Thursday, May 16, 2019

Research problem and literature review Proposal

Problem and literature review - Research Proposal ExampleMajority of the school teachers do not pay proper attention to these students to teach them impressive and correct side. Due to these reasons the students have to wait problems in their higher classes as English is the only medium of teaching in higher studies. On the other hand, the students of UAE look towards their guides and teachers with great hope. According to these students, the teachers are most competent and they will help these students to discover good English within a short period of time. It doubles the responsibility of the English teachers. Therefore, bulk of the English teachers become disap channelizeed and fed up. As a result, the English teachers leave the institutions or schools in the beginning the completion of their contract. The teachers need to have little patience, significant competency level, intelligence and effective management and leaders skills to handle these kind of situations. It will help the teachers to achieve their personal career goals. Research Question Depending upon the in a higher place discussion the research question has been formulated as What are the problems and remedies of teaching English to the students of UAE? Literature follow-up Teaching gage language to the students is not an easy line for the teachers. Second language should be taught efficiently with patience, hard work and self invented methodologies. These will help the teachers to teach second language to the students in effective way. According to Ansari (2012), it is important for the teachers to find out the difficulties and problems faced by the students (Ansari, 2012, p.521). Once the difficulties and problems are found out, the task becomes easy for the teachers to implement appropriate methods, plans and strategies. An intelligent, competent, co-operative and hardworking teacher is necessary for the students in order to discover second language in an appropriate way. According t o Rosenthal (2000), when the students start learning the second language or both foreign language, they can face several problems and difficulties due to the lack of language proficiency (Rosenthal, 2000, p.141). At this point of time, only the teachers can rescue them from this critical situation. It is the responsibility of the teacher to understand the problems of the students and solve those problems accordingly through and through effective processes and methodologies. The teachers frame the course curriculum in an appropriate way so that the students can learn the language effectively and appropriately. It is important for the teachers to select effective reading materials for the students and create a suitable English learning environment in the class room. The students also face several problems, such as socio-cultural problems, compose problems and subject related problems while learning the second language. They also face problems in recognizing the alphabets and pronoun cing even candid words. The socio-cultural background of the students generally plays an important role in learning of second language as thither are cultural differences among the students. This cultural unawareness confuses the students. At this critical stage, only the teachers can help the students to get over the situation by effective

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