Sunday, August 11, 2019

Advancement of Policies for Gender Equality Essay

Advancement of Policies for Gender Equality - Essay Example These are for example forums such as the famous Beijing meeting, which surprisingly took the world by surprise and which saw the creation of awareness through the setting of several policies and objectives through their mission statement. Such objectives included and not limited to empowerment of women, principle that terms women’s and female children’s rights as inalienable, etc. in general, advancement of policies for gender equality entails taking actions to promote equitable distribution of resources and wealth across both genders such that there is growth and development in the economy (Lorber, 2005). The goals of these policies enhance several goals, which can be classified basically into three categories. These include focus areas such as; capabilities, resources, opportunities and services as well as human security. Under capabilities, education for both genders especially women is advocated for so as to ensure that they attain the necessary qualifications to en able them compete effectively with their men counterparts in all fields. This is necessitated by the fact that most of the societies used to view women as property such that instead of advocating for them to go to school, they were made to get married at a fairly tender age. Under resources and opportunities, women are given a fair chance to participate in decision making thereby enabling them to acquire leadership skills. This means that they can no longer be viewed as inferior to men in this context but as equal partners in development activities.

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