Monday, March 25, 2019

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Influenza Outbreak Four age ago the good citizens of this city voted to every(prenominal)ow city property to be allocated toward a new civic center located in the midpoint of Irvine. Four years ago the good citizens of this great city had no idea that a terrible pandemic would threaten their very lives and the lives of their love whizzs. When signs of the flu season came around in late October this year, no one would get under ones skin imaged that a disease, often with symptoms like a common cold, would have by the end of the year killed almost half of those killed in the colossal War itself. Places all across the nation have had to deal with the macabre and dying and Irvine is no exception. This week alone there have been reportedly 3369 new cases of influenza resulting in 60 deaths. This is a staggering jut from last weeks amount of 1200 cases. This weeks newest count has prompted city officials to call a finicky session in order to decide on how to deal with the outbreak in monetary terms. The State of California has already given Irvine all that it can until more Federal Aid can be released. In an overwhelming 5-0 vote the city council decided to divert the money tog aside for construction of the new civic center and allocate those funds toward medical equipment and vaccines to dish up fight the deadly disease. Mayor Beth Krom stated that, It was the barely logical thing to do. With the city not receiving anymore State or Federal aid anytime soon it was only right that priorities be rearranged. In a news conference Council member Sukhee Kang was quoted as saying I mean were talking about lives here, not a few slabs of concrete and steel. What good is a civic center if theres no one to freighter in it? The civic center, which was set to open May 16, 1919, will be left standing half complete and no new pick up has been set as to when construction will resume. If things continue to go in this direction then the civic center may ne ver be finished. In the long run this may end up painful sensation the city financially. A lot of money was invested into the project in hopes that it would help make Irvine the cultural capital of Southern California which would translate into more people and more business.

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