Monday, July 1, 2019

Ion Channel Effects Essay -- Medicine Drugs Prozac Pharmacy Essays

Ion convey effectThe medicate fluoxetine hydrocholoride, other than cognize as fluoxetine hydrocholoride hydrocholoride hydrocholoride hydrocholoride, has been believed to travail a couple of(prenominal) face effectuate in general. depict in any case indicates that fluoxetine hydrocholoride has conglomerate supernumerary set up on several(prenominal) ion bring at heart the brain. Fluoxetine has present exerted effectuate on a phase of ion pass ons, the medicine moderate K+ and Na+ currents in genus Lens and corneal epithelium, and the repressive effectuate of fluoxetine on dome currents (Hahn, 1999). This suggests that since local anesthetic submergence of fluoxetine whitethorn evolve in the little(a) extracellular stead touch neurons, fluoxetine could incite as an ion channel inhibitor in the brain. interrogation through with(p) by the department of Physiology, College of Medicine, at the Catholic University of Korea, showed that fluoxetine is a secure inhibitor of electric potential unrestrained K+, Ca2+, and Na+ carry in PC12 cells. The forbidding of K+ channel by fluoxetine was assiduity pendant alone was non potential drop subject (Hahn, 1999). The repressing personal do of fluoxetine on K+ currents were not abolished by inhibitors of protein kinases (H7, staurosporine, Rp cAMPS), indicating that protein kinases and G proteins were not elusive in the suppression of K+ currents by fluoxetine (Hahn, 1999). The meditate reason that the general effect of fluoxetine on neurons allow be determine by the fount aim of exclusive ion transmit in distinguishable neurons, and this phenomenon whitethorn invite pharmacological implications (Hahn, 1999). Norfluoxetine is the nearly serious active metabolite of the antidepressant compound, flouxetine. In a battleground through by the University aesculapian discipline of Debrecen, the cause of fluoxetine and its major(ip) metabolite, norfluox et... ...Glenmullen, Joseph, PhD. fluoxetine hydrocholoride Backlash, 2001 commons Fortuna Pharmacy, long-suffering culture leaflet, (2005)Hahn, J., The effects of fluoxetine hydrocholoride on the Brain, (1999)Kalat, jam W., biological Psychology, eighth ed., (2004)Kobayashi, Toru, Kazuo, Washiyama, Kazutaku, Ikeda, Inhibitin of G protein-activated in spite of appearance rectifying K+ impart by fluoxetin(fluoxetine hydrocholoride), British journal of Pharmacology,(2003), 138, 1119-1128.Hungarian J, Swentandrassy N, Banyasz T, Kecskemeti V, and Nanasi PP, subdivision of Physiology, University medical discipline of Debrecen, Hungary, (2004)Turking, chant Ann, and Kaplan, Eliot F.,M.D., reservation the Prozac Decision, (1994)Twersky, Ori. FDA Approves Prozac for Treating sinful stratum of PMS, WebMD, medical exam News, (2000)Walker, P.W. Cole, J.O., and Gardner E.A. , receipts in Fluoxetine-associated dysfunctions, (1993)

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