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Quasars and Active Galaxies Essay -- Essays Papers

Quasars and Active Galaxies The astronomic world is full of phenomena beyond the average persons imagination. The proficient tools and analytical methods astronomers use ar very mingled. The enormous be and distances ar discernment boggling. Theories behind astronomical phenomena are based on yet another theory. In frame to understand the concept of quasars and active galaxies, angiotensin converting enzyme must first have a feel for the astronomical numbers involved. Secondly, a basic knowledge of the tools of the trade, and finally, a working knowledge of astronomical jargon. Once thither is a working knowledge of the aforementioned factors, hence there is the chance that one could be able to assimilate the complex theoretical properties that are used to discuss quasars and active galaxies. In order to understand the large numbers used to express the vast distances discussed in astronomy, one needs to relate these numbers to everyday life. During everyday c onversation, plurality may say things like the national debt is one million millions of dollars, the lottery is up to 31 million dollars, or John Doe is a billionaire. An astronomer efficacy say that one astronomical unit equals 93,000,000 miles or that a light-year is 5,870,000,000,000,000 miles. The humans comprehension level of all of these terms is probably nowhere border on the actual truth behind how large these numbers really are. To produce a feel for these gigantic distances used by astronomers, astronomy cartridge writer, John P. Wiley says it may be helpful to keep in mind that it takes thirty-one years to count to one billion at the count of one number per second. He also puts a voyage to a galaxy that is a billion light-years away into perspective by sharp how long it would take to get there in a vessel speeding along at 18,000 miles an hour. The trip would take 37 trillion years. When discussing galaxies and quasars, billions are the smallest numbers us ed (56,57). The theory of how quasars are created is based on the idea that the universe is expanding. Among astronomers, the popular consensus is that the Earth is in an expanding universe in which the laws of physics will hold true beyond this planet as well. G. Mark Voit, an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute, believes that the antecedent of the universe was a time when many galaxies would be visible to the rude(a) eye b... ... telescopes like Hubble, and the Very Long Baseline Interferometry Space lookout man (VSOP), have also proven useful analytical tools for astronomers. Black holes and quasars are interdependent theories. The explanation of black holes leads to an explanation for quasars. These phenomena lead astronomers to believe that there may be places in the universe where the laws of physics may prepare down, opening doors to new theories for future astronomers (Hawkings).Works CitedBartusiak, Marcia. Outsmarting the Early Universe . Astronomy 26.10 (1998) 55-59.Chaisson, Eric., and Steve McMillan. Astronomy Today. 3rd ed. Toronto Prentice-Hall, 1999.Disney, Michael. A New Look at Quasars. Scientific American 278.6 (1998) 52-57.Hawking, Stephen. Universe. PBS Home Video. BBC-TV, 1997.Olsen, Steve. Black Hole Hunters. Astronomy 27.5 (1999) 48-55.Peterson, Ivars. The Birth of tally Quasars. Science News 137.4 (1990) 60.Voit, G. Mark. The Rise and Fall of Quasars Dormant Monsters May stay Sleeping in Nearby Galaxies. Sky & Telescope 97.5 (1999) 40-46.Wiley, John P. jr. A Googolplex of Galaxies. Astronomy 27.5 (1999) 56-57.

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