Thursday, May 30, 2019

Humorous Wedding Speech Made by a Fellow Teacher :: Wedding Toasts Roasts Speeches

Humorous Wedding Speech Made by a Fellow TeacherLadies and gentlemen, its an honour to be rest here. I suppose I should actu every(prenominal)y say its an honour and a pleasure, but I know the pleasure wont kick in until this speech part is over. I must admit to being a little surprised when James invited me to his wedding as I moreover met him a few years ago. But on reflection, I think he was swayed by the fact that I know very little about the prototypic years of his life, which therefore puts some rather embarrassing stories out of reach. James and I have been close ever since we met whilst (while) teaching at Ferndale secondary instill - so close, in fact, that he has told me secrets that nobody else knows. One of those secrets is that James keeps a diary. In preparation for this speech, I decided to swipe his diary and would now akin to read to you a few of the entries that chart the blossoming romance between James and Anis. pull out a diary prop So here it goesSeptember fifth 1998 Today was my first day as a teacher. When the kids got out of line, I just got loud and acted tough like dad does. I hope they dont adopt that I am really just a big sissy. September 6th 1998 A pretty teacher at school talked to me today. That was weird.September seventh 1998 I said hi to the pretty girl today. Its a good thing Jason best man taught me how to be cool. September 13th 1998 Ate dinner at pizza Hut tonight with Jason, Sarah, and the pretty girl named Anis. I think I like her. September 14th 1998 I couldnt sleep last night with all the butterflies in my stomach. I think I like this girl more than my car. September 15th 1998 Jason is the coolest guy I know. I hope he doesnt decide to go out with Anis.September 14th 1998 Anis kissed me. It was amazing. I havent kissed a girl since Freshers Week at Uni (the university). December 7th 2001 I proposed to Anis today. She accepted, but only after criticizing my way of kneeling. This is one of the happiest day s of my life. Unfortunately, I cant see much because Ive been crying like a little girl.

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