Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Business Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 3

Business Environment - Essay ExampleAccording to Mishra (2011), it had market capitalization of about $220 meg as of spring 2010. It has implemented a multi-million dollar marketing campaign by slogan conceptualise Different so that it can fulfil its objective of being the number one alternative for the customers of unsettled device and computer industries.It has been stated by Schipanova (2008) that the main goal of the corporation is to differentiate its products from the competitors such as Dell, Microsoft, HP, Toshiba and others by fling its customers highly innovative and unique options. It aims to capture the leading position both in mobile device and PC industries by developing products with latest technology. In order to make surely that it is able to compete effectively, it has heavily invested in its Research and Development department and facilities so all offerings are free from any defects.One of the top-ranked companies in the technology sector is Elektron Technolo gy UK Limited that is a supplemental of Elektron Technology PLC that has been present in the market for many years. It has been offering top quality solutions to its customers by offering them instant solutions for monitoring and control, instrumentation and connectivity. The leading brands of the company are Sifam, Arcolectric, Carnation Designs, Bulgin, Queensgate and Digitron.The mission of the company is to earmark superior quality components for electromechanical along with instrumentation products that have been developed with the latest technology without make any damage to the environment. In order to achieve its desired mission, the main objective of the company is to always introduce new and innovative solutions to the customers so that they are able to meet the technological needs in the best possible way (Elektron Technology, 2012).From the analysis of mission and goals of both companies, it is

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