Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Sociological Theory Journal Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sociological Theory Journal Analysis - Essay Example The hypothesis says that "religious attendance promotes higher intergenerational closure, friendship networks with higher educational resources and norms, and extracurricular participation." (Jennifer 1). The study depends upon many previous researches (which say that religious participation improves psychological balancing, and there is an inverse relationship between religious participation and delinquency) to reach such a hypothesis. Ans. Yes, the article provides a very logical theoretical background by citing some other studies that speak about social capital. The article cites the theory put forward by Coleman (1988) who argued that in adolescents social participation enhances educational backgrounds. This article uses this theory to study about religious participation. The article uses various other related theories also. The author’s theoretical perspective shows us that religious involvement of the teens leads them to social networking and, eventually it leads to more beneficial outcome in the form of academic achievement and engagement. It is found that religious attendance improves adolescent friendship networks. Also religious attendance leads to less skipping of schools frequently. It is found that religious attendance encourages the teens to participate more n sports and other extra-curricular activities. It is very significant to the above inferences, since the participation in sports and extra-curricular activities improves academic performance. Ans. Even though the data are given to show that the hypotheses in right, the psychological dimensions are not given or explained. The study failed to explain convincingly how religious participation enhances academic performance. Ans. This theoretical is very useful in many ways. The socio-educational scientists can use the theoretical ideas for more researches in this field. The school managements can use these ideas in the application level to enhance the

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