Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Essay Prpposal and Annotated Bibliography Research Proposal

Essay Prpposal and Annotated Bibliography - Research Proposal Example Tom and Maggie, the main characters chose different ways to fight against past (time) but their fight become futile under the flow of time. The Novel begins with the early life of the heroine, Maggie Tulliver and ends with the death of Maggie and her brother Tom, in a flood on the river Floss. The plot of the novel is quite slow moving but it helps to have an accurate measurement of time. The river Floss itself represents time, which is endless and ever flowing. The past haunts Tulliver family with Mr. Tulliver’s death, family crises, bankruptcy, and loss of the Mill etc. Tom is more practical than Maggie. But Maggie wasted her intellectual aptitude in her socially isolated state and she embraced intense spirituality. The death in flood denotes the end of time and the novel. The strong bond of love between brother and sister signifies ever flowing time. The series of events in the life of Tom and Maggie force them to struggle against death, the point of no return. George Eliot points out that: (â€Å"And every man and women mentioned in this history was still living† (Eliot 591) the story of Tulliver family ends with the death of Tom and Maggie but history never ends. The ever flowing river Floss or time is represented as the force that is capable to determine the destiny of Tulliver family. So, the ways that time is measured and marked in the novel helps to connect the present state to past and future. George Eliot use time to measure the development of the story and it leads to the last conflict and doom of Tom and Maggie. The time is marked and measured and this helps the reader to have a clear idea cyclic procedure of time, i.e. nature. Moreover, time unveils the past of Tulliver family and leads the important characters to their destiny. The Journal Article by George Eliot, Theodor Storm and John T. Krumpelmann, namely â€Å"George Eliots The Mill on

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