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Social Networking Sites Analysis

cordial Networking Sites AnalysisSocial Networking Sites atomic number 18 progressively becoming hot, attracting the attention of millions of exploiters by functioning like an online community. These sites ar electronic vane ground work that every(prenominal)ow individuals to create a public/ clubby write on i or more sites. Users once registered preserve input their personal data including photos and videos. This then allows them to interact with former(a) substance abusers with whom they motive to portion out a common interest or view point. soon in that location are thousands of different well-disposed networking sites operating worldwide that prolong a variety of features aimed at an assortment of different subject conferences. in that respectfore the loving networking sites works by requireing profiles of users who are registered. Once they collect learning, this data is open to other members of the group or community for which the user is registered.INT RODUCTIONInternet is considered as a part of our life in todays world. Through internet, populate quarter interact with other person from anywhere in the world. There are no divisional and setbacks to prevent people from interacting. Social networking websites are very popular nowadays especially in spite of appearance teenagers. Millions of users incorporate these sites into their daily lives by checking their profile several times a day and steriliseting updates from friends and families time to time. Al nigh all the online users are members of both one or more cordial networking websites. In my own words, I would describe these sites as an online utility that enables users to communicate actively with other members and friends by allowing individuals to set up an account and describing his/her own interests. Once the account is created, users are then able to government agency personal instruction including photographs, videos and blog entries in their account. The way u ser interacts with other person depends on features that each social networking websites offer. both(prenominal) of those features include instant messaging, video calling, chatting, emails, blogging, group discussions, file overlap and so on.The social networking websites are classified into different categories. While most of the sites are based on general calculate, some of the sites are based on specific theme. A few of these categories are discussed below.Category 1 General InterestThese sites are for general purpose where a user foot salve contact with old friend, or submit a new friend. These sites also enable user to comment on other member messages/views. Below are some of the top general purpose sites.Facebook This site allows users to turn out contact with friends, family around them. Currently facebook is most popular networking site among teenagers.Orkut Similar to facebook, Orkut also provides its users to meet new friends and of importtain animated relations hips. This website is owned by Google Inc.Twitter This website enables its users to send and read other user messages called tweets. This site is sometimes described as the SMS of the internet.Category 2 special InterestThese sites are based on specific themes which are aimed at certain kinds of groups. Below are some of the theme based network sites.LinkedIn It is a business-oriented network where members invite people to be connections instead of friends. This is in general used for professional networking. The purpose of this website is to allow its users to maintain a arguing of contact details of people they know and trust in business. It piece of ass then be used to find jobs, people and business opportunities recommended by someone in ones contact network. Employers use these sites to post job vacancies in their companies.Last.fm This networking site is based on Music. Registered Users allow for be able to post in the Last.fm forums, send and receive private messages an d use the Last.fm client medical specialty player.Flixster This is a social movie site allowing users to share movie ratings, signalize new movies and meet others with similar movie taste.Benefits of Social Networking WebsitesUsing social networking sites, we can develop friendship with people online all around the world. non only we can make new friends but we will pop an opportunity to learn about new languages, cultures of other countries. Social networking websites broadly involves either specific individuals or organizations together. For individuals, these sites provide bust ways to keep in mote with friends, families. Also one can increase their group of contacts that can go beyond geographical and cultural differences as they can meet people who share your interests from almost all sides of world. We can share messages within seconds with the person sitting at distant places. One can also create and share blogs with friends and families by providing links to them.Thus , social networking sites have been quite effective in facilitating making new friends or alter old friend after years of lack of communications. Hence social networking sites can be great way to stay in touch with large groups of people.On the other side, businesses and organizations can use these sites to promote their websites, products and services widely. News channels provide updates to public with recent and up-to-date watchword about events and activities around the world.Disadvantages of Social Networking WebsitesEven though there are lot of advantages of these sites, there are dangers also associated with this. The main consequence will be identity theft and fraud of personal data which is on rise. The names, addresses, email ids, age and so on are personal information that a user can give out and fraudsters use this information in performing illegal activities. There are also more people who pretend to be someone else and are using these sites to make a business deal. But the truth is that they will rob funds out of another user.Another danger would be meeting strangers online. The main concern from these people is online harassment. They use the information available on users profile.Some pull wires advertisements can invite users to unwanted viruses to their computers.Nowadays, professional companies are referring online profile while judging people at the time of interviews.ConclusionSocial networking sites are an online community that has users registered from all around the world. As seen above there are both pros and cons from using this sites.Therefore one must be very careful while providing personal data online. Nowadays all the social networking websites are offering an option of privacy. By using this option, one can restrict the entry of unwanted users and unknown users.We may get many requests for adding as friends or joining different communities. It is always better to know as much as information about them forward adding anyone as friend or joining any community. Otherwise there is a possibility that we may become a victim of fake identity which may spoil your image.

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