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Healthy Settlement of Migratory Workers

Healthy Settlement of migratory Workers roll on levelheaded solving of migratory workers in a town of GujaratBackgroundMigration is the inevitable process of any country. People argon migrating for the better opportunities and socioeconomic moderate. Particularly the work cram migration is more common in last decade due to boom in pull application in India. This inevitable process should be made safe and wellnessy by the local and national government. But unfortunately there is no policy of government for such migratory macrocosm in country, which force to pay heavy cost for human civilizement. Due to this the migrant commonwealth are al itinerarys neglected and left to mercy of God. They do non have safe hygiene, safe water supply, safe shelter, good education, healthcare or safe food.There are some facts and figures in this consideration The Article 19 of Constitution of India gives right to tout ensemble citizens to move freely throughout the territory of India to r eside and settle in any plowshare of territory of India.As per NSSO 2007-08, internal migration in India is 28.5% of population.The migration in India is the two types grand term and inadequate term migration. Long term migration results the permanent relocation. hapless term migration stiffs seasonal migration around 30% of total migration is short term or seasonal migration. This is the group which is manly belonging to get off sociao economic group and poor vulnerable group. They are schedule casts or schedule tribe with low education, economically weak and lack of resources. mass of workforce migrate for the opportunity of work. The females are the associated migratory population.This construction labor has the 310,000 Crores INR volumes. And around 82% of workforce is unorganized and unskilled labour.The bigger the city, higher(prenominal) the number of migratory workers with great expectation of the employment. But it doesnt mean there is no migration to small town.On 28th July 2014, Indian stockpile reported that CAG reported that only 6% of 12 lack construction workers are registered in Gujarat. This fitting is for providing the eight well-being schemes. The eight welfare schemes are educational tending, maternity benifites, accidental death, medical assistance, housing assistance, Rastriya Swasth Bima Yojana, funeral assistance and training.Looking to these challenges the _______ NGO working in the Gujarat is provideing to develop type concept for the government which is easy scalable and cost effective for the settlement of migratory workers in small town and city of the Gujarat. The project for to add holistic companionable economic development of migratory population in a town Surendranagar of Gujarat with following objectives To assess the baseline living condition including education, social, health, hygienic conditions of temp migratory workers in a town of Gujarat.To develop healthy and hygienic settlement shelter care model fo r the temporary migratory population.To find out the uptake of mobile technology for registration and movement of such population.To develop model such a way that they leave alone get all government services and welfare schemes at their door steps.To generate awareness among the builder lobby for the right of construction migratory workers and welfare schemes.Develop self- overhaul group among such workers for self care.Project time2015-18About organization HELP deposeThe HELP TRUST was founded in 2006. Some devoted and educated working people got unneurotic and decided to start some gainful activities to benefit the societys economically backward class by providing them social and health comeliness of all kinds. The main aim of organization is to achieve highest social and health services for deprived communities.Some activities were conducted in year 2010-11 that are as follow cookery for industrial workers slightly Safety and Health sentience about Female feticide and Beti BachaoAnti tobacco day solemnisationAwareness about kitchen garden among 4 villages of Viramgam Block, Ahmedabad territoryAwareness about ante-natal check up among rural women in 8 villages of Surendranager govern.World front Feeding week celebration among urban slum of city Surendranager and 6 villages of Wadhawan block, district Surendranager.Woman right awareness Shibir in urban areas of district Surendranager and Ahmedabad.Medical camp for children and womenDistribution of education kit to poor and necessitous students.Worm compost training for needy farmers in rural areas of district Surendranager.Awareness about impact of climate change and human health among young students of Surendranager city.Iodized salt promotion Champaign in Wadhawan Block. on with above activities the organization is working in the field of Tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS for last five historic period. The organization field workers are discover world tuberculosis day and world AIDS day every(prenominal) year in community and increasing the awareness about disease. (Refer one-year report of organization).Organizational resourcesOrganization has good infrastructure which can be used for project. The organization has field level staff that can suspensor for the project. The travel and other expenses can be bared under scheme. governing body has TV/VCD for display of various IEC.Population of district1767377Migratory population (2011)123716 (if we consider 7% of population)Methodology Project implementation The project provide be conducted phase mannerPhase 1 baseline work to find out the actual population, mapping and their problem in local scenario (Year 2015-16) in SurendranagarIn phase -1 In the town Surendranagar, all the wards will be screened for the mapping and sociao-demographic mapping of the migratory population with identification of social, economic, health, educational and other problems. This baseline survey will be done in a year. Wit h snow balling method of sampling and all the wards of town will be covered for the assessment.Phase 2Implementation of healthy holistic settlement for migratory population in Surendranagar (201618) and the feasibility assessment of the model, including use of mobile technology for tracking of the migratory population, temporary shelter with all basic care supply model with token charges, providing health, education and basic facilities with local corporation bodies, self help group development and social support to needy people.The operational and feasibility issues will be determine and resolved over the time.Phase -3 evaluation and Sharing of experiences with government (2018-19)Evaluation and outcome of the model the outcome will be measured with the help of qualitative and quantitative study of service utilization. The various stakeholders will be interrogated for feasibility and improvement. Lastly wide dissemination of information will be done for the awareness in commun ity and policy makers for further blowup at national level in programme.Financial detailsActivitiesUnit costTotal(Rs)1. Baseline in-depth survey 20,00,000 1 year20,00,000with mapping2. Salary of various postfor 4 years 1,95,12,000a. Programme officer(1) (60,000*12 = 7,20,000*4= 28,80,000)b. Finance officer (1) (25,000*12 = 3,00,000*4 = 12,00,000)c. Public health consultant(1) (50,000*12= 6,00,000*3= 18,00,000)d. Social scientist (1) (25,000*12 = 3,00,000*4 = 12,00,000)e. Environmental scientist (1) (30,000*12=3,60,000*3= 10,80,000)e. Software expert(1) (25,000*12 = 3,00,000*2 = 6,00,000)f. contact officer(1) (25,000*12 = 3,00,000*4 = 12,00,000)g. Field supervisor (4) (15,000*12*4*4=28,80,000)h. Ward level Field workers (14) (8,000*12*4*14 =53,76,000)i. postal service assistance cum peon (2)(5,000*12*4 = 2,40,000)j. Honorarium to consultant and expert with travelling (10,56,000)3. Ward-wise Model shelter home cost (14 * 15 * 1,00,000 such -one time)4. Maintenance cost of shelter home (15,00,000/year*3) 45,00,0005. Training and capacity building of various staff(10,00,000/year for 3 years)30,00,0006. Development gentility of IEC material (5,00,000/y*3)15,00,0007. Travel expenses(5,00,000/y*3)15,00,0008. Publication and documentation charges 5,00,0009. mishap (5 years) 20,00,000Total1

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