Thursday, May 2, 2019

Critically examine the role that technology can play in the Essay

critically examine the role that technology can play in the recruitment and selection proces - Essay mannequinM both humane election practitioners spend a huge amount of time in discourse activities related to recruitment and selection of new employees (Florea & Badea 2013). Most of these activities might include one-off recruitment episodes to grand recruitment campaigns launched to recruit and select replacement staff, trainees, staff with skills, graduates and many more (Martin,Whiting & Jackson 2010). Due to this engagement, the human resource managers find it easy or difficult to meet the required standards of an organization. It is because of this tedious work most human resource mangers undergo that has le d to the mass adoption of technology in the whole motion of recruitment and selection. According to available literature studies, almost 98% of all organizations in the world pay back incorporated the use of technology and earnings in carrying out the process of recr uiting and selecting new employees into the workforce.With the constantly increase advancement in technology, it is arguably true that recruitment is the most technologically influenced sector in any organizational setting. According to Aarhus (n.d), e-recruiting has taken centre stage and has fundamentally influenced the corporate recruiting process starting from the fold mode to the continuous mode, leading to a major change in the way the business is done. Ensher, Nielson and Vallone (2002) tell apart that most companies have adopted the most elaborative and creative methods to procure the services of the most qualified talents from the ever sinking pool of talent. More specifically, the human resource managers are currently using technology and the internet to enhance the process of recruitment and selection. As reported by the CMA, the use of technology and internet in the recruitment and selection increased from just 29% in 1998 to 88% by the year 2001. Ensher et al. (2002) get on points out that the use of technology in the Human resource management is witnessed in three openhanded

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