Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Fight Against Discrimination and Violence Against the Indigenous Essay

The Fight Against Discrimination and Violence Against the Indigenous Women in Canada - Essay Example If we are to look at the glaring evidence of inequality and domination in any given society, then it is but imperative that we look at how the dominating group treats or for obvious instances, maltreats the so-called subordinate group. In this case, the extent by which the powerful non-natives abuse the natives in Canada is obviously seen in how it has perpetuated and imbibed the belief that indigenous women deserve to be abused and are rightful to be raped and murdered for the mere reason that they are natives. Discrimination is not limited to the actual individuals who kill, rape, or abuse indigenous women, but even to the social institutions like the police and courts that have miserably failed to protect the rights of these women to the point that the victims and their families are seen to have provoked and deserved such brutalities, while the suspects are treated as if they were the real victims! Amnesty International (www2.amnesty.se) has released these sentiments towards the p assivity of the Canadian government over such important concerns, and a call towards finally putting a stop and initiating a fight against the discrimination and abuse of indigenous women all over Canada: First, the marginalization of indigenous women in Canada in terms of social and economic aspects, as well as years of manipulative government policies tearing apart the families and communities of natives in Canada, have inevitably pushed a number of indigenous women into dangerous working conditions such as prostitution and sex trade and living conditions such as poverty and homelessness.

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