Thursday, October 3, 2019

Game and Basketball Essay Example for Free

Game and Basketball Essay Have you ever wondered what basketball is like? Basketball can vary from being very intense and physical, while other time it is very easy. Basketball is a very exhausting sport. You can feel your muscles being pulled in every direction. You feel like you cant move when the season first starts. During a gamer you can hear the crowd cheering you on. You can smell the popcorn all around the gym as people eat it. You can feel the sweat pouring down your face as you run up and down the court. Your feet start to ache as you run. When you hear the buzzer at the end of the game, you look up to see how many points are on the board. Many players struggle to get the ball during a jump ball. When players are hit hard during a game, the referee will call a fould. Basketball gives people this unknown amount of energy during a game. When your in the stands during a game you can feel the excitement coming from all of the fans. Basketball can be played inside or outside. You can find most teens around here playing it almost all of the time. If you want to be good at the sport you need to have a passion for learning it. Basketball is an excellent way to get in shape or to stay in shape. Basketball will always be a sport to play no matter what season it is. If you look in a gym at a school you should find a court and hoops. Basketball is a way to keep you out of trouble. When you sweat, it runs down your face into your eyes and makes them burn like crazy. Basketball could be a wonderful sport for everyone to play, but many will not play the sport. Basketball is played worldwide. It is played in almost every country. Basketball will be around for many centuries to come. Almost everyone enjoys the sport, whether they are playing or watching. Basketball has been passed down to different generations through out the years. It has had the rules of it changed many times. Basketball is even an excellent way to make memories with your friends. Basketball will be passed on until the end of time, well at least it might be.

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