Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Analysis of moral problem or case in business Essay

Analysis of moral problem or case in business - Essay Example It has been discussed, that the point these college students start receiving monetary benefits from college they would no longer play like amateur players or athletes, but become professionals. Moreover, after receiving cash compensation, the student athletes might lose their sportsman conduct and start playing only for money. The student athletes are compensated by allowing scholarship for their tuitions, meals, books, etc. They are also provided extra tutoring assistance, and their absences are also excused. Many sports enthusiast support the view that the student athletes should be given monetary compensation because the college and the universities earn huge amount of money through these sport tournaments and do not pay even a small percent of those wining amount to those for whom the college has received the prize money. By paying them money, the college or university authorities can motivate the students to stay in the college and play for them. This means it would act as motiv ating factor. Many even claim that the colleges are exploiting the athletes by making money, while these student athletes does not have enough money to afford the dinning, lodging or educational expenses. Exploitation would be a strong word to accuse the colleges, because the students are not forced to play for the college, and the scholarship program designed for the athletes provides solution to the problem of dinning, logging or educational expenses for any student athlete (Bilas â€Å"Players Should Be Compensated†). Critics have supported that the level of the student athletes is much higher than that of those students who play club games. The best athletes in colleges get the exposure to build professional contacts. However, the low grades in their education may lead to cancellation of their permission to play under NCAA, and also lead to an uncertain future. So paying them monetary compensation may be a motivating factor for them. If we judge it from the studentâ€℠¢s point of view then we can see that for a student athlete it is better to play for a college rather than playing for any minor club. This is because minor clubs are not well-equipped with resources and sponsorships, while if a student plays for the college, he/she can also avail the education and a college degree along with an exposure to elite athlete environment. The educational alternative would provide security to a student and assist in diversifying his/her career in future. If we view the compensation issue of the athlete from this scenario, we can understand that paying the young student athlete who plays for their college is not necessary, and by not paying them monetary compensation, they are not exploiting the students. However, the college or the university must ensure that the future career opportunities for such student athlete are bright in the sport field. They should arrange job opportunities for those athletes who do not want to pursue their career or cannot conti nue their career in sports in future. This needs to done because it goes without saying that the student-athletes are generally weak in studies and also do not get time to concentrate on academics because of their busy sports schedules from colleges. So this draw back needs to be compensated and the responsibility should be taken up by the college to set their future career (The Economist â€Å"Time for professional student athletes?†). According to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NACC), the student athlet

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