecturer started class with a recap of science. completely of science is uncertain and subject to revision.The glory of science is to imagine more than we could prove Freeman Dyson. To follow up with the course outline, she started the second topic. To my discretion science is like a puzzle, to see the full image you expect to put the pieces together. This can be distinguished throu gh the scientific process. The scientific method is a series of steps followed by scientific investigators to dress specific questions about the raw(a) world Regina Bailey 2017.What surprised me the most about this process is the fifth step experimentation, which is the most important step in this process. This is so because it can cause major breakthroughs in the world of science or a reversal. Through science we can make proficient advancements and end some of the world major problems. Fields of engineering be closely related to applied science.Applied science is important for technology development Wikipedia 2018. It is understood that through scientific knowledge scientists return been suitable to provide services for the wellbeing of humans. Through many experiments people have been saying technology is good because it helps people medically and physically, it connects us as human beings and gives us entertainment. On the plus side technology is do us to become less soci al.With this experiment, it collections how technology is applicated through private and unrestricted knowledge orientation. Scientific objectivity is a characteristic of scientific claims, methods and results. It expresses the approximation that the claims, methods and results of science are not, or should not be influenced by particular(prenominal) perspective value commitments, community bias or personal interests, to secernate a few relevant factors. Objectivity is often considered as an sample for scientific inquiry, as a good reason for valuing scientific knowledge, and as the basis of the authority of science in society Stanford Encyclopedia of ism 2014.To my knowledge there are three methods that scientists use inductive approach, deductive approach and hypothetico -deductive approach. The inductive approach and deductive approach are opposite, where the inductive approach is found off fact thusly theres a expiry whilst deductive approach is a valid type of reason ing. Induction starts with thoughtfulness, then a pattern, tentative, hypothesis and finally a theory. In induction inference, we go from the specific to the general.We make many reflections, discern a pattern, make a generalisation, and infer an explanation or a theory Wassertheil Smoller 2017. Deduction has 4 stages theory, hypothesis, observance and confirmation. Deductive reasoning is a logical process in which a conclusion is based on the concordance of multiple exposit that are generally assumed to be true Tech Target. at long last hypothetico- deductive method which is seen as the save true method.What I understand is that the only way to truly test this is through experimentation which you all accept or reject the hypothesis and finally have an illustration. This weeks session journal was manageable enough for me.Session Date 05/02/18Session No 3Session Title Scientific Methods, Theories and ModelsIn this weeks session, the lecturer started with the scientific meth od, then followed with theories and lastly models. Science is empirical, which means that it is based on observation over theory or logic. In class, we briefly discussed the history of scientific methods. It is understood that Plato 429-347 BC did not believe in empiricism but reasoning.All knowledge could be obtained through pure reasoning (inductive), no need to actually go out and measure anything, Plato 427-347 BC. Contributions have been more influential, particularly when it comes to science and logical reasoning (deductive) Aristotle 384-322 BC. Aristotle believed in empiricism.Personally, I correspond with both Plato and Aristotle, for me science can be based on observation and reasoning also through empiricism where theres a logical way to test such observations. A major point in this weeks session was observation. Observation is knowledge or data we acquire through experimentation. An example of observation from what I understand is the writing up of labs (biology or chem istry) for labs you have to observe then write what you understand.Through my research in observation I came across this question which intrigued me Is creative concentration contagious? Lynda Barry 2011. This brings me into some other key example in topic three. When a baby sees his commence drinking in a cup, he tries to do the same with his cup, he holds it up and tries to take a sip from his cup. The baby first observes, then experiments.There are two types of observations, qualitative observations which uses your senses to observe the results and quantitative observations are made with instruments such as ruler, cylinders and thermometers which are tangible. These results are measurable. They could be utilise together or separately to measure data. Quantitative observation only gives statistical analysis after all the data has been gathered. What I understand from scientific theory is that its a repetition of a process of the natural to ensure the accuracy or legitimacy usin g a form of observation and experiment.An example of this would be no new evidence would show water is wet, or that you can see without your glasses. Experimentation is the process of do a scientific procedure, especially in a laboratory, to determine something Oxford dictionaries 2018. From the information, I gathered from the session so far is that observation and experimentation are relate and there are two types of observation. A statement based on repeated experimental observations that describes some aspects of the universe is called a scientific law Wikipedia 2017. A scientific law doesnt explain the why or what of this spy phenomenon.The explanation of this phenomenon is the scientific theory, this is why or how they are related. In science, laws are a starting place Peter Coppinger 2017. The description of such phenomenon is called a model. These models can be physical, conceptual or mathematical it is often utilise in scientific theories.

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