Monday, June 17, 2019

Literature Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 9

Literature Review - Essay ExampleWe as a society are innovating great(p)er technology and great modern convenience. This continuing dependence on social technology has contributed to a lessening of dependence, desire for, or trust in human interactions. In fact, more experts feel strongly that the inception and popularity of social media is contributing to a deterioration of inter individualised relationships and how population go along in those relationships (Christofides et. al, 2012). If individuals continue to depend and substitute their personal interactions for social media influenced relationships it will lead to a shallow and superficial future for between human beings.200 years ago if raft wanted to communicate they had to wait long periods of time to receive even a single letter. 150 years ago the telegraph allowed faster and immediate confabulation over longer distances to be achieved, and finally the telephone changed everything. People could directly talk to peopl e who are very far away. However, despite all of these technological innovations people still interacted with other people regularly and on a continuous basis. There was still a value in having eye to eye foregather in a conversation and shaking a mans hand when making a deal. Technology did not impede that interaction and communication negatively. However, todays technology has made in completely possible for a person to become a complete shut-in and never blab to another person in person again. It is possible to pay all of your bills online, people can work exclusively from home, and even have their groceries delivered. This is extreme, but people today are slowly but surely losing their desire and limiting their opportunity to interact and communicate with others.It has become a part of daily life, get on the computer, sending text messages, and responding to messages that others send. It is hard to imagine a time when phones

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