Monday, April 29, 2019

Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Ethics - Essay ExampleThose who are in the favor of the physique of gratification recognized by Aristotle recollect that happiness is an objective element and not a subjective one and to recognized whether one is happy or not requires inquiry and not only introspection. bole The feeling of happiness does not last for a semipermanent period of conviction. Certain times an separate experiences higher level of happiness as compared to other times and it is undoubtedly a fact that an person might experience state of happiness at one moment and might even display case unhappiness at the other moment. According to Bentham an mortal gives more importance to events of happiness that lasts for a longer period of time (Pojman 122). Aristotle claims that stability is very important for one to be happy and the identification of whether an individual is happy or not sack up only be judged over an extended period of time (Pojman 305). According to a conventional tradition a person was said to be happy if he is really happy passim his life. Happiness is desired by every one and everybody wants to experience it throughout their lives but individuals experience various events throughout their lives and they may at a real point in time loose their feeling of happiness. ... Different philosophers may agree about both the events but they bear on happiness and actions in different ways. The followers of Bentham and those who support his view focus on benefits and believe that benefits leave behind satisfaction and they focus on the methods through which benefits can be obtained (Pojman 123). Those who follow the philosophy of Aristotle focus on an individuals desire to obtain a good life. Every philosopher is in agreement that happiness is the motive cod to which individuals are promoted to conduct any action, but certain believe that it is the ultimate goal and certain believe that it is not necessarily an ultimate goal that individuals want to achieve. Every indi vidual is in the pursuit of achieving happiness, certain philosophers believe that certain factors such as health and wellbeing are necessary to achieve happiness but individuals may experience lack of these factors due to their own fault and fault of others. An individuals well being comprises of three main elements, these include benefits, satisfaction and pride. Satisfaction itself is a form of happiness, it can not be referred to as a feeling or believe but according to functional it is one of the major elements of attaining wellbeing. If contentment is to be realized as an element of wellbeing, it needs to last for a longer period of time and not just for a few moments or a petty(a) period of time. Benefits are even recognized as an element of wellbeing, benefits refers to the satisfaction of the needs of food, drink, shelter and habilitate which results in the flourishing state of an individual. Welfare can be of two kinds, psychological welfare and physical

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