Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The departed Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The departed - Essay ExampleWell, the three characters involve in unethical behavior patterns driven by factors such as legal moralism, codes of conduct, universal responsibility, egoism, free will, and determinism. The discussion focuses on such factors in the two protagonists (police agent and the undercover police agent), reasons for corruption in the criminal justice system, how to use critical thinking in enforcing the law, and the necessity to differentiate between morality and ethics. Scorsese uses glowing money shots relating them to the key characters, to create an big(p) theme, and categorize these characters. The major theme in the story relates to the characters attitude towards money, which molds the behavior for each character (Sickels, 2011). In addition, he retains the viewers attention by dint of matching on the scene and implementing blurry backgrounds. The shots taken with the story, the angle by which the producer took, and the glowing film background pointing t he major characters, Billy Costigan and Colin Sullivan, whom the story revolves around, all in all assist in enhancing the storyline. More so, the story is all about the two double police agents, Colin and Billy, assigned to infiltrate the enemy camp of the other, which creates captivating actions. It is make up to state that the story is classical regardless the fact that it is recent production. The spot is full of linear chronology, with limited or no flashbacks, because each action and plot precedes continuously in a forward motion (Sickels, 2011). Complete closure is evident at the ending of the story the police kills all the bad agents without release a single of them. Consequently, Billy receives a respectful burial, memorable speech and several gunshots. Nevertheless, it is easy to categorize the characters into stereotypes. The three main characters featuring in the movie help symbolically in terms of the Superego, Ego and Id, while taking note that the ego behavior st ructure itself is self-permeable and fluid. Francis Costello, the key antagonist pretends to be the mafia boss. He acts in all unethical behaviors starting from trading illegal and illicit properties while at the same time teaching unethical behavior of the mafia members (Schoeffmann, et al., 2011). For instance, a statement in the story states his teaching to a young boy from the neighboring village, You have to take what you want in life. Costello is a holy example of pure Id because he enacts his urges and primal drives without much remorse, reflection or restraint (Sickels, 2011). At the beginning of the story, it is evident of him stating I never wanted to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. The audience soon grabs the idea of the naughty guys and the good guys, as sanitary as, the crooked cop after watching the movie (Monaco, 2010). The objectives of the key character come out clearly in the movie Colin has the desire of getting pro ductive and rich he desires to stay as close as possible to the authority seat, which is evident in the way he fascinates with the State House. For instance, the story shows an relative incidence when he gazes at the seat for some time, after the greatest football game (Wernblad, 2010).. Consequently, a colleague,

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