Thursday, November 21, 2019

Routing Protocol Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Routing Protocol - Essay Example Enhanced interior Gateway routing Protocol is an advanced distance vector routing protocol which reduces routing uncertainty which developed after re-arrangement of various computer network elements. Routers which operate through EIGRP involuntarily spread data packets to the interior gateway routing protocol by changing the 32 bit enhanced interior gateway to 24 bit interior gateway. Since EIGRP uses a dual update algorithm (DUAL) its confluence is much faster. The time taken to transmit data packets through the telecommunication network from the source destination is from 65ms up to 185ms. Open Shortest Path first (OSPF) developed by Interior gateway protocol, conveys information in an automatic system. Different versions of OSPF include the OSPF version one and the OSPF versions two. OSPF has been widely used in large scale network connections. Open Shortest path operates by acquiring information from the neighbouring routers then developing a path for the network. The schematic arrangement of the network establishes the routing mechanism on the internet layer. If there are changes of the network arrangement, the OSPF closes in on a new loop, by analyzing the shortest path for the different routers using the graph search algorithm with all positive path costs. The main advantages of the Open shortest path first are it can reduce router paths as well as configuring an area through minimizing the size of a routing table. OSPF also supports various routes and length of an IP address. Comparing the two routing protocols regarding end to end delay, throughput and delay jitter, the end to end delay of EIGRP and OSPF is from 65ms to 185 ms with a 15% network load. As seen from the graph below, when the background load is set to 40%, The EIGRP raises to 200 ms while the OSPF rises to 4.4 seconds. With a more background load, EIGRP and OSPF delay, elevates to 600

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