Saturday, January 11, 2020

Is College Too Stressful?

College is a life changing experience for any person that wants to continue their learning experience, and since this is such a momentous occasion there are adjustments that must be made by students in order to succeed in college. With such drastic changes people going to college will be put under stress, and they will have to make certain decisions to make their college experience a doable one. Even though college tends to be stressful for student it should not be overwhelming or cause a student to break down and give up because it is too hard.Yes, college is very challenging at times, but is it too much of a challenge to where students will put under major amounts of stress and will break down from the constant flow of homework and readings that the professors assign? The answer to this question is no, college does not put too much stress on students because if a student is willing to make the right choices and sacrifice their effort and time then college would not be stressful. â €Å"Stress is a feeling that's created when we react to particular events.It's the body's way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This is how Teen Heath, an online article on defining what causes stress, describes what stress is. There are two different types of stress and they are good stress and bad stress. Good stress â€Å"tends to inspire us to rise to a challenge, so that we discover and experience more of our potential,† (Good Stress vs. Bad Stress paragraph 2), while bad stress, â€Å"leaves us feeling depleted and anxious† (Good Stress vs. Bad Stress paragraph 2). Most college students usually feel overwhelmed because they are not managing their time correctly and are doing everything at the last minute. If a college student has excellent time management and is responsible to make correct decisions then college will be less challenging and will promote good stress in their lives. Having good time management skills is very important when going to college because of excess homework and readings that are assigned by professors.In college a student has a lot of free time for doing homework because college classes are more of a lecture style setting, so students are usually taught what they supposed to know for the homework during class and given time outside of class to do the homework. Giving different classes a specific amount of committed hours will help with procrastination and a student will be able to organize when homework and study hours will be for each class. Having awareness of what your goals are will assist you in prioritizing your activities,† (Managing Your Time paragraph 1) if a student has a plan of attack of how they are going to complete their homework goals then they will be successful. Responsibility is also another key role in being successful for college and having a good stress environment.College students have a lot of freedom because most college students do not live with their parents, so there is no one to wake them up for class, telling them when to do their homework, or anyone to tell them when it’s time for them to go to bed. In college, you will have†¦ a great deal of freedom and flexibility,† (Managing Your Time paragraph 1) students must take the initiative to do what they know is right in order to accomplish their goal of doing well in college. There are many parties that happen on campus grounds and sometimes the partying will affect a student’s consistency of going to class because they partied too hard and were not able to get up for class, or they went to class and were too tired to focus.Then there are instances where a student is not consistent with their homework because they did not feel like doing it. Without parents as a constant reminder students need to adapt. Also, having too many class hours can hinder a student from being successful in college. A student must know what their maximum work load is, so they can take on the homework that the professors assign to them while still getting good grades. Many students tend to take on way more class hours than they are capable of causing them to feel very stressed out and hopeless.If a student does take on too many hours then they will end up having to sacrifice other classes in order to manage a decent grade for a harder class. Then some students take classes that they are under qualified for and then they end up struggling because they do not meet the credentials of that class. A student must know their limits in order to flourish in a college atmosphere. College can be very stressful for students because of some indirect causes from a student’s personal life.For example, a student might become very ill and is unable to attend class and they fall behind in class. If this were to happen then the student must communicate to their professor that they are struggling and they need help catching up. Professors tend to be very unde rstanding of a student falls behind in class as long as the student is telling the professor what is going on. Then there are scenarios where people have no choice but to take upper level classes within the same time frame because what degree they are majoring in makes it hard for them to spread out difficult classes.Also, some college students have children and that makes it harder for them to manage their time with doing homework from professors because they have to take care of their child first. Sometimes colleges do have professors that are very unreasonable with giving ludicrous amounts of homework and are not willing to make it manageable for students to succeed in their class, and if this scenario does happen then the student should either drop that class and take another time, or just try and find a different professor to take the class with.There are ways to make college less stressful if it is too stressful on a student as long as they communicate with their advisors or p rofessors. College may seem stressful because of poor time management, a student took too many classes, and the lack of responsibility that some students tend to have. With poor time management a student will be unorganized and will not be able to succeed because there is no routine for them to follow thus making it hard for the student to have a time slot for when they will study for test or do homework for a class.Also, students are liable to take on too many class hours and not have enough time to put in the effort of studying therefore they have to sacrifice one class over the other just to make ends meet. When a student goes off to college there is a lot of freedom because they are away from their parents and there is no one to tell them when to do their homework, so instead of focusing on studies they might go out with friends and reap the consequences of not doing their homework on time and not study for a test. College is stressful because students make it stressful with unw ise decisions that are made.

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