Sunday, May 12, 2019

Women in the Military Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Women in the Military - try ExampleThe reason for the exclusion of women in the armed services is as a result of their smaller bodily body, and Fenner & DeYoung (2001 p 145) reports that women have 50 percent strength of the strength men have.According to Barno (2014), in January 2014 fifty dollar bill percent of women in the US marine failed to pass a physical standard test, a test similar to the one offered to their male counterparts. The cry for greater women representation for women to serve in to a greater extent diverse roles is louder than ever, in fact, the defense secretary reiterated the desire, by stating that, combat positions will be more make to women .Indeed, the civil talk of sexuality equality has breached the gate of the military service.The genuine need for a military service in which both men and women have equal opportunities has been thwarted by nature. Women are born(p) naturally physically weaker than men. Debate on the roles of women in the military is as strong as ever, with the gender activist calling for standardization of the processes so that the women take positions in ground

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