Sunday, March 24, 2019

Water Shortage in the Middle East Essay -- Environmental Science Ecolo

Water is the main ancestry of life on the estate. It is vital for normal existence and functioning of organisms. humans is sometimes called urine planet. But, in fact, the number of freshwater is limited. Only approximately 2 percent of the planets water is fresh. (How much water is there on Earth?) This water is not enough even to meet fooling needs of mankind. According to World Health Organization, a lack of water to meet daily needs is a reality today for iodin in three people around the macrocosm. (2009) In the Middle tocopherol the situation is especially hard. This region is thought to be one of the droughtiest places in the world, most of its territory is deserted. Freshwater accounts to 1 percent of the worlds supplies, while the commonwealth comes to 5 percent. (Baroudy 2005, 15)And this bother seems to become worsened day after day. From the middle of the XX century demand on freshwater has increased three times. And this statistics will continue to grow with po pulation rise and industrial development. Water scarceness is a huge problem, because it may drive home a number of economical, social and political consequences. Bad product and famine are one of them (Brown 2008, 16). Also lack of water for easy daily needs will lead to insanitariness. This will increase peril of spreading such diseases as typhoid, cholera and dysentery (10 facts about water scarcity 2009). Also disastrous water shortage in the Middle eastern hemisphere may change existent struggle into regional conflict. It is evident that this problem needs to be immediately solved.There are few realistic solutions and some of them are already applied by this time. All of them have some advantages and disadvantages. The target of humanity is to find the best one. Firstly, one practicable solut... ...ana/ (accessed November 20, 2010)Brown, D. 2007. Few alternatives in the Middle East. The Times. 13 April, 22. Newspaper Source. http//web.ebscohost.com/ (accessed November 20, 2010)Brown, L.R. 2008. Draining our future(a) The growing shortage of freshwater. The Futurist 42 (3) 16-22. Academic Search Premier. http//web.ebscohost.com/ (accessed November 20, 2010)Conway, M. 2008. The desalination solution. The Futurist (42) 3 23-24. Academic Search Premier. . http//web.ebscohost.com/ (accessed November 20, 2010)Davidson, S. 2005. Making water entertain the salt. ECOS (124) 23-36. Academic Search Premier. http//web.ebscohost.com/ (accessed November 20, 2010)How much water is there on Earth? n.d. http//science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/earth/ (accessed November 20, 2010)Middle East Water Shortage. n.d. http//hydrology1.nmsu.edu/hydrology/wastewater/

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