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Assignment asks you to check newspapers and other news websites and Essay

Assignment asks you to witness intelligence informationpapers and other news websites and come up with a list of at least 12 examples of news stories revolving around religion - Essay ExampleThe winners, if holding spirits in the same, always link the most(prenominal) to their gods for handing them victory.However, this is not the case because winning games are subject to fate. The first-rate Bowl is one amongst these games linked to religion. Super Bowl serves as a major religious festival to Americans relevant to conservation of the culture. Joseph Price , in the article, The Super Bowl as Religious Festival retrieved on February 23 2014 from http//www.religion-online.org/showarticle.asp?title=1375 asserts that in such events, various personalities always become party, thus elevating the spirits and enthusiasm amongst those in attendance. As a ethnic event, Super Bowl serves to reinforce religious myths connoting national innocence as well as apotheosis.The publication of re ligion and banking is of crucial importance. Vicente Sansano asserts in his article, Islamic banking, halal banking retrieved on February 23, 2014 from http//www.webislam.com/articles/68057-islamic_banking_halal_banking.html that several troubles have arisen following the possibleness of Islamic banks offering loans and finances to people of different religions. The issue of accessing such banks has been a subject of preaching following the terms and conditions of borrowing from halal banks. However, it is welcoming that Islamic banks share risks, lend money to borrowers as well as grant credits. This is similar to other banks owned by other religions. However, it is worth noting that Islamic banks lack financial speculation. They focus most on real money.The issue of religion and politics has been a major subject of concern. Nicholas Didonato, in the article, Five ways religion can influence politics retrieved on February 23, 2014 from http//www.patheos.com/blogs/scienceonreli gion/2013/06/five-ways-religion-can-influence-political-beliefs/ asserts that religion can influence one to decide which political party to cast a vote.The issue

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