Saturday, May 4, 2019

Argument of evaluation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Argument of evaluation - Assignment Examplewhen he should have enjoyed his retirement) and the circumstances under which Reagan conducted his presidency, it is clear how great his influence was, which is still felt today, which most mass do not know but which everybody somehow benefited.All previous presidents go forth be evaluated on how good they were on both domestic and international affairs. On the domestic side, issues like the economy, employment, taxes, and governance leave behind be used as criteria to measure their achievements. On the international front, the main criteria to be used will be conduct of foreign policy and international agenda like globalization, trade issues, and foreign wars (whether particular wars or proxy wars).President Ronald Reagan will be compared to the other great presidents in terms of his accomplishments, how he measures up against public opinion polls, how all other foreign governments view his administration, the long-term effects of his a ctions maculation in office, and how history will probably judge him, even in the years to come. An example of his invariable legacy is the adoption of the word Reaganomics which means lowered taxes and less of the government interference in avocation (Dunn 51) and in peoples lives, and a strong

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