Monday, September 9, 2019

Y-parents questionnaire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Y-parents questionnaire - Essay Example That's why we moved into a closely knit community where all the residents take part in helping educate and instill the correct social values in our children. That is how we, as parents, were able to instill in the value of family in our children. Since most of the children attending Choate shall be staying in the Rosemary hall as residents, we believe that our daughter will be able to influence them positively by showing them the true value and importance of family life, even when one is living away from home. We raised our daughter to be independent yet mindful of the feelings and needs of others by respecting their individuality and embracing what makes them unique as a person. We raised her to understand what discrimination is and why it is something that should not be done to others. We believe Choate can help develop these values in our child. What qualities would you like to see your child develop while at Choate?1000 Characters left in your response -- We believe in the leader ship abilities that our daughter possesses and shown us glimpses of in her daily life. As a student at Choate, we would like to ask the school to help us further develop, hone, and polish her leadership skills. We see the school doing this by encouraging her to join in and experience diverse activities that can call upon not only her leadership, but also teamwork abilities. After all, in order to become an effective leader in the future, our daughter will have to learn all about becoming a valuable team member first. Choate offers her an abundance of these activities. That is why we are looking forward to seeing our daughter continue to develop her positive thinking, widening her perspective about life, and developing a healthy mind. All of which will hopefully result in our daughter developing a much nobler character than we can ever expect of her. Ownership of the decision to come to Choate can play a significant role in a student's success. Please describe how the decision was re ached to apply to Choate. 1000 Characters left in your response -- We already have one daughter attending Choate. Helena, Julia's older sister, has shown us how educational, happy, and challenging student life can be at Choate. Helena has us that the other students and teachers at Choate can continue to provide the kind of positive influence that we desire for our children. Helena has shown us that she has been positively influence by her peers and mentors at Choate by working hard to achieve her academic goals. That is an endeavor that, although challenging, Helena meets with the most positive attitude that we have ever seen. That is the kind of influence that we hope to expose Helena's younger sister, Julia to. Julia is a child who enjoys a challenge and enjoys reaping the benefits of her successes. We believe that Choate is the best place to help Julia achieve all her goals due to the remarkable person that her older sister has become since attending Choate. What event would you consider the most significant in your child's life? 1000 Characters left in your response -- The most significant event to have recently happened in Julia's life would have to be the decision to send her to school in the United States. We explained the importance of studying abroad to her before we packed her up and shipper her off to the U.S. but that did not mean that she was fully prepared for the move. She went to the United States without knowing much about the culture and people of the Americans. She spoke some English but not as proficiently as she would have wanted to. Worst of all, she was living in a dormitory on her own for the first time, living with other foreign students. This time, she was fully independent and needed to learn to manage her dorm room, her

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