Saturday, September 28, 2019

Project Management Crosby Manufacturing Corporation Case Study

Project Management Crosby Manufacturing Corporation - Case Study Example The president of Management Cost and Control System (MCCS) had a meeting with department managers to solve the issue of MCCS reporting procedures. The government had just renewed the interest in the company, and therefore, there was a need to computerize the finance reporting methods, so as to compete fairly with other companies. Having taken over the leadership in 2005, Livingstone took a major stride in reorganizing the structure of the company leadership, this really worked well and they could now get large number of government contracts. The second strategy was to update the MCCS reporting procedure to ensure a sizable cash outlay to increase the business. The president then appointed Emary to be the planning project leader, even though he was not conversant with computers. Livingston’s Appointment The president of the company while appointing Tim Emary to head the project stated that he was doing so because of the importance of the project, and while acknowledging that Emary had little knowledge of computers, the president reiterated the fact that Emary knew how to make schedules and do the work well. With due respect for the president, being a leader who had seen the flourishing of MCCS since his appointment, his confidence in Emary boosted by his experience in leadership shows that he was right to pick Emary as the leader of the planning team; he was highly conversant with his staff and the capability of each one of them. He too wanted to achieve, and unlike in the previous year, he had now realized the mistake they had done. As indicated by the president, the leader to be was not computer literate, but other project team members were. Since the project was to be well scheduled and well planned, it was very necessary to have a mix of experience in the team, just as the presi dent had done. Emary was going to help much in planning and scheduling, while the rest were going to assist in computer skills and application. Project planning is a highly demanding and exhausting process; â€Å"the scheduler has to keep many activities, resources, calendars, logical relationships and constraints correctly, completely and currently stated in the schedule† (Hullet, 2009, p. 3). Emary in this case is assigned to collect information from the rest of the team and to combine them into a better project logic. Another major role to be played by Emary as a scheduler is to act as a middle man between the project team and the president; this is a typical role of a scheduler. He is also to ensure that the project schedule represents the desired plan and any changes that may be required later. To achieve this, Emary as a project scheduler will ensure that logical relationship and critical paths are well examined. As further argued by Hulett (2009), success in managing a project needs a complete and sensible project schedule;

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