Saturday, April 20, 2019

Software Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Softw be - Research Paper warningThey understand the metrics of the avocation they operate in. With this knowledge they argon able to improve the performance of the business. They are continu solelyy looking for business solutions from a technology perspective (Bloem, Doorn, & Mittal, 2005). In this regard, the CIO is expect to provide these solutions so that the business is seen to improve. They engage data mining techniques to get the information required to improve the data. They are seen to be business catalysts. They are helping the businesses to make money out of these decisions. The decisions they make are valued by management. They bring about major revolutions. They are included in rattling crucial management meetings of the company. heed makes use of these CIOs to improve the line of business seen to bring the expected targets. These CIOs are common in industries where disceptation is so high. They help to bring innovation in the company so that they remain ahead of co mpetition. Dis prefers maven disadvantage with this setup of that there is a lack of coordination between the various IT services. There is no desegregation of technology in business. This is because there is a lot of autonomy in undertaking the business. This hinders the successful integration of technology and business. ... The changes that are experienced today are seen in the role that Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are having. CIOs are from time to time asked to evaluate the role that IT plays in an organization. As technology lets a very important and integral part of any business, the role of the CIO becomes very crucial by the day these officers become business leaders of any type. Their main role is to transform the IT function from the traditional role which was expected to make things work faster in an organization with an international strategic function. The CIO is being asked to look for more strategic solutions that will make the business ahead of the competiti on. Another advantage is that organizations are getting all the reason to align their IT functions with the objectives of the business. Most managers ask the CIO to give a justification of the technology investments that the company makes and and so deliver on the benefits that they have promised will be achieved. There is globalization that is being realized in organizations today, thus bringing changes to the role in which the CIO plays in the company further. When combined with technology, globalization is making the business to scale great heights. With this trend, organizations are no longer limited by distance. The companies which are leaders in their field of operation are swiftly moving so fast to take the full advantage of the benefits that come with technology. These changes are making the role of the CIO and the information technicians change. It will bring changes and transformation in the personal manner processes are undertaken. Information technology has the power o f changing the normal operation of any business. They also

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