Friday, September 27, 2019


DISCUSS THE SCIENTIFIC STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY - Essay Example that the study of biology is significantly connected with the study of psychology, a lot of philosophers and psychologists are convinced that combining both could enable them to develop a more scientific explanation behind the study of the human minds. In the process, psychologists and scientists have been supporting the progress of the evolutionary psychology. Despite many people who believes in the purpose of evolutionary psychology, there are also several critiques who questions its scientific validity. and ‘natural selection.’ Dawkins (1986) and Williams (1966) explain that the natural selection allows the evolutionary process to be able to acknowledge a more complex functional organization into the phenotype of the species. In the book written by George William (1966) Adaptation and Natural Selection, he discussed the issue on the importance of ‘adaptationist approach’ in terms of examining the reasons behind the ability of human mind to adapt with its environment. In line with this matter, James (1890) announces that the application of an evolutionary approach could enable us to learn more information from what our own instinct fails to determine. In the process wherein psychologists and philosophers are able to distinguish and realize the fact that: (1) natural competence really exists; and (2) the human brain is one example that is characterized by such a complex competences, we are able to develop a possible theory behind the design of the human mind . Adaptations are important since it could enable the psychologists and philosophers to solve a problem. (Williams, 1966) Dawkins (1986) also gave emphasis that through the principles of adaptation approach, evolutionary biologists and psychologists could be able to find a more concrete ideas and solution to the problems that may arise behind the study of the human mind structure. Prior to the evolutionary psychology, philosophers and scientists strongly agree that the human mind resembles a

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