Saturday, September 21, 2019

Well-being of the sadhu Essay Example for Free

Well-being of the sadhu Essay 1. Who is responsible for the well-being of the sadhu? What are the duties of the people involved? What action would best serve the good of everyone? No one is really responsible for someone else’s well being, it just depends on a person’s moral thinking. Therefore, there are no duties required from all the people that were involved. If everyone believed that their purpose was to help others, then everyone is responsible for his well-being. In this story, everyone had helped in a little way. For instance, the New Zealanders carried him to where McCoy was, which was then where McCoy checked for pulse and Stephen and the Swiss clothed him. Even though everyone put in a little bit of effort to help him, I believe that if they worked together as a team with their efforts combined, greater outcomes would have resulted. If fingers had to be pointed to someone who is responsible for sadhu, it would have to be the person who found him first, which was one of the New Zealanders. 2. How are the problems here similar to problems that arise in organizations every day? What kinds of sadhus do people confront in everyday life? Organizations face issues like this everyday, where they are met with obstacles that would take them longer to make it to their ultimate goal. For instance, while working on a large project, they notice something wrong. Instead of stopping to figure out how to fix it, they just keep going just for the sake of completing the task on time. Either to put ones effort individually, or make a decision to work as a team to put everyone’s efforts in as a whole. Sadhus that people are confronted with everyday life for example is a friend who is in need of help, yet if we do help them we are pushed away further from reaching our goals. Sometimes people are too focused on reaching their goal that they do not see anything else and will not help others. In  reality, while helping others, reaching their goals are still achievable, but perhaps will take a bit longer than normal.

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