Sunday, September 22, 2019

Human Impact on Environmental Degradation and Climate Change - A Research Paper

Human Impact on Environmental Degradation and Climate Change - A Sociological Perspective - Research Paper Example l of development and export intensity are correlated with the total carbon dioxide emissions and in the contamination of air, water, and land so in this case, it proves that industrial advancements contribute greatly to environmental degradation. Forests were also converted into export materials for some countries. Aside from deforestation, desertification, and oil spillage and sea erosion are forms of environmental degradation that were created based on functionalism’s doctrine. The overall culture of present America supports environmental restoration and so some technologies were centered on environmentalism but these things will be useful if people will be aware of their role in preserving the environment as well. Religion is one of the components in shaping the environmental beliefs and practices of people. There are religions that are aware of the environmental destructions like Buddhism. Buddhists believe that there are other living things on this planet and that ‘Mother Earth’ and all other beings living in it should be respected and cared. According to the principle, the People-as-Problem-Solvers Perspective, societies can institute changes that positively respond to the needs of the environment and that they can also craft solutions to combat the signs of damage existent therein. As proven by the study of Fien et al., young members of the society who have attended school have higher levels of concern toward the environment. Additionally, the researchers advocated for community participation that helps the youth to become more appreciative to the bounty of nature and more sensitive to its limits. From the work of Petkus.

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