Sunday, April 21, 2019

Totalitarian Governments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Totalitarian Governments - Essay ExampleTotalitarianism is an extreme form of oppressive government with countless power that uses ruthless force to exert absolute control over all individuals within a society (Orwell 1). Totalitarian government comes in many forms. However, these commonly come under pretext ideologies like internal or external enmity, national security, mass fear and common good objective (Orwell 1).The undemocratic government in Russia before the World War II can be characterized as a communist government which took root from Marxist Socialism. Before the formation of the Soviet Union, the region was dominated by royalist forces. However, the dissatisfaction and discontent from monarchist government ensued to civil war. The Bolsheviks who were led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin demanded a highly disciplined, centralized, and dedicate revolutionary elite rather than a mass party. Thus, the Bolsheviks had a long and bloody fight with the monarchist forces and became kn own as the Communist Party. This commenced the arrival of fabianism in Russia. The basic ideology behind communism was the establishment of a classless, stateless, and social organization which is based upon the common ownership of the means of production. This new ideology governing Russia before the World War II gave rise to new policies especially economic reforms.

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