Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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The Creeds of the church were key parts of the origins of the church. They lay the foundation for the first years of the church in order to accomplish the mission given to the Apostles by Jesus. Two of these creeds were the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed. Culture during that time period was key to the layout of these creeds and the messages they set. A creed was an early statement of Christian beliefs, and a symbol for others to follow by. There were numerous cultures and needs that led to the ultimate development and writing of the creeds, which are still used for their original purpose today. One of these needs was for the church to have a basic statement of beliefs, which was accomplished by the Apostles creed. Early Christians knew that people needed to have an understanding of what they believed in that wasn’t requiring a lot of research. Cultures of the people and the time period also had a great influence on the creation of these creeds. They needed a way to sprea d the word of Christ to all people, in a time period where we didn’t have the technology and communication options that we have today. A combination of the churches basic needs for success and the fact that the word needed to be spread were two of the leading causes in the creations of these creeds. One of the most important reasons that led to the creation of the church was the essential need of the early church to have a document which listed the basic beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. This was created by the authority of the church, the apostles appointed by Christ to lead the church. They had to find a way to spread the church of God, and these creeds provided a method to complete this task. None of the churches at the time had all books tha... ...hrist, along with making sure everyone in the Church understood the basic beliefs of the Catholic Church. The creeds provided both of these, as they clearly stated what things the Catholic Church supported and instructions for its followers. These were vitally important to the success of the Church. Now, there was a set list of things that every catholic person could look to if they began to lose sight of their faith in the Catholic beliefs. They also served as an effective method of communicating the ideas of God to all cultures, allowing the word of God to be communicated to people of many different cultures and beliefs. The languages they were written in were widely spoken in that time period; therefore many could understand it without needing a translator. This allowed the Creeds to spread the word to the entire world, just as Jesus instructed the apostles to.

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