Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Development Economics and Planning PowerPoint Presentation

Development Economics and Planning - PowerPoint Presentation ExampleInfrastructure is very vital for whatever economy, and a key difference that exists between the developed economy and a less developed genius is only the quality of infrastructure. Most of the infrastructural usings involve a lot of capital where a lot of capital is spent to put the infrastructure in place (Hanak & Reed, 2009).Planning for any infrastructure projects ensures that there exists a common understanding between the providers of the services, the developers, the council and the communities depending on the needs for the local infrastructure, when and how they will be provided. Even though planning for infrastructure has for a long period of time been a major consideration, its significance and the splendour to demonstrate deliverability has in recent years gained eminence (Great Britain, 2008). Linked to the development tenders, infrastructure planning outgrowth helps in ensuring that the population of Worth has the proper access to services and facilities they require.A new planning heraldic bearing system was introduced in the year 2010 referred to us community infrastructure levy as one of the development processes that enables the local authorities especially in England and Wales to collect funds form the developers who undertakes the new building tasks in the area. The amount of money collected is used in funding a number of infrastructures that are needful as a result of development (Glaeser, 2012). The community infrastructure charging authorities who have the authority to overthrow charges on the levy in England include the unitary authorities, metropolitan districts, mayor of London among other bodies (Levy, 2011). tout ensemble this listed bodies prepare development plans for their specific areas, informed by the evaluation of the infrastructural requirements that calls for the levy collection.On the importance of this tariff based development process, the govern ment decided to

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